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Dabur Shilajit Capsules for Male Strength

Dabur Shilajit Capsules - Immune Stimulator for Male Strength
Dabur Shilajit is a completely natural mixture of minerals with organic and inorganic compounds obtained from rock surfaces in the Himalaya, Nature Care Shilajit acts as a general rejuvenator. Dabur Shilajit boosts the immune system and optimizes physical performance.

Dabur Shilajit capsules is recommended for a wide range of common ailments including bronchial disorders, skin disorders, piles, anemia, inflammation, excess fat and digestive disorders like dyspepsia, worms and constipation.

Dabur Shilajit Capsules Health Benefits

  • In Ayurveda, Dabur Shilajit is considered a 'rasayana', which helps to increase strength, immunity and vitality.
  • Dabur Shilajit supports immune system.
  • Dabur Shilajit is a General health tonic.
  • Dabur Shilajit enhances rehabilitation of muscle, bones and nerves.
  • Dabur Shilajit optimizes physical performance.
  • Dabur Shilajit helps acclimatize to newer environmental and climatic condition.

Dabur Shilajit Key Ingredients :

Each Dabur Shilajit herbal Capsule contains extracts of 500 mg of raw Shilajit.

Dabur Shilajit Active Ingredients :

Dabur Shilajit contains purified standardized extract from 500 mg of raw Shilajit.

Dabur Shilajit Usage :

One Dabur Shilajit capsule twice daily, preferably with milk.

Dabur Shilajit Storage :

  • Store in dry and cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Temperature should not exceed 30° C.
  • Replace the cap firmly after every use.
  • Keep out of children's reach.
  • Use Dabur Shilajit within 3 years from manufacturing date.

Dabur Shilajit Caution :

  • Patients of kidney problem, urinary stones and gout should consult physician before using the Dabur Shilajitformulation
  • Dabur Shilajit should not be taken on empty stomach.
  • Safety during pregnancy not established.
  • Dabur Shilajit is not recommended for children below 12 years.
  • Individuals hypersensitive to any of the ingredient in Dabur Shilajit should avoid the use.
Want to retain your youthful vigour? Then Dabur Shilajit is for you. Dabur Shilajit is considered a rasayana in Ayurveda. Dabur Shilajit is a unique mixture of powerful natural herbs that boost the immune system and maximise physical performance.

Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya for Strength

Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya for Strength & Energy

Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya is recommended as an energetic, rejuvenating and revitalizing tonic. Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya provides strength, Stamina and relieves weakness. Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya is the best tonic for body and mind.

Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya Ingredients

Each 100 gm of Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya is prepared from : Ashwagandha, shveta jiraka, shveta sariva, Madhusnuhi & draksha each 5055 gm, sukshmaila 0.694 gm, Madhu 13.1 gm, shankara 39.22 gm, ghrita 6.55 gm and water q.s.

Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya Dosage

1 - 2 teaspoonful (6 - 12 gm) of Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya, twice a day or as directed by the Physician.

Baba Ramdev Divya Yauvanamrit Vati

Divya Yauvanamrit Vati 5 gm. produced by swami ramdev's divya pharmacy.

Divya Yauvanamrit Vati benefits are:
  1. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati when regularly used it brings about youthfulness as well as is a very well known curative for impotency.
  2. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati provides you with strength to perform the sexual activity.
  3. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati is known for its ability for promoting, nourishing, aphrodisiac activity by means of promoting the Ojas or the vital essence in the body.
  4. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati is also useful for persons who are entering into old age. As in progressing old age a person does has little desire in sexual activity. But this herbal preparation increases the desire for sexual activity as well as provides you with the required energy.
  5. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati is also known for it ability to produce tejas or splendour and luster in the body.
  6. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati strengthens heart & brain. While doing so it stimulates the heart to produce more of blood that goes into the extremities and so it helps them in having a much better stimulus.
  7. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati activates the sexual centers in the brain thus allowing them to produce a stimulus for sexual activity.
  8. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati is also a very best spermatogenetic.
  9. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati also acts as an excellent aphrodisiac.
  10. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati also promotes and nourishes body who are exhausted & emaciated. This builds up the strength for the performing of the sexual activity.
  11. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati also promotes sexual desire, and makes the body active.
Divya Yauvanamrit Vati ingredients are:
Jati-patri, Jati-phala, Keshara, Junda Bedastara, Svarna Bhasma, Seed of Atma-gupta (Kaunch), Akara-karabha (Akarakara), Seed of Bala, Shatavara, Makaradhvaja, etc.

Divya Yauvanamrit Vati produced by Divya Pharmacy of Swami Ramdev is the best ayurvedic medicine among various Herbal Sexual Remedies and it is made for any kind of sexual problems in male. These problems may include premature ejaculation, general debility, and decreased strength. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati can be used as premature ejaculation herbal remedy.

Mode of Administration: To be taken in the morning and in the evening or at night with hot milk.

Dosage: 1 - 2 tablets with hot milk in mornings and evenings.

Baidyanath Vita Ex-Gold Capsules

Baidyanath Vita Ex-Gold Capsules benefits & Therapeutic uses: A proven unique formulation fortified with gold for sustained stamina and vitality. Increases confidence and sexual desire. removes weakness like premature ejaculation. Helpful in male infertility. Markedly improves the semen picture. Gold & its preparation are aphrodisiac tonic. They increase sexual powers. It is used in impotence & sterility. Gold is considered to be powerful sexual stimulant and to act beneficially in impotency.

Ingredients: Shuddha Shilajeet, Swarn Bang, Swarna Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Makardhwaj, Bang bhasma, Jaiphal, Keshar and Kauncha Beej.

Dosage: 1 to 2 cap twice a day with milk or as directed by physician.

Package: 20 cap & 10 cap

Vyas Kaunch Pak

Kounch Pak benefits & Therapeutic uses: Aphrodisiac, provides strength to the body. Alternative, spermatogenic, increases sapta dhatu (the seven tissues), also indicated in cough, bronchitis and vataroga.

Ingredients: Kounch Beej, Safed Musli, Jaiphal, Javitri, Ashwagandha, Kali Musli, Sonth, Lavang, Pipal, Dalchini, Talmakhana, Tej Patta, Ela, Nagkesar, Kesar, Samundra Soka, Safed Chandan, Salab Mishri, Desi Ghee, Sugar.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon twice a day with luke warm milk.

Package: 100 g.

Baidyanath Pushpadhanawa Ras

Baidyanath Pushpadhanawa Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Aphrodisiac and nervine tonic. Indicated in general debility, for lack of semen strength & vigour. Infertility in women.

Ras Sindoor, Nag Bhasma, Lauh Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma & Bang Bhasma.

1 to 2 pills with honey or milk


Baidyanath Manmath Ras

Baidyanath Manmath Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Indicated in low vitality, loss of vigour & strength. Improves the seminal conditions & rejuvenates sexual stamina.

Kajjali, Abhrak Bhasma, Kapur, Vang Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Lauha Bhasma, Vidara-jad, Vidarikand, Shatavari, Talmakhana, Bala mool, Atis, Kawanch Seeds, Javitri, Jaiphal, Laung, Bang Seeds, Safed Ral, Ajowan.

1 to 2 tabs. morning & 1 hour before bed time with milk.

40 tab & 20 tab.

Maharishi Vigoroyal M Tablets

Maharishi Vigoroyal M Tablets restorative & energiser for Male.

Vigoroyal-M is a Rasayan for men which invigorates and rejuvenates the mind and body and helps to enjoy the bliss of a married life. The precious herbs produce a royal effect in life.

Vigoroyal-M tablets Dosage : 1-2 tablets twice a day with water or milk or as directed by the physician.