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Avoid constipation and be happy

The hard and dry stools of constipation occur when the colon absorbs too much water. This happens because the colon's muscle contractions are slow or sluggish, causing the stool to move the common constipation causes not enough fiber in diet, not enough liquids, lack of exercise, medications, irritable bowel syndrome, changes in life or routine such as pregnancy, older age, and travel, abuse of laxatives, ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement, specific diseases such as multiple sclerosis and lupus, problems with the colon and rectum and problems with intestinal function (Chronic idiopathic constipation).

Other changes that can help treat and prevent constipation include drinking enough water and other liquids such as fruit and vegetable juices and clear soup, engaging in daily exercise, and reserving enough time to have a bowel movement. In addition, the urge to have a bowel movement should not be ignored. Most people who are mildly constipated do not need laxatives. For children, short-term treatment with laxatives, along with retraining to establish regular bowel habits, also helps prevent constipation.

People with chronic constipation caused by anorectal dysfunction can use biofeedback to retrain the muscles that control release of bowel movements. Bio feedback involves using a sensor to monitor muscle activity that at the same time can be displayed on a computer screen allowing for an accurate assessment of body functions. A health care professional uses this information to help the patient learn how to use these muscles.

Eat Jamun In Diabetes - Home Remedies

Jamun is indigenous to India. Its tree is tall and evergreen. Therefore It is generally grown as avenue tree or as wind break. Though the fruits are liked by all and sell at a high price, but it is still not grown as an orchard tree. Jamun is found all over India.
  1. A dose of mixture prepared from the clean Jamun roots (100 grams) grinded in 250 grams of water with 20 grams of Mishri, twice a day before meals is useful in the diabetes.
  2. Prepare tablets from the mixture of Jamun kernel powder one part, dried ginger powder one part, Gudmar herb two parts dipped in the Aloevera juice. A dose of one tablet with honey thrice a day cures diabetes and the urine sugar within one month and removes the diabetic carbuncles.
  3. A dose of 300 ml – 1 gram of dried Jamun seeds powder thrice a day cures urine sugar.
  4. Boil 250 grams of ripe Jamun fruit in 500 ml of water for some time. When the decoction comes to nor-mal temperature, crush the Jamun fruit and strain the same with a piece of cloth. A dose of this decoction thrice a day is very beneficial in diabetes and sexual disability.
  5. Make powder of sundried big size Jamun fruit. A dose of 10 – 20 grams of this powder thrice a day for a period of 15 days is a complete cure of diabetes.
  6. Ash of Jamun tree bark is the best medicine for diabetes. A dose of 625 ml – 2 grams thrice a day cures urine sugar.

Home Remedies to Relieve Dandruff

There are various reasons for dandruff in hair. This problem increases during winter season. Consumption of spicy food, fried food, sour, and salty food increases acid in body, which pollutes pitta and makes the skin and hair dry. Wrong eating habits develop gastric trouble. Acidity and gas in the body create dandruff in dry scalp, which is harmful for the hair.

Adopt the following Home Remedies or methods to make the hair dandruff free :
  • Mix 100 gm each of coconut, olive, almond, Amala (Emblica Officinalis) and castor oil. Do not use fragrant castor oil and  Avala oil. Heat glassful water in a vessel and add a little bit of oil in one bowl. Keep the bowl in the water to heat it with steam. Apply this lukewarm oil on the scalp gently with finger tips at night. Apply this oil at least twice a week if not daily. Use it regularly for six months to make the hair dandruff free and overcome hair related problems.
  • Mix 100 gm coconut oil and five gm camphor and store it in a bottle. Massage the hair twice daily after taking bath and when hair is dry and also at night. This will give results from next day itself. It also protects hair from lice.
  • Cut one lemon and massage the hair with one slice half an hour before washing hair. Lemon juice can also be used alternately. Wash the hair with luke-warm water to keep the hair dandruff free and dry become shining and can easily be set in different styles.
  • In case of hair loss or dandruff, do not use soap for washing hair and use Soap Nut (Reetha). Soak small pieces of Reetha in water at night. Nice shampoo can be made with one part Reetha and 40 parts water. Crush the Ritha in the water or boil it and wash hair with it to keep it dandruff free and make them long and strong. Before using Ritha wash the hair with lukewarm water. Then pour Ritha water and wash the hair icely for five to ten minutes. Wash the hair with normal water and repeat the Ritha shampoo once again.
  • Hair massage should be done according to the season. Dandruff problem is less during summer season. The scalp becomes dry during winter season. Wash the hair thrice a week to prevent dandruff. Then massage the scalp with oil. This keeps the scalp moist and prevents dandruff.
  • Shampoo made with multani mitti (Fuller's earth) is very beneficial. Soak 100 gm multani mati in water at night. Make a thick mix and apply on hair. Wash with lukewarm water after five minutes in winter season and cold water in summer season. It prevents dryness and keeps the hair dandruff free.
  • Kesh Kanti shampoo and Divya Kesh tel of Patanjali Yogpeeth is very beneficial.

Mushroom Home Remedies - Eat Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Mushroom Home Remedies :
  • Mushroom is very tasty and nourishing vegetable. Mushroom vegetable overcomes physical weakness. Increases blood and protein in the body. Mushroom contains protein two times more than milk and other protein rich food items. Mushroom fulfills the deficiency of folic acid.
  • Eat mushroom vegetable during pregnancy. It contains folic acid, niacin, viagine, riboflavin and other B complex group vitamins. Mushroom soup increase blood in the body and overcomes anemia.
  • There are no other better food items than summer fruits to provide coolness and nourishment to the body in summer season. Majority of the people take cold drinks to get coolness, this is totally wrong. Body is the gift of nature therefore natural things only give us strength and freshness and also relief from heat of sunlight.

Gourd Home Remedies - Eat Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Gourd Home Remedies :
  • Gourd juice contains all the qualities. Gourd vegetable is cold and nourishing. Drink gourd juice with little bit of honey or unrefined sugar to reduce burning sensation in the body, overcome blood impurities, heat in blood, bleeding from nose or throat and other diseases.
  • Eating gourd vegetable calms down stomach heat and quenches excessive thirst.

Cholai Home Remedies - Eat Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Cholai Home Remedies:
  • Cholai leaves vegetable overcomes constipation, blood impurities and is very nourishing.
  • Drink 15-20 gm Cholai vegetable everyday to overcome swelling in eyes due to heat, reddishness and improves eyesight. Boil Cholai and sieve the water. Apply this water on body and take bath after some time to enhance physical beauty.
  • Add sugar candy in 25 gm Cholai juice and drink to reduce burning sensation in urine and calm down body heat.
  • Drinking Cholai juice purifies blood and removes toxic substances from the body. It enhances physical beauty.

Spinach Home Remedies - Eat Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Spinach Home Remedies:
  • In case of anemia, eat spinach vegetable and drink its juice and soup. It contains iron in sufficient quantity.
  • Lactating mothers should eat spinach vegetable everyday to overcome physical weakness.
  • Drinking tomato and spinach juice increases hemoglobin in blood. Spinach vegetable is beneficial for improving eye sight.
  • Wash spinach leaves and boil in water. Grind it and extract juice. Mix gram flour in this juice and make a paste. Apply this paste on the body and let it dry and then take bath. This enhances the beauty of the skin.

Bitter gourd Home Remedies - Eat Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Bitter gourd Home Remedies:
  • Eat bitter gourd vegetable everyday to control diabetes. It purifies blood and brings natural glow on the face.
  • Mix bitter gourd juice in water and drink to purify blood and remove eczema, itching, boils and skin ailments.
  • In case of burning sensation in legs, massage the feet with bitter gourd juice to reduce burning sensation.
  • Drinking bitter gourd juice and eating its vegetable overcomes menstrual related problems in women and regulates menstrual cycle.

Potato Home Remedies - Eat Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Potato Home Remedies :
  • Potato contains salt. Consuming potato increases salt capacity in the body. Salt is helpful in reducing the acidic content in blood.
  • The vitamin C and acid found in potato make the skin clean and beautiful. Apply potato juice on face to get natural glow.
  • Potato has more potassium than orange. Eating potato strengthens the muscles. Grind raw potato and apply the lep on the face to remove spots and scars and enhance beauty.
  • Raw potato juice is beneficial for curing stomach and intestine ulcers.

Tomato Home Remedies For Acne

Home Remedies For Acne by using Tomato are
  • Eat tomato and apply its juice on face to enhance beauty and get natural glow.
  • Mix lemon juice and glycerin in tomato juice and apply on face to overcome dryness and the skin becomes soft and moist.
  • Mix clove powder and sugar in tomato juice and drink to quench thirst.
  • Grind almonds in 50 gm tomato and make a paste. Rub this paste on the body and wash it after 10 minutes. This paste enhances beauty and the skin becomes smooth and removes acne from skin.

Healthy Tips for Healthy Life with Diet & Daily Routines

We should follow one rule always in eating. We should accept food in accordance with our limits, interest, and season. This simple act keeps us fit and healthy. We should have such food which is beneficial to us according to appetite, season and interest.

Healthy Tips for Healthy Life with Diet & Daily Routines are
  1. Go to bed early and rise early. Rise before one and half an hour before the Sun rises.
  2. Drink  2-3 glasses of water early in the morning. Mix lemon juice and one spoon honey in the luke warm water and drink in the morning. It is highly advantageous for health. Never take coffee or tea with an empty stomach.
  3. If the teeth are clenched at the time of defecation, they would not.
  4. Fill mouth with water and sprinkle cool water on eyes early in the morning. Clean palate using thumb and you would never get any ailment related to eye, ear, nose or throat.
  5. Always take breath through nose only. God has given us mouth to eat. We should not take breath through it.
  6. Use fruits and vegetables along with peal. In the case of pulses also you may do the same thing.
  7. Keep fasting for one day without eating anything taking only water.
  8. Never try to stop the quickness of faeces, urinals, sneezing. Or else they lead to further problems.
  9. Use hard bed to sleep, Dunlop beds are harmful.
  10. Sleeping hours are 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Never sleep in day time.
  11. Don’t  sleep in North or West directions. It weakens the age.
  12. Use clean drinking water and edible substances. Filthiness is the root cause of all kinds of diseases.
  13. Using intoxicating drugs is highly injurious to health. This bad habit makes a man pauper also.
  14. Be happy in every situation. Pleasure is the key to good health. Everyday laugh in joyous moods. Laughing is life.
  15. Laziness, hunger and sleep… they never let grow. These are the unwanted guests. You keep them away for your good health.

What are the Home Remedies for Headache, Insomnia and Migraine?

Home Remedies for the Treatment  for Headache, Insomnia and Migraine, Poor memory, Heaviness in head, sinus are

1. Take a little bit of almond oil or cow ghee and make it lukewarm heat and pour the drops in the nose 5-5 quantity. This should be done in the morning and in the evening. Then the patient would be freed from Jaundice.

2. To get cured from headache mix camphor, celery, carom seed sat and pippermint and apply it on head to get relief from headache. You may get a great relief from cold.

3. Pour Divyadhara drops by Divya Pharmacy 3-4 drops  in hot water and feel the steam to reduce cold.

Patanjali medicines
Divyadhara, Medhavati, Patanjali balm.

What are the useful Home Remedies in Jaundice?

Useful Home Remedies for Jaundice are

1. Make the root of punarnava into small pieces and make it a garland. In jaundice it shows a very good result.

2. Take 10 grams of punarnava root and make it into small pieces, leave to soak for a night. Drink the water with an empty stomach in the morning and evening to get relief from Jaundice. The quantity of gall pigments would also reduce in the blood of a patient.

3. Take 20 grams Totla quath or  Soak bark of Shyonak 300 ml. in an earthen pot for a night. And drink that water in the morning to root out Jaundice.

4. Take Udal Dode and soak it for a night. Grind it in the morning and pour 2-3 drops in the nose of a patient or let him smell it. He feels great relief.

5. Grind Badi dooni and drink, Jaundice would be eradicated.

Patanjali medicines – Sarwakalpa quath, udaramrit vati, punarnavarisht, Total quath etc.

Ingenious method of Dandruff – destroyer

Ingenious method of Dandruff – destroyer

1. Coconut oil 5 mg. curd 15 mg. Take suhaga (Tankan flower) 5 grams and heat them on pan, mix all of them and apply on hair. After one hour wash hair.

2. Take equal quantities of Harad, baheda and amwala (Triphala) choorn and mix it with water. Allow it for soaking for the whole night. Wash hair with that water in the morning to get rid of dandruff. Wash eyes with this water to enhance the power of eye.

Patanjali medicines
Kesha kaanti shampoo and Divya Kesh Tel.

What are the Home Remedies For Stone Relief

Home Remedies For Stone Relief are

Chew 2-3 Pattharchatta (Glyptothorax annandalei) leaves everyday. After some time all sorts of stone and urinary disorders would be set right.

Patanjali medicines
Ashmarihar ras, Ashmarihar quath.

What are the Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Perfect Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids are

1. Eat Wormwood 3-3 leaves in the morning and evening.

2. Take one cup of lemon juice with an empty stomach.

Home Remedies for Cold bile (chapaki) etc.

We have so many plants in and around us which are useful in eradication of complicated diseases.

Home Remedies for Cold bile (chapaki) are :-

1. Whenever you get cold bile, take 4 spoons of ghee, 4 spoons of sugar, and 4-5 pepper seeds , paste them and have it with water.

2. Apply coconut oil with camphor and apply on body.

Home Remedies for Kapha (phlegm) Diseases

Many medicines are found in and around of us. But we don’t use them as we lack the knowledge about them.

Home Remedies for Kapha (phlegm) Diseases

1. Asthma, Phlegm, cold, sinus and digestive phlegm related diseases can be cured. Take Almonds - 100 grams, Sugar-50 grams, pepper -20 grams. Make fine powder all of them separately. Mix them afterwards and take one spoon of it after having dinner.

2. Make quath of ginger and Tulasi leaves. Add some jaggery to it and drink. It is beneficiary in reducing cold and cough. Patanjali medicines : Chyavanprash, Shilajit, Divya peya, Swasari pravahi, Swasari Ras sitopaladi.

Bottle gourd and its juice is highly beneficiery  in High blood pressure, cholesterolheart disease, Acidity, Stomach disorders and obesity . Take Bottle gourd 500 grams, mint-7 leaves, Tulasi – 7 leaves, prepare 1 cup juice. This juice can be taken in the morning with an empty stomach every day. Patients may take this juice in the evening also.

Warning : The juice of bitter gourd should not be taken.

Home Remedies for Vata (Air) Diseases

Our ancient sages discovered herbal plants and species. They conducted so much research on them and handed over their knowledge to us. They invented the herbal benefits after thousands of years of perennial trials. These herbal products cure crores of people. Here some home remedies are being given for the benefit of our readers.

Home Remedies for Vata (Air) Diseases

In the winter season, rheumatic pains, back pain etc air related diseases :-
  1. Take Turmeric, Fenugreek grains or ada - 100 grams and Aswagandha Powder -50 grams, mix them and prepare fine powder. Take 1-1 spoons with lukewarm  water in the morning and evening.
  2. In the winter season, it is beneficiary to take 1-3 Garlic bulbs with an empty stomach with water. Extra cholesterol and triglyceride would come to normal levels. Garlic is useful in eradicating the blockades of heart veins.
  3. Knob like roots of Nut grass should be powdered. Take 1-2 grams of that powder with water or milk in the morning and evening. In the winter season, it gives a great relief to those who suffer from rheumatic disorders.
  4. Paste castor leaves, slightly heat them and paste them on knees to give relief in the winter season.

Home Remedies for Osteoprorsis

In short Osteoporosis is what is called osteoporosis in the medical world. Given the fragility of the bones, and there are great opportunities to break the bones, and thus osteoporosis is a serious condition. Bone density becomes less and thus the bones don’t remain strong like they used to be before. The bone density depends on the genetics of the person and it is different for different people. The bone density can be increased by various medicines. There are various home remedies for osteoporosis that help in preventing the loss of bone density.

Home remedies for osteoporosis:

  1. It is better to prevent osteoporosis. For this exercise daily, it will also help in building bones. There is no need for you to join a gym to do exercises. If you have a will, then you can even do well with walking and jogging for 45 minutes. This will increase the density of your bones and therefore even if you're somewhere in the autumn, will not fracture the bone.
  2. Walking in the chest in deep water is also an effective treatment for osteoporosis, such as walking water will reduce the stress of the bones, joints, bones and joints makes it feel lighter.
  3. To increase bone density, and you should also drink dandelion tea, a special tea prepared from the leaves of the Dandelion. Drink this tea twice in one day is what you will need to do.
  4. To add bone density, and increase the intake of soy products. Soy products will make a balance in the levels of the hormone estrogen, and thereby increase bone density.
  5. Each morning start your day with a deal with a handful of sesame seeds. This is one of the means of the very effective home remedies for osteoporosis.
  6. Increase the amount of calcium, and a very important factor of calcium in the bones. Absorb some of the almonds in warm water. The next day, peel them and blend them with milk. You can use cow's milk, goat's milk or soy milk to mix the almonds. Drink this mixture of milk, almonds, calcium will give to your body, and thus make your bones strong.
  7. You will need to change your lifestyle for the prevention of osteoporosis. Increase the amount of calcium. Body on a daily basis require about 1500 mg of calcium. You can either take calcium supplements or increase the amount of milk.
  8. Along with vitamin D and calcium and phosphorus also very effective in adding strength to your bones. Fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, broccoli and all these things are very good for you, and assistance in obtaining recovery from osteoporosis.
  9. Apples, pears, grapes, and is also effective in the treatment of osteoporosis. Include them in your daily diet. Also nuts, seeds, honey, there is a need for a treatment of osteoporosis.
  10. Spinach, whole wheat, bread, beans, and pineapple is a rich source of manganese, which are needed to increase bone density.
  11. Eat plenty of sprouts, as they are a rich source of vitamin K, which is required by the bone to be better than bone density.