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Nutrich Capsule Benefits

Nutrich Capsule Benefits are

  • Promotes melanogenesis and prevents graying of hairs.
  • Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule replenishes vital Nutrients to scalp.
  • Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.
  • Revitalises the thinning hair in post pregnancy period and prolonged illness.
Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule is the Nature’s solution to hair problem.

Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule contains Eclipata Albs ( Bhrungraj ).

“Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule is useful in pltyriasis, alopecia, removes scruff from head, turns grey hair black and restores the colour of premature grey hair.” – Indian Materia Medica.

Patanjali Amla Candy for Immuntiy

Amla should be consumed daily for the high amounts of Vit C and other health benefits it offers. The best way for a person to eat amla daily, is to give him sweetened pieces of it and this amla candy is just perfect for it.

Patanjali Amla Candy is useful in
  • Eye disorders
  • Hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Increasing immunity
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Rejuvenating the body
Pieces of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) are dried and sweetened with sugar and glucose to make this candy. They taste so good that you are tempted to eat them everyday. The ingredients are Amla, Sugar and Glucose. Limit yourself to 2 or 3 candies a day as these candies contain sugar and glucose.

Packaging size : 500 gm.

Gunjadi Tailam (Oil)

Gunjadi Tailam (Oil) Indications : Indicated in Prurities, Baldness, Hair falling etc.

Gunjadi Tailam packaging size : 100 ml.

Dhatturpatradi Tailam (Oil)

Dhatturpatradi Tailam (Oil) Indications : Indicated in Hair fall (Keshpatan), Rheumatoid Arthritis. (For Local application only)

Dhatturpatradi Tailam packaging size : 100 ml.

Baidyanath Mahabhringraj Tel

Baidyanath Mahabhringraj Tel benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Indicated for the growth of hair premature greying of hair. Also checks dandruff.

Bhringraj, Kapur, Menthol, Til Oil (Purified), Perfume.

To be applied on hair.

450 ml., 200 ml., 100 ml. & 50 ml.

Swadeshi Amla Juice

Swadeshi Amla Ras (Juice) This is a pure juice of Emblica Officinalis for energy & refreshment.

Special Features of Swadeshi Amla Juice :
  • To get rid of Obesity.
  • An excellent blood purifier, and increases the beauty of the body. 
  • Helps Physical and Mental Growth.
  • Prevents Premature Graying and Hair Fall.
  • Improves Vision of the Eyes.
  • Increases Hemoglobin in the body.
  • It provides Vitality before and after(and during breast feeding), Child birth.
  • Keeps the bad effects of Aging and Blood Pressure under control.
  • Acts as a boon for all Stomach Disorders. Specially useful in Skin diseases.
  • Controls Gas Problem, Indigestion, Continuous Cough, Influenza etc.
  • Makes the body slim and increases the Personality.
  • It’s like a boon for Sugar Patients.
  • Checks the bad effects of ageing factors
  • Very effective in diabetic patients
  • Enhances the physical and mental development
  • Checks the unwanted greying & falling of hair
  • Controls the blood pressure
  • Improves the eye sight
  • Makes the body slim & smart
  • Gives the extra energy in pre and post delivery periods (Specially in lactation period)
  • Increases the haemoglobin percentage in the blood
  • An excellent blood purifier,and increases the beauty of the body
  • Acts as a boon for all stomach disorders
  • Specially useful in Skin diseases
Dosage- Take 2 teaspoon twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.
Size available: 500 ml.