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Jolly Sunsex Gold Oil 15 ml

Jolly Sunsex Gold Oil 15 ml that is a unique ayurvedic formulation used for vigour, vitality, poor libido, loss of erection, premature ejaculation & to regain complete physical fitness.

Maharishi Energol MA

Maharishi Energol MA is an Outstanding Non – Hormonal Revitalizer for Men.

Energol MA is a Herbal Rasayan which helps in prevention of night emissions, performance and erection. Energol MA is a non-hormonal rejuvenator which produces a steady and positive effect. Produces Libido the urge to enjoy with partner.

Energol MA Dosage : Two tablets twice a day with water or milk or as directed by the physician.

Energol MA Packaging size - 200 tablets.

Charak Pallrywyn Forte Tablets

PALLRYWYN FORTE is a natural aphrodisiac and sexual performance enhancer. Mucuna pruriens (Kapikachchhu), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha), Myristica fragrans (Jaiphal), Anacyclus pyrethrum (Akkalkara) and Chlorophytum arundinaceum (Shwet Musli) are well known aphrodisiacs which help improve libido in both the sexes.

Myristica fragrans (Jaiphal) and Carrophyllus aromaticus (Lavang) are found to be comparable to sildenafil citrate, in enhancing the sexual performance. In females PALLRYWYN FORTE improves frigid conditions and relieves vaginismus.
  • Impotence / psychogenic / idiopathic
  • Frigidity in the female
  • Premature senility or loss of libido in both sexes.
1 to 2 tablets two times a day to be taken preferably with milk. A minimum medication period of 8 weeks should be allowed to assess the response.

Each coated tablet contains :
  • Makardhwaj - 80 mg
  • Myristica fragrans - 25 mg
  • Chlorophytum arundinaceum - 25 mg
  • Shilajit shuddha - 20 mg
  • Alpinia galanga - 20 mg
  • Abhrak bhasma - 10 mg
  • Anacyclus pyrethrum - 10 mg
  • Caryophyllus aromaticus - 10 mg
  • Loh bhasma - 10 mg
  • Piper longum - 10 mg
  • Cinnamomum iners - 10 mg
  • Argyreia speciossa - 10 mg
  • Purified Strychnos nux vomica - 5 mg
  • Suvarna Makshik bhasma - 5 mg
  • Trivang bhasma - 5 mg
  • Mesua ferrea - 2 mg
  • Camphora officinarum - 0.5 mg
Extracts derived from Pallrywyn Tablets :
  • Purified Mucuna pruriens - 100 g
  • Emblica officinalis - 40 mg
  • Withania somnifera - 40 mg
  • Aspagarus racemosus - 40 mg
  • Tacca aspera - 20 mg
  • Ipomoea digitata - 20 mg
  • Tribulus terrestris - 10 mg
  • Hygrophila spinosa - 10 mg
  • Allium cepa - 30 mg
  • Piper betle - 30 mg

Vyas Kamchudamani Ras

Vyas Kamchudamani Ras
This is an unique Ayurvedic Energiser.

Special Features :
  • Works like nectar in those who have diminished libido & vigour. 
  • It is a balanced combination of muktapishti , swarnabhasma, rajatbhasma, jaiphal & other herbs.
  • Take care of mental & physical impotence & energizes the body.
Dosage - Take 1 tablet twice a day with milk for 3 months or as directed by the physician.

Vyas Ashwagandha Pak

Ashwagandha Pak
This is an unique Ayurvedic formulation for Digestion & vata-pitta disorders.

Special Features :
  • It is digestive, nourishing & rejuvenating.
  • Useful in predominantly vata-pitta disorders.
  • Can be used in nocturnal emission & spermatorrhoea .
  • Has favourable effect on kidneys, testes & pancreas.
Indications : Sexual neurasthenia, poor libido, premature ejeculation & oligospermia.

Dosage-Take 1 spoonful twice a day with milk. Or as directed by the physician.

Swarna Fort Capsule for Sexual Weakness

Indication: Swarna Fort Capsule is useful in Vitality & vigour, loss of libido, general debility, lack of immunity, sexual weakness and is best tonic for men & Women.

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsule twice in a day preferably with milk or as directed by the physician.

Packing: 10 Cap.

Charak Vigomax Forte Tablets

Vigomax Forte Tablets help men regain their libido. It is the best libido enhancer.

Each coated tablet contains:
Extracts of the following:
  • Chlorophytum arundinaceum 100 mg
  • Mucuna puriens 200 mg
  • Tribulus terrestris 225 mg
  • Withania somnifera 200 mg
  • Ricinus communis 150 mg
  • Orchid lattifolia 200 mg

Baidyanath Manikya Bhasma

Active ingredients
Manikya (Purified), Manasheela, Hartal, Gandhak as per text.

Reference / Text
Ras Ratna Samuchhaya

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Nervine tonic & stomachic. Indicated in loss of libido.

65 mg. to 130 mg. with honey.

2.5 mg. & 1 gm.