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Psora Capsule & Ointment Benefits

Psora Capsule & Ointment Benefits are

  • Psora Capsule is beneficial in Psoriasis.
  • Ayulabs Psora Capsule facilitates tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Ideal Non - Steroidal, Anti - Allergic, Anti - Fungal, Anti - Protozoal, Anti - Bacterial.
  • Ayulabs Psora Capsule reduces Erythema, Plaque formation & Scaling.
  • Relieves Pruritus & Itching.
  • Significantly reduces Inflammed lesions.
Get free from skin disorders by using Psora Capsules & Ointment. Ayulabs Psora Capsule is the Result Oriented combination.

Ayulabs Psora Capsule contains Psoralia Corylofolia ( Bavchi Oil ).

Baidyanath Mahamarichyadi Tel

Baidyanath Mahamarichyadi Tel benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Externally useful in leprosy and also indicated in skin diseases, scabies, pruritis, psoriasis, acne, septic wounds etc.

Kali Marich, Nisoth, Dantimool, Ark dugdha, Gobar ka ras, Devdaru, Daruharidra, Kooth, Indrayanmool Kaner, Hartaal, Manshila, Kalhari mool, Saptparan, Thuhar dugdha, Vatsnabha, Gaumutra, Sarso tail.

For external use