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Divya Arjuna Kvath

Divya Arjuna Kvath is a famous cardiac tonic that supports cardiovascular health used in ayurveda for a variety of heart conditions and for the general health of the heart.

Arjuna is a unique herb that helps maintain a healthy heart and reduces the effects of stress and nervousness on the heart.

A unique herbal preparation of Arjuna (terminalia Arjuna) which is cardiotonic & supports cardiovascular health.

Mode of Administration : Boil one teaspoon (5 gms.) with 400 ml. of water till 100 ml. remains, strain it out & take after Breakfast and Dinner.

Dosage : 100 gm / 10 Days.

It reduces the workload on the heart and using this herb on a regular basis will strengthen the heart to its optimum condition. Arjuna helps purify the blood, lower blood pressure and can improve / enhance the elimination of cholesterol. Arjuna is also useful in hypertension.

Arjuna’s lipid regulating benefits have been linked to its ability to modulate the blood’s absorption of lipids.

Alarsin Arjin Tablets

Arjin tablets are used in mild to moderate hypertension. A balanced combination of Ayurvedic herbs.

Arjin Benefits

  • Arjin offers a comprehensive approach for better control of hypertension.
  • Arjin is a proven combination of herbo-mineral drugs clinically tested and used since centuries in Cardio-vascular disorders, having diuretic, hypotensive, Liver corrective, sedative, anti-spasmodic, antiarrhythmic, carminative, laxative and anti-obesity properties.
  • Arjin is not only an effective hypotensive therapy but aims to correct the impaired Cardiac, Renal & Liver (Hepatic) Paraenchyma function.
  • It improves the tone of Cardio-vascular system and calms the nervous system.

Arjin Indications:

  • High B.P. associated with symptoms like giddiness, loss of concentration, sleeplessness etc. 
  • Hypertension (essential).
  • Neuro circulatory Asthenia.
  • Palpitation of heart.
  • As a normotensive therapy after hypertension is controlled.
  • Angina pectoris associated with hypertension.

Arjin Ingredients:

  • Apamarga
  • Shilajit
  • Dash mool
  • Shora Khar
  • Guggul
  • Tarbuj beej
  • harde
  • Kariyattu
  • Bel mool
  • Upersari
  • Arjun Chhal
  • Trifala
  • Bhangara
  • Gokharu
  • Khurasani ajvayan
  • Sunth
  • Jatamansi
  • Pashanbhed
  • Guduchi
  • Vachha
  • Tunkana Khar
  • Kadu black
  • Nishotar
  • Malkangi
  • Pitpapara
  • Sarapagandha
  • Rvand Chini
  • Punarnava
  • Kadu white
  • Rasna
  • Ganthoda
  • Amala
  • Brahmi
  • Shatavari

Arjin Dosage:

2 tablets three or four times a day to begin with. Once the B.P. is controlled an symptoms are relieved, dosage can be adjusted accordingly: 2 tablets once or twice a day.

A bottle of 100 Tablets.

Baba Ramdev Divya Mukta Vati

Divya Mukta Vati 40 gm. (120 tablets) produced by swami ramdev's divya pharmacy.

Divya Mukta Vati benefits are:
  1. Mukta also beneficial in diarrhoea.
  2. Mukta is also beneficial in rickets produced due to calcium deficiency.
  3. Reduces the occurrence of irregular bowel movements.
  4. Mukta helps in the replenishment of lost nutrients from the body due to diarrhoea & dysentery.
  5. Mukta reduces the occurrence of anorexia.
  6. Provides relief in various coughs whether it is dry or wet cough.
  7. Provides benefit in various types of coughs resulted during the young age.
  8. Mukta helps building appetite.
  9. Regular consumption of Mukta produces a healthy and strong baby both mental and physically.
  10. Is extremely beneficial in vomiting.
  11. Regardless whether your hypertension is associated with heredity, renal ailment, heart disease, high cholesterol, anxiety, tension, insomnia, or headache. It cures them all.
  12. Helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.
  13. Beneficial in treatment of various types of fevers.
  14. Mukta reduces the occurrence and re-occurrence of infections in children by building a strong immune system.
  15. Mukta builds up a stronger immune system.
  16. Mukta is also beneficial if the child is suffering from indigestion resulted while the child is breast feeding.
  17. Mukta vati is extremely beneficial in various types of pediatric disorders.
  18. Also beneficial in dysentery.
  19. Mukta is extremely beneficial in various types of fevers.
Mukta vati is known to produce a variety of properties on the body as it acts as a nervine and cardiac tonic, act as mental rejuvenators, and improves memory, is also known to be containing antioxidants and produce cardio-protective effects, exhibits anti-inflammation effects, alleviate anxiety and stress emotions, such as frustration, impatience and anger, and is also known to act as blood purifiers and liver protector.

According to Ayurveda, which terms hypertension as `Rakta Vata', it is due to disturbance in one of the three dosha’s, Vata.  Instability in Vata leads to problems such as metabolic and circulatory diseases, depression and emotional problems, and illnesses related to the stresses and strains and tension in the mind. One of these illnesses is hypertension. Thus to manage hypertension Mukta Vati is used. It works great as a high blood pressure herbal treatment . It’s a safe herbal remedy without any side effects. Symptoms of high blood pressure are irregular or erratic pulse behavior, worry, stress & anxiety, obesity, tiredness and edema, high cholesterol, flushed face, violent headaches, sensitivity to light. One may have slow circulation or engorged blood vessels.  High blood pressure can cause strokes cutting off of oxygen to the brain.  Mukta Vati can be taken by following patients, and it does not result in any cross-react & does not induce any side effects.

Divya Mukta Vati Ingredients are: A celestial medicine prepared with pious herbs found in the Himalayas, like Brahmi, Sankha-pushpi, Ustukhudusa (Arabian or French Lavender), Arjuna, Puskara-mula, Jata-mamsi, Sarpagandha, Jyotishmati, Vaca, Ashvagandha and other cooling herbs like Moti Pishti (Mukta Pishti).

Dosage: 1-2 tablets is taken with water twice a day.

Maharishi Cardimap Tablets

Maharshi Cardimap Tablets Controls Hypertension – Induces Tranquility.

Cardimap is recommended in reducing Hypertension, Anxiety, Tension, Insomnia due to anxiety and stress. It is also effective in cardiac arrhythmias. Produces tranquility and relief of tension. Restores rhythm of heart beat.

Dosage : 1-2 tablets twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.

Cardimap Packaging Size - 100 tablets.

Buy Cardimap Tablets

Baidyanath Sarpagandha Tablet

Baidyanath Sarpagandha Tablet benefits & Therapatic uses:
Acts as a sedative. Indicated in high blood pressure, depression, sleeplessness.

Sarpagandha Churna

1 tab. with milk or water at bed time.

40 tabs.

Baidyanath Samir Pannag Ras

Active ingredients
Parad, Gandhak, Manashila Sankhiya, hartal Bhavana - Ghrit Kumari Ras.

Baidyanath Samir Pannag Ras Action and Therapeutic Uses
Antipyretic, antiperiodic & stimulant. Indicated in paralysis with high blood pressure.

65 mg. to 125 mg. with ginger juice or honey.

2.5 gm

Himalaya Arjuna Capsules

Arjuna Capsules Indications
  1. As an adjuvant in ischemic heart disease
  2. Hypertriglyceridemia (High level of triglycerides in blood)
  3. Mild to moderate hypertension
  4. As a preventive medicine in individuals susceptible for Ischemic Heart Disease
Dosage : 1 capsule twice a day, before meals.

Packing : 60 capsules.

M.R.P. Rs.: 90/-

Himalaya Ashvagandha Capsules

Himalaya Ashvagandha Capsules Indications
  1. General debility
  2. As a daily health supplement to cope with life’s daily stress
  3. In the prevention and treatment of many stress related diseases like arteriosclerosis, premature aging, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and malignancy
  4. As an aphrodisiac
Dosage : 1 capsule twice a day, before meals.

Packing : 60 capsules.

M.R.P. Rs.: 90/-