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Insult to poor

We forget that houses in which we live, temples, we go to pray, hospitals we get treatment, schools where children go to study and even roads, where vehicles are being run are all being built by poor laborers and artisans. In our country, these laborers and artisans and also farmer, who is feeding 120 crore population are being heavily insulted. It should be stopped immediately. Their labour shall be valued properly and compensated. They shall be given adequate respect. People, who are providing items of luxury are given due respect in the country than why not to poor peasants and laborers are given similar treatment.

Foreign intervention - India

In our country India, foreign Governments, agencies and companies play vital role in deciding as who would be the decision-maker or hold the crucial posts of Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Foreign minister or Defense minister. They indulge in media management and even highlight the profile of the desired person. They also play instrumental role in funding for concern party or an individual. Many agents of foreign Governments and agencies get elected for different Assemblies or even for Parliament. It is very dangerous for the nation. Besides political, their intervention is observed in social, religious, economical, and cultural sectors also.

National Security and foreign policy - India

China has laid rail lines on their sides close to North East states to Jammu and Kashmir and is fast modernizing its 31 lakh strong army with ultra modern technology and weapons. The publications controlled by China Government are openly saying that India would be disintegrated in 20-30 parts soon. It is very concerning. We need to modernize our armies fast besides improving infrastructural facilities on the border. Also the foreign policy needs to be reviewed bringing more farsightedness, comprehensiveness and even mysterious. On global standards, India would have to be made stronger. The nation needs to tackle unholy designs of China, besides Pakistan and even illegal migrants from Bangladesh needs to be checked effectively and immediately.

Keeping our interests at the top, new business policies with foreign nations needs to be introduced. Liberalization, globalization and WTO policies, laws, treaties should not be allowed to be utilized to weaken the nation economically but increasing production and export, they are to be used to make the nation stronger. Besides external threats, India has different internal threats like naxalism, maoism and other domestic violence. To deal with all these situations, a strong and clear policy needs to be drafted.

Is the Indian Nation Independent?

India became independent on 15th August 1947. This is taught in our history. Leaders keep repeating that India has become independent. But the fact seems otherwise. Unfortunately, on 14 Au-gust 1947, the then Prime Minister and the representative of British Government Lord Mount-batten signed an agreement, which was named as Transfer of Power Agreement. And under the agreement, India is still being governed by for-eign system. Neither in terms of language nor in terms of system, we are independent. The system, the manner in which Britishers were ruling the country, remains unchanged. The education system, introduced by TB Macaulay, in which spiritual values have been ignored totally, foreign treatment system, in which Indian medicinal sys-tem, Yoga, Ayurveda and nature-therapy has been bypassed are propagated and in use.

The Judicial system, being introduced in Britishera has 34,735 laws, bylaws and its objective was to exploit India and Indians. It still prevails unchanged. The economic system during British-raj, which does not decentralize money and exploit villages, poor and ultimately nation is still prevalent. Thus, in the name of independence, we are still slaves. Mahatma Gandhi and other revolutionary leaders had agreed that after the independence the entire British era system has to be converted into swadeshi system. But unfortunately, it did not happen. Now we have to bring complete freedom in place of partial freedom. Today, a person can speak against injustice and even the Government could be replaced. We have to take advantage of the situation. Today, in none of the independent nation, preference is given to foreign language but even after independence, we are following foreign system and their language, which is the matter of great shame for us.

Superpower India

Our country is fifty times powerful than the developed nations Germany, Japan, and France. The day corruption would be wiped-out, India would become economic super-power. Even the five biggest financial institutions IMF, WHO, UNO, WTO, all could be operated from our land. India becoming superpower means economic, political and economical super power and it would be a matter of pride for all of us.

Strength of the nation - India

In our country, 89 type minerals are available, which include iron, coal, copper, gold, silver, diamond, aluminum, different gases, petrol and others.  If the cost of the available resources is estimated, it comes close to Rs 10,000 lakh crores. The known reservoir of coal alone is 276.81 billion ton with estimated value Rs 950 lakh crore. The iron ore availability is 15.15 billion tons. Many such costly minerals are hidden underneath and if corrupt elements are not checked, they would exploit all the available assets. Apart from minerals, India is rich in forests, water and other natural assets. Also India is intellectually, economically and spiritually rich and most strong.