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Vital Life Energy and Physical System

We take a long and deep breathe while doing pranayam, more air is filled in the lungs.
We take deep breathe and exhale deep breathe. Polluted air accumulated in the lungs
goes out. In this way, vital life energy plays an important role in maintenance of
physical system.

The vital life energy and mind inspire our physical body. Vital life energy or prana keeps the physical
system active round the clock. Development –deterioration, protection-nourishment of the body from birth to death takes place due to vital life energy.

Yoga and Sex Education

There is lot of ignorance prevailing amongst people with respect to lust for sex; one of the reasons for this is that this is a very secretive and cautious matter. Youth and elderly people have illusion regarding this subject. Generally, people have illusion, confusion, anxiety and guilty feeling due to lack of proper education. They feel that their sexual relations are illegal.

Yoga is a Philosophy of Lifestyle

Yoga is a philosophy of life. Yoga is self-disciplinary. Yoga is a system of life. Yoga is a philosophy of disease free life and a life of healthy concentration. Yoga is the best spiritual teaching for self-healing and Introspection. Yoga is a spiritual teaching for complete transformation and development. Yoga is a teaching to raise spiritual status. Yoga is not an alternative medication but it's a complete medication system in itself, which eradicates diseases. It provides holistic treatment not only to the body but also to the psyche of people.

Unlike allopathic system, which treats symptoms, Yoga roots out the cardinal cause of disease, providing us inner well-being. We must look at Yoga as a complete science, shrugging off our ulterior motives, prejudice, ignorance and arrogance.

The whole pupose of yoga

Yoga is not just a way of purifying body and soul but also a channel to connect human and god. Using it we could attain purification on both physical and soul levels, could also bring upon a divine change and trying to find out a way to get enlightened. Through it only a human could become superhuman.

In this sequential order of consciousness the bottom hemisphere consists of three oblations of ved, 'Bhu:', 'Bhuv:' and 'Sv:', these are those stages wherein the elements of higher existence hemisphere tries to explain themselves. Even though they are stationed purely in the higher order on entering the lower hemisphere they get suppressed under disorder, impurity and ferment. The last goal of life is rid of these disorders, impurity and ferment and to explain them completely in the lower order under different circumstances.

Yoga leads to Salvation

Yoga increases wisdom, youth, vigour and life time. We progress in terms of character, morality and spirituality. Exercise could not keep a mind healthy but it is possible with yoga. Yoga conserves our life energies and calms the mind and as result we become creative and cool.

Presently everyone knows that in our ancients relics 'Ashtang yoga' has been described as the way to purify our body, mind and life. Adopting some of the resources from them many people are benefiting themselves and the society.

Key to Health - Life filled with Yoga

Presently most of the people are suffering from ailments as our life style, dwelling habits, dietary habits and our thought process, almost everything is completely unnatural. We all have forgotten our old life style and philosophy behind it. Since ages hermits have advised to practice yoga as it not only keeps our mind and body sane but also guides us to the light of god. Our revered hermits have written many a precious books on Patanjali Yogshashtra, Hathyog, Ashtang Yog Sutra for the materialistic, physical and spiritual progression.

At present Swami Ramdev ji expanded yoga by taking it to common men. He showed us all to incorporate in our daily life style to achieve complete health.

Make 21st century the Yoga century

Humanity can progress only by developing spiritually through Yoga. A merger between spiritualism and the idea of human development will bring welfare to the world.

Vedic culture is the oldest civilization in the world. Yoga in one word defines India, religion, philosophy, spirituality and culture. Every aspect of Indian vedic culture is scientific, universal and divine. Veda is not only the origin of the highest ideals, human values and dignity, and religious education but also the highest attainment of scientific knowledge.

Heritage of yoga

Yoga is the highest call of reflection for the global people from India. And it is impossible to envision a successful man and a decent society except through yoga. As the people searching for completeness in family, caste, community, region, country, language and religion etc. could only lead to anarchy.

In reality all this search is the search for self realization and not for peace and calm. All over the world this struggle of self realization is in effect selfish, cunning, misleading and for dominance. Often it is described as a war of religion or virtue for support. Do we not have any other method for social equanimity or harmony? Can we not have one way on which global people could walk? Which does not bring disharmony to a person specific or a nation in whatsoever way? Yes, there is! The way on which the whole world could walk together, with all the freedom, without any fear and all could achieve peace, calm and happiness. It is the way of 'Ashtang Yoga' brought to light by Patanjali. It is not a cult or community but a complete method or system for living life. If the people all over the world seek peace then 'Ashtang Yoga' is the only solution.

Yoga Therapeutic Treatment

Symptomatic and systematic - are two types of treatment. Modern therapeutic science is based on symptoms. But in Yoga and Ayurveda the case is different. The problem of the patient would be eradicated once for all while balancing the system in it.  Some diseases like Malaria and T.B. would be treated fully. Hypertension, diabetes, Asthma, Thyroid and other diseases would just be maintained by medicines and drugs are not available for these cases in in allopathy. By doing Yoga excercises and by obtaining a natural life style one can control diseases like B.P. Thyroid, Asthma etc. We can practice two types of Pranayama. 1. Before Anulom-vilom Pranayama 2.

Yoga cured Mental illness

Bow to Swami Ji,
Salutations, Regards

Swami Ji, I am working as Education Friend in the Education Department and my father expired due to a blockage in his heart and this took me to depression as I loved him with highest regards. He always inspired us to follow truth and justice and brought us up with virtue. In depression I tried to commit suicide 3 times and with help and inspiration from Anup ji, I started practicing Yoga and Pranayam and came out of my depression and got a new lease of life.

Dinesh Babu,
Nilmatha, Vijay Nagar, Sector-B, Lucknow

Ayurveda Yoga Perspective

Ayurveda is the most ancient science of India. This science bestows us the knowledge of of veda. And it is considered as 'Upaveda' also. In Rigveda, there are so many mantras (magic spells) regarding Ayurveda are available. Atharvaveda (Atharva science) is a treatise that gives us detailed description of all diseases and suggests their treatment. Ayurveda is considered to be the sub-veda of this Atharvaveda. This is a science of Yoga, which deals with age, health, welfare of mankind. The prime goal of Ayurveda is the treatment for an ailment and prevention of a disease.

The Relation of Oxygen and Age

In the eternal cosmos of the physical body the abstract of life is moving like waves in the sea of consciousness. Eternal consciousness or the globally accepted power of consciousness is the 'Praan'. It is not just breathing but that abstract which helps all the physical and mental activities in a physical living body. 'Praan' is eternal and the inspiration to all. This is why all worship it. It is the 'sun', the 'moon' and also 'Brahm'.

At the beginning of cosmos all five basic elements, population of that time and all living or non-living forms got shelter through the living powers from the sky. And at the time of holocaust they all due to unavailability of the living power would get assimilated back into the sky as original source of it all.

Meditation - the process of healthy and successful life

Concentration is necessary to achieve all goals or to accomplish any feats and so it is advised before starting any new task that one should do it with meditatively meaning controlling all mental diversions and keeping it focused at one point could lead to any or all accomplishments in life.

It is not necessary to have a silent zone or a forest to meditate but one does needs to be devoid of projections. A noiseless environment minus any projections directed on to you is considered as an ideal place for meditation.

The fullness of Yoga in condition

As if to point her finger to the thing she intends, she has accumulated the signs of this process of breaking and rebuilding in the phenomena of genius. It is now common knowledge that genius hardly appears in the human species unattended, unprepared or unaccompanied by abnormalities in the individual body, vitality and mind which contains it, - degeneration, insanity or freak in the heredity which produces it and even disturbance and supra normality in the human environment in which it occurs. The haste of a brilliant generalization establishes on this basis the paradox that genius itself is a morbid phenomenon of insanity or degeneration. The true explanation of brilliance is sufficiently clear. In order to establish genius in the human system, Nature is compelled to disturb

Let Yoga remain yoga only

In the present time yoga has spread like wild fire. Almost every day a new yoga centre is opening in different places and they all promise to take people to the highest stage of yoga. Not just in India but also in foreign locations many people have formed their own yoga centers and had made a name for themselves. In the same context a normal person gets curious about knowing yoga, what is it? Present form of yoga is displayed as an art to earn money, whether ascetics have really given birth to this knowledge in the ancient times?

The beginning of yoga is possible only by overcoming mental attributes. Normally it is considered as the practice of concentration but it is just a small part of practicing yoga

Yoga propels Socializing and Spirituality

Extermination of physical discomforts could be achieved through devotion and pranayam, mental attributes could be reined in with pranayam, mental and scientific devotion. The main catalyst for scientific richness is mind and as has been said that the decision making process of mind is intelligence or intellect. Our mind is full of this richness and it only inspires us to extend our work or deeds. 

The trend of dividing life into materialistic and spiritualistic categories depolarizes the polar ideology of life. Life does not have two ideologies flowing in two directions but one only and so livelihood could also not have two opposing paradigms.

Yoga in Scotland

This is a surprising success story of east and west union. Yoga classes, in the schools of Scotland began with Patanjali Yogpeeth, which has cast a surprising positive impact on health and study. The plan is a brainchild of Sharavan and Sunita Poddar, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), living in Scotland. The couple is dreaming of healthy and disease-free Scotland for the present and future generation of the nation. Courtesy, their sustained efforts and cooperation of the council of Glasgow city, the dream is turning into reality.

Ms Sunita Poddar and her husband Sharavan Poddar are the trustees of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, which has around 80 lakh members. NRI Sharavan told that the main objective behind yoga is `Samadhi`.

Ayurveda and Yoga

The development of Ayurveda continued alongside the growth of the mystical tantric and yogic traditions, each fulfilling their different roles. While Ayurveda concentrated on the ‘health’ of the body, Yoga was mindful of the state of ‘consciousness’ and tantra with the deification and immortality of the body. Yoga is a tradition of mental and spiritual refinement; the art of joining the individual-self (atman) with the universal-self (Brahman). It rejects the first three goals of Hinduism (wealth, sensual pleasure, and religious duties) in preference of seeking the ultimate goal of life, spiritual emancipation (moksa).