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Stay healthy with the Balanced diet

Food gives energy to the body to work and without food the body would not get energy, but if…

Food is not balanced, easily digestible and favourable then it might prove poisonous for the body. Kindly read about the secrets of staying healthy with the balanced diet.

Food Works as fuel for our body and without it this engine in the form of body could not function without food. But if an engine is fueled with bad fuel then it harms the parts of the engines and so is the fabrication of our body. Food is necessary for our body but we do have to keep in mind that the food that we are consuming should give us enough nutrition so that our digestive system keeps working in ideal condition.

The issues affecting the natural process of our digestive system are termed as stomach disorders. Normally such issues are, constipation, gastric, indigestion, diarrhea, acidity, stomach ache and many other stomach and intestinal related disorders. This is the biggest health issue which is equally affecting people across all ages.

Better diet for bones - Osteoporosis

The meaning of osteoporosis means bones with porous surface. Over 6 crore persons are affected of this disease. And of the each two women over 45 years, one is affected of this disease. Though both, women and men are victimized but women are at four times risk. The childhood and teenage is important for the strengthening of bones. The children should be fed with calcium so that they reduce the risk of suffering from the disease.

Zinc and fiber help in reducing threat

Most of the persons believe that weakness of bones is due to lack of calcium. It is true but recent studies and research has found that there are more elements which increase calcium in the body. Consuming items rich in calcium as milk, cheese, yeast is beneficial for the preparation of calcium in the body. But many other sources also help in strengthening bones. Taking adequate amount of zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin c and fruits rich in fiber also help in strengthening bones. A person shall eat fruits, green vegetables, potatoes, peas, banana and raw grains, which enriches vitamins and thus strengthens bones. The problem of pain in knees is very common and to get relief consume ginger, soya, berry etc. It smoothen the strain. Avoid using fats and sweet items.

Strengthen the bones

The probability of women suffering from the disease is, as already said, much more than as compare to men. Even the young males and females could also be attacked by the disease. The persons with lean and thin body structure, with irregular diet and having faulty body posture are more vulnerable to the disease related to bones.

Osteoporosis - Change the daily life routine

Women are more gripped by the Osteoporosis disease and hence they need to be more alert. With calculated and balanced diet with controlled daily routine the effect of the disease could be minimized.

Basically soft drinks and other sweet drinks have replaced milk and hence children do not get adequate amount of calcium. According to an estimate, the supply of calcium has been reduced to half against the demand. Hence, when the children do not get adequate minerals to strengthen the bones, they are under threat of osteoporosis. It is very important to maintain the standard of calcium in the body. Even excess consumption of some nutritious elements like protein, vitamin A and sodium also blocks the absorption of calcium in the body.  Alcohol also restricts the absorption of calcium in the body.

Many normal medicines like Steroids and Diuretics affects the metabolism of calcium. The calcium in the body is needed, apart from protection of osteoporosis, for maintaining normal blood pressure, proper metabolic functioning and for defense in the body. More calcium input also reduces the threat of colon cancer.

Problem of Osteoporosis

Problem of Osteoporosis - a new challenge to the world

The problem of Osteoporosis has assumed serious dimensions in the world. According to a survey, over 15 percent persons above 50 years of age are suffering from it. Bones of a human being becomes porous and weak and gets cracked with minor jolt.

The number of persons suffering from the diseases is increasing fast and hence the decision to observe October 20 as World Osteoporosis day was taken. The main reasons behind it are lack of calcium and minerals in the food, fast food, obesity and mental tension and less or no physical exercises. Also consumption of some medicines taken for long time also cast ill effects on the bones and their density decreases.

Osteoporosis disease among women

Due to stoppage of menstruation and excess of hormones also cause the osteoporosis disease among women. This is the main reason behind fracture in backbone and pelvis. One of the reasons of the diseases assuming seriousness is that people don't understand the initial symptoms and are careless for the treatment. People become serious only when they suffer problems. Thus after 40-45 years a person shall regularly get density of bones checked regularly. Even if a person is suffering pain in waist for long time and the bones get cracked on minor jolt, then a person shall consult doctor.

How to increase longevity and live up to 100 years

Follow the tips mentioned below in order to increase longevity and live up to 100 years :

Remain cheerful in all circumstances

According to the researchers of Carolinsca Institute of Sweden, the cartisol level reduces in flexible brain. Cartisol is the hormone responsible for stress. It inactivates the brain cells; therefore, one should remain cheerful in all circumstances. Read good literature and practice Yog and pranayam to remain cheerful.

Run and practice yogic activities

As per the researchers of California, one should run everyday for 40 minutes. According to Eliza of Stanford University, people running daily have low risk of heart diseases and also the risk of cancer and diseases related to systems reduces. Yogic jogging is the best alternative for running. Yogic jogging prescribed by Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji can be practiced by people of all age groups. Old people should do it slowly and others can do as per their physical capacity. Five minutes of yogic jogging gives lot of benefit, which is equal to one hour of walk. Practice Bhastrika, Anulom-Vilom and other pranayam.

Consume fiber rich food

According to the researchers of Netherlands, consuming ten gram fiber daily reduces the risk of death due to heart disease by 17 percent. Fiber rich food reduces bad cholesterol, increases insulin and speeds up the process of reducing weight. The other benefits of fiber are – helping in the digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body, preventing constipation, and other diseases like piles, hernia, gall bladder stones, heart disease, appendicitis etc. fiber rich fruits and vegetables are apple, banana, guava, orange, papaya, raisins, pear, carrot, radish, beetroot etc.

Feel young from heart

One should feel young and fit from inside; this makes us optimistic and keeps us healthy. Prof. Jacky, psychologist of Michigan University says, ‘the feeling of being young plays an important role in maintaining good health and living longer. It inspires us to fight out the challenges arising in front of us. It also helps in strengthening the immunity system.’ If you are 80 or 90 years old, even then say that I am 80 or 90 years young.

Contribute for works of social upliftment

American researcher Sherry Sneling says, ‘this kind of feeling keeps you closer to friends, family and social affairs and you will fresh.’

Diet control

Less but balanced and natural food increases age. The calorie intake should be between 1400 and 2000 calories during old age to keep the normal functioning of heart.

Eat Fruits and Stay Healthy

Mango is a favourite fruit of everybody. Mango contains vitamin C and A in sufficient quantity. Vitamin A is beneficial and destroys bacteria. Vitamin C destroys scurvy. Mango contains calcium, iron, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, protein, phosphorous.

  • Watermelon relieves burning sensation caused due to heat.  Watermelon juice overcomes restlessness and anxiety.
  • Vitamin E found in watermelon provides strength to the body and keeps it active. It also enhances beauty. Watermelon also contains protein, carbohydrates and fat.
Pomegranate reduces body heat. Its juice is beneficial for anemic patients. The juice calms down vata, pitta and kapha. Pomegranate contains water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin C and other elements. It strengthens the brain.

Banana is an evergreen fruit. It is a balanced nutritious food, which activates the body during summer and keeps it fresh. Banana soup increases blood. It contains protein, fat, phosphorous in sufficient quantity. Banana increases hemoglobin in blood. It is very beneficial when taken with milk.

Grapes reduce physical weakness and the body does not get affected with heat. Grapes contain vitamin A, B, C in sufficient quantity. It also contains potassium and carbonic acid. Grapes is a medicine for pregnant women. It fulfills iron deficiency. Grapes reduces burning sensation, fever, vomiting, Raktapitta, thirst and other diseases caused due to heat. It also overcomes blood impurities.

Orange is juicy and tasty fruit. It a rich source of vitamin C. orange is the best fruit to control vomiting during pregnancy. Orange juice reduces body heat and circulates strength in the body and keeps it active. It reduces excessive thirst. It also reduces physical weakness and fatigue. Orange juice reduces burning sensation and yellow coloration of urine. It calms down heat in eyes and the salt present in orange juice reduces acidity.

Enzymes found in pineapple improves digestion process. It contains chlorine in excess quantity and hence reduces obstruction in urination. Pineapple contains lot of water and hence it should be taken during summer. Pineapple juice reduces body weight. It destroys pitta related problems. Pineapple juice protects from sunstroke. It is very beneficial in case of jaundice. Pineapple juice increases blood.

Black plum:
Black plum controls nose bleeding in children. It purifies blood and removes boils, wounds, eczema and itching. It contains fat, protein, carbohydrates. Phosphorous present in black plum strengthens the brain. It is a tonic for teeth and bones.

Apple contains phosphorous, potassium, fiber, carbohydrates and iron in sufficient quantity. It increases disease fighting capacity and improves skin complexion. Apple contains vitamin C and B and tartaric acid, which increases digestion process. Men and women leading a stressful life should eat apple and drink its juice for mental peace. It gives nourishment to the brain and increases blood in the body.

Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, black berries fall under this category.  They are known as summer fruits. They contain fiber and vitamin C in sufficient quantity. Berries are very beneficial for diabetes patients. Regular consumption reduces body weight.

Female Sexual Diseases - Contraceptive Tips

Contraceptive Tips for Pregnancy:
  • The woman should take bath after menstrual cycle and peel a castor seed. If one kernel is taken the pregnancy is prevented for one year, if two kernels are taken it is prevented for two years and if three kernels are taken it is prevented for three years. Do not take more than three kernels. When child is planned stop taking the see. The woman conceives automatically after one year.
  • Place cotton soaked in castor oil inside the vagina few hours before intercourse and then remove and throw it. The sperm do not reach the uterus and remain outside due to thickness of the oil. This can be used for long time.
  • Dip a sponge in neem oil and keep it near the mouth of uterus to prevent pregnancy.
  • Mix equal amounts of neem oil and Binola oil. Soak cotton in this oil before intercourse and place it in the vagina to prevent pregnancy.
  • Dry mint in shade and make a powder. Take a little quantity before intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Take it whenever you want to have intercourse.
  • If neem fruit is chewed and taken with cow milk after menstrual cycle then child birth can be controlled up to one year.
  • Take turmeric powder of one piece regularly for six days after menstrual cycle to prevent pregnancy. This is the best medicine.
  • Grind Cholai root with rice malt and drink for five days to prevent pregnancy for life time.
  • If neem root fumigation is given in vagina during menstrual cycle then the woman becomes infertile for life time.
  • Take lemon juice and water in equal quantities and dip a cotton or sponge and place it in vagina before intercourse to prevent pregnancy.Wash the vagina with neem leaves quath before and after intercourse to prevent pregnancy.
  • Wash the vagina with alum water (lukewarm) be-fore intercourse and again after intercourse to prevent pregnancy.
According to the prescription of Patanjali Yogpeeth, the medicines manufactured by the ashram have proven to be very beneficial during labor.
Divya Punarnava Mandur is also beneficial. Take Divya Stri Rasayan Vati for painful menstruation.
Divya Stri Rasayan  Vati, Divya Ashokarishta is very beneficial in case of problems related to uterus, white discharge, secretion and other problems.

Female Sexual Diseases - Painful Intercourse Treatment

Painful intercourse:
Excessive sex or injury causes pain in vagina in women , which is intolerable. This is known as vaginal pain.

Painful Intercourse Treatment:
  • Add 10 gm camphor in 100 ml coconut oil and apply it inside vagina twice daily.
  • Mix Praval pishti with 120 ml honey and lick it twice or thrice daily and drink 25 ml rice malt over it for relief.

Female Sexual Diseases - Menstrual pain Treatment

Menstrual pain Treatment
Take 100 gm each of sesame, drumstick, cotton and Brahmadandi (ARGEMONE MEXICANA HERB) root skin, Moolhati, Pippali, black pepper and dry ginger. Mix all the ingredients and store safely. Take three gram of this powder twice daily with hot tea to relieve pain and clear menses.

Female Sexual Diseases - Pain in Uterus Treatment

Pain in uterus: This is caused due to excessive accumulation of blood in uterus, uterus swelling, wound in uterus, shifting of uterus, bending of uterus, piles in uterus, acidity, painful child birth, mild or excessive menses, stoppage of menses, tumor in uterus, allergy and other reasons cause severe pain in uterus.

Pain in uterus Treatment :
  • Grind neem leaves and make a paste. Heat it and keep it on stomach for relief.

Female Sexual Diseases - Swelling in Uterus Treatment

Swelling in uterus: This is caused after menopause or irregular bleeding, over indulgence in sex, injury, and catching cold during menses, taking bath with cold water, eating cold things, local use of strong medicines in uterus, gonorrhea, syphilis and lack of precautions during pregnancy.

In case of new swelling, there is severe pain and burning sensation, the patient catches cold and has high temperature. There is frequent urge to pass urine and faeces along with nausea, backache. The patient has difficulty in passing stools. Yellow coloured sticky water comes out after two to four days. The symptoms reduce after 8 to 10 days.

Swelling in uterus Treatment
  • Mix two to four teaspoons of Ashokarishta (an ayurvedic medicine) in equal amount of water and take it twice daily after meals. Regular consumption strengthens the uterus and overcomes menses related problems. It also helps in pregnancy.
  • Avoid sex and excessive labor. Eat easily digestible food.

Female Sexual Diseases - Vaginal Itching Treatment

Vaginal Itching: The patient has severe itching in the vagina. There is burning sensation after itching and the skin becomes red. This is caused due to blood impurities, excessive heat, menstrual cycle, eating hot food and spicy food, excessive dryness in vagina, menopause, unclean vagina, white discharge, and lice in pubic hair, problems related to stomach and liver etc.

Vaginal itching Treatment :
  1. Apply neem (Azadirachta Indica) oil. Wash the vagina with neem water. Mix three gram camphor in 30 gm olive oil and apply on itching area twice or thrice daily.
  2. Eat simple and easily digestible food. Do not eat hot food and avoid spicy food.

Female Sexual Diseases - Vaginal Pain Treatment

Vaginal pain: Swelling in the vaginal mouth is a common problem among women. This is caused due to unhygienic living, indigestion, diabetes, itching in vagina, white discharge, gonorrhea, thin blood, labor pain and first intercourse. The vaginal opening swells and the woman suffer from severe pain and high fever. The surrounding skin becomes red and she also suffers from pain during walking. Thick pus like substance is excreted and many times it converts into boil due to repeated swelling.

Vaginal pain Treatment:
  • Wash the vagina with water boiled with neem leaves and keeps it clean. Do not touch the vagina with dirty hands and clothes.
  • Take Triphala churna with lukewarm water to overcome constipation and eat simple food in case of indigestion. If the patient is suffering from diabetes or gonorrhea then this disease should be treated first.

Seasonal vegetables - nutritious and beneficial

Green leafy vegetables, fresh and cheap prices in the market around the bear, but knowing that green leafy vegetables is essential for health, very few vegetables are used and knowing many of them green leafy vegetables is also thrown.

Like - Cholai's handle, Kantewali Cholai, beet, gram dal, leaves, tamarind and lychee leaves, arum, pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, Gilki, tomato, potato, soybean, Anvle, bitter gourds and turnips to the leaves can eat.

Very few people know it. National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, in his book said nutrient that we eat more fruits and vegetables, making their leaves and roots can also use the vegetable. This leaves them more nutritious than vegetables that are preventive or increase resistance to disease are very helpful.

The lotus flower poles, Gulmohar flowers and its leaves, betel leaves, peas, peel, muskmelon and watermelon rind of the spinach on top of the stalk, leaving the peel and leaves, drumstick leaves can also be used as vegetable.

Coriander, spinach, mint, sweet neem, most homes are dumped on the stalk. Their leaves as they are equally nutritious. Very low in calories, 100 g green leafy vegetables. 25-30 in calories (moisture) water Prs 80-90, 0.3 to 0.6 g fat. Same, but different micro-nutrients are present in sufficient quantity that the body plays an important role in health and prevent diseases.

Healthy diet Such as: calcium (for strong bones), iron and folic acid (for blood formation), vitamin A, (for light eyes), vitamin C (to prevent diseases), and thymine, Railoplavin nisin, Megnishiam, Seliniam and zinc absorption of the nutritional elements that help the body.

More micro-nutrients in green vegetables are destroyed by cooking or boiling these vegetables using so much juice, as in salads. After cooking the vegetables much more micro-nutrients in green leafy vegetables.

All of the above gram leafy vegetables, lentils, cutlets, Kmn, idli, Dokla, Bati, flour Gatta, sambar, stews or mixed with spices of sandwiches that can be used because it will be much tastier. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients so that they do not need too much volume.

1 cup green leafy vegetables a day is enough for adults. So now what are the leafy vegetables we are throwing them in the diet to include today. Impact within a few days, your face will be on health, as well as disease reduction and skin will be patinated.

Eat raw vegetables, Have good health

With rich foods if you are dreaming of a good health, your diet must include a raw vegetable or fruit. Experts believe that raw fruits and vegetables to help digest food also provide essential nutrients for the body. According to experts there is a choice of raw vegetables and fruits.

Diet expert Dr. Amita Singh said that raw fruits and vegetables will pave the way for the remaining food. Raw fruits and vegetables rich in fibers due to the way that the remaining food in the digestive system. For example, if you're going to eat pizza, salad, then eat the former. If you're going to eat ice cream, then eat an apple before.

This process also helps to digest heavy meals. " He said "the fibers of the stomach and spread, the less food is in the stomach feel full. This can be avoided by eating the excess. Staple food in the digestive tract to assist in moving forward.

Dr. Ankur Joshi said "the day a raw fruit or raw vegetables with every meal helps make the body healthy. Raw vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of digestive enzymes, which are helpful to digest the remaining food. "

"Raw fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Many medicines and pills are available in the market for vitamins, but the raw fruit is not an option. Supply of vitamin pills to the body, but the natural source of vitamin pills to eliminate the possibility of far-reaching effects. " Dr. Kalpana Jain said that women physicians to overcome health problems should include raw vegetables in your diet.

Many studies have proved that women in their diets throughout the year must include at least one raw vegetable. To overcome problems with it after menopause reduces the risk of diabetes. " The 'raw vegetables are antioxidants, which have addressed the issue of blood pressure. "

Spices useful for stomach and intestines

It is a wrong concept that spices are harmful to the stomach. Many spices do not allow gas formation in stomach and intestines. They are useful in constipation and hemorrhoids.

Carom seed, black pepper, ginger, fenugreek, cumin, clove, cardamom and asafetida are all very useful for the body. Proper utilization of spices makes liver strong, which continue to work with full efficiency. Spices also help n gastric troubles.

Turmeric helps in curing constipation and piles. Daily at night, take one spoon full of turmeric powder with milk to keep all these diseases at bay.

Celery seed are used for stomach, acidity, and burning sensation after meals, pain in intestines, constipation and other diseases. The seeds and leaves of celery are beneficial in cough, asthma, vomiting, kidney problem, urine problem, joint pain and menses problem. Celery seeds are also used as tonic. Powder and decoction of Celery are utilized often and is beneficial to clean and wash stomach.

Celery seed 10 grams, black salt 3 grams, asafetida 2 milligram when crushed finely and mixed to form powder and when taken with 4 milli gram hot water gives relief in stomach pain and ignites hunger. After delivery, jiggery and celery when mixed and taken twice, morning and evening it gives relief in waist pain. It purifies uterus and generates hunger and the body turns stronger.

Asafetida for stomach and intestines

In Indigestion, stomach ache, acidity, intestine pain and bitter belching use of asafetida is very useful. For heart ailment, cough, asthma, gout, insects in intestines, and irregularity in menstrual problem asafetida gives excellent results. A little asafetida, taken with curd cures dysentery. Asafetida, when mixed in hot water and placed around bellybutton and if a little amount of asafetida is roasted and taken with honey, the problem of belching is solved.

Take roasted asafetida one gram mixed with 15 grams of dry or fresh leaves of margosa, 15 grams roasted cumin and 1 gram each camphor and water when crushed and mixed to form small balls. Take 3-4 balls at night before sleeping. It would give relief in all stomach ailments and piles. Take ginger, black pepper, rock salt, white cumin, black cumin and celery seed in equal quantity and then add asafetida power to it. Mix them well and take the powder twice a day, after mixing it with half spoon ghee before taking meals. It would give total benefit of the meal. This powder is also known as Hingwashtak powder.

Black pepper for stomach and intestines

Fine black pepper when mixed with one forth proportion of butter milk and taken, it helps in cleaning the stomach as insects are washed away, alive or dead. Black pepper has the treatment of cough due to cold and sputum, asthma and chest pain. It washes away entire cough deposited in lungs. Mix black pepper with honey and it would treat cough deposition. Cough, asthma, chest pain all are treated with the help of black pepper. For gastric troubles take 2 grams of black pepper and later take warm water, mixed with lemon juice and continue the process for 10-12 days. It would give relief.

Also memory enhances when black pepper is taken with 30 grams of butter and sugar. It removes the weakness of the brain. In many other diseases mix black pepper, rock salt, cumin, ginger and take with honey twice or thrice a day.

Cinnamon for stomach and intestines

Take cinnamon and cardamom, half gram each, mix with half gram of ginger powder, when taken before meals, it treats constipation and the patient feels hungry. Due to problem in bile, vomiting could take place and to get relief take cinnamon powder with honey three-four times a day. It would give relief. Two grams of cinnamon, when mixed with 2 grams of water, it gives relief in diarrhea.

Ginger for stomach and intestines

Mix juice of one KG ginger with similar quantity of water and 100 grams of sugar and boil on light fire. When the mixture gets concentrated, mix cardamom, ficus religiosa, black pepper and cloves each 5 grams. Keep it in glass utensil. It is a better treatment for digestion and 10 grams of it helps in fast digestion besides giving benefit in cough and breathing problem. Pickle of ginger also helps indigestion. Mix 5 grams juice of pomegranate with another 5 grams of ginger and when taken twice a day in morning and evening, it treats bile problem.  For indigestion, take 10 grams of ginger juice and mix with 10 grams of lemon juice and dissolve it with rock salt. Mix five grams of ginger juice, with rock salt and powder of black pepper, which is helpful in vomiting problem. The juice of ginger, when taken with water, it helps in ascites problem. When ginger juice is mixed with candy, it is very useful for health.

Tobacco is the biggest killer in India

Health Organization had on 31st May declared ‘No Tobacco Day’ aimed at making new policies to minimize the use of tobacco as the consumption of tobacco is the biggest cause of death in the world.

The dangerous diseases like- Cancer, diseases in our lungs, heart diseases-which trouble us whole life are generally caused by consumption of tobacco. Many countries have banned advertisements of tobacco. There are over 4000 dangerous chemicals in tobacco products. According to the data of Indian Council of Medical Research, every year over ten lakh people die due to the consumption of tobacco.

Nicotine present in tobacco is an element which is responsible for the habit of tobacco.One pond of Tobacco contains 22.8 gram of nicotine. Nicotine is a kind of poison. Its 1/3800 (6 milligram) amount is sufficient to kill a dog in only three minutes. Nicotine badly affects our capacity to sense the smells, eye sight, our response to sound waves. It can make us deaf, we are nervous system is also badly affected. Smoke containing nicotine makes us patient of chronic cough. This could later turn into tuberculosis. Nicotine stimulates our nerves within only seven seconds of intake. It increases our heart beats and blood pressure. Nicotine causes damage of our cells.

While smoking, dangerous gas carbon mono-oxide goes inside our body. It easily dissolves in our blood leading to the lessening the quantity of oxygen in the blood. This leads ladies to the deadly diseases like cancer and other pregnancy related complications like-miscarriage, immature birth of baby and birth of ill baby.

Thirty-five percent people in India consume tobacco. According to Global Adult Survey 2010, 35 percent adults in India have a habit of consuming tobacco. Twenty-one percent adults in India have habit of taking Khaini (A form of raw tobacco), Gutkha (Tobacco added Paan-masala). Nine percent adults have a habit of smoking and five percent of them have a habit of taking both forms of tobacco. 48 percent men and 20 percent women have a habit of taking any form of tobacco. 

According to a new survey, 16 crore 37 lakh people take Khaini, Gutkha and other tobacco added Paanmasala while six crore 89 lakh people have a habit of smoking. Four crore 23 lakh people have a habit of both smoking and taking tobacco products. Central government has taken several measures to minimize the consumption of tobacco and its products. On 2nd October 2008, central government banned smoking at public places. Moreover, consumption of tobacco by people below 18 years has been declared illegal by the government and sell of tobacco products within a periphery of 100 yards has also been banned. From last year, it has been made mandatory to mention warning on the packets of tobacco products indicating harmful impacts of such products. Central government has also started National Tobacco Control Programme to make people aware of harms of consuming tobacco products. But unfortunately, ineffective implication of these measures yielded almost nothing and there has been witnessed no change in consumption of tobacco in the country.

Important facts pertaining to the ill-effect of smoking
Tobacco is highly responsible for deaths in the country which can be prevented. Effects of consuming tobacco are responsible for death of over ten lakh people every year in the country. This figure is bigger than the total deaths caused by diseases like HIV AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. 56 percent cancer among males and 44 percent cancer among female is caused by consumption of tobacco.

India has the highest number of patients of mouth cancer and consumption of tobacco is responsible for it. Eighty-two percent cases of diseases in lungs and in the respiratory system are caused by smoking. Ninety-five percent cases of lungs cancer are caused by smoking. Carcinogenic present in tobacco destroy normal functioning of cells and lead to their malfunctioning which results at later stages in cancer. According to a research conducted in India, chewing of tobacco and tobacco products is responsible for cancer in cheek. This thing is also responsible for cancer in tongue and upper parts of throat. This is also responsible for cancer in intestines. The probability of death due to tuberculosis among those who have a habit of smoking is 3-4 times higher than others who don’t smoke.

It has been estimated that cases of deaths due to diseases caused by tobacco in India is rising faster than any other country in the world. Most of the people are not aware of harms caused by consumption of tobacco. Companies making tobacco products try to attract more and more people to consume such products and they use attractive advertisements and packaging of such products for this purpose. Moreover, they also try to hide the information about harmful effects of tobacco products.

Smoking is largely responsible for destroying good health, longevity of life, peace, character, faith and self-confidence and leads to the diseases like asthma, cancer, heart diseases and many other deadly diseases. If we have a desire of a healthy and happy life, we will have to stop consuming tobacco and its products. It is not so difficult. There is no medicine in the world made for this purpose. One can stop consuming tobacco and its products if he or she applies strong will power. Moreover, it is also required to make people aware of ill-effects of tobacco or making laws discouraging consumption of tobacco. Bharat Swabhiman Movement has pledged to make masses aware of ill effects of tobacco and is working in this direction with the help of over 5000 Tahseel Committees across the country.

Treatment of Stones in Gall bladder

Treatment of Stones in Gall bladder during the time of suffering
In the modern times there are so many pain killers and injections are available. By giving pain killers patient gets released from the pain. But the stones would exist there itself.
  • Soak the towel in hot water. Change it often. Hot water bottle may also be useful.
  • Take one litre of water adding a little of salt and lemon juice. You can continue this treatment for every fifteen minutes upto get relief from the pain. Patient should not be given anything to eat or drink while he was going through the pain.
  • When the symptoms of gall stones are observed, Enema and Kati-snana are preffered.
  • Take rest where the air flow is appropriate. Fasting should be observed upto regaining health. If the patient vomits, give him a piece of ice. Don’t give him water.
  • Should be given nutrient diet and hot water.
Treatment of Stones in Gall bladder after get relieved from the pain
  • Try to follow regimen, to avoid constipation.
  • Should give hot - cold fomentation everyday on stomach and give enema.
  • Should take vapour-bath. Wrap weist with a towel that is soaked in hot water.
  • Do exercises and pranayam. Do massage in the area of liver.
  • Practice one day fasting in a week. Take lemon water or fruit juice that day.
  • Avoid milk, cream, paneer, ghee etc. fatty substances.
  • Fresh vegetables, Horse gram pulse, Leafy vegetable curry, buttermilk without cream, honey fruit salad, rose-apple, pip of rose apple are the bene-ficiery in the ailment of gallstones.
  • Non-vegetarian meal, fried curries, taking extra food, dry fruits are not to be taken. Spicy, exciting substances, Intoxication are avoidable. This is poisonous to health.
  • Take cucumber, carrot, bottle gourd, papaya, raddish, lemon water etc. should be given to drink.
  • Drink water early in the morning with an empty stomach. Take meal two times a day along with two spoonful with Asafetida powder and at the night time take Triphala powder 5 grams and Haritaki (myrobalan) powder 2 spoonfuls with hot water.
  • Practice Yogasana -  Halasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Paschimottanasana, Sarvangasana and pranayam regularly. And practice 11 times Surya Namaskar everyday.
Gall stones give an explosive effect to the stomach. It is always dangerous, if we neglect them. If one knows that he has stones in gall blader, he should go for the treatment and this is quite curable disease.

Stones in Gall bladder Symptoms & Causes

Stones in stomach is much more painful. The pain can only be known by the patient himself. Suffering in the gall bladder is quite unbearable to a patient when it is compared to the suffering that occurs in the other limbs.  That is an unusual pain. It is like living in a hell. This disease completely depends upon the food we take. Gallstones attack our digestive system. we can not take every kind of food we want as we don’t forget that suffering. The stones rise unexpectedly. That is an intolerable agony which makes patient cry.

Gall bladder
The gall bladder is a carrot like sac of 4 inches length located under the liver at the 9 th rib of the right side of the stomach. It stores and concentrates bile produced in the liver. It contains 45 cc bile approximately. When the food goes through the stomach, Gall blader gets pressure and then the bile is released. It mixes with the food. When the digestion of food takes place, oily foods like fats and proteins get digested. A healthy gall bladder empties two to three times a day. When you are not taking any meal, bile remains in gall bladder. The water content of the bile is absorbed by the body. For that reason bile gets five to ten times concentric little by little.

Bile or gall  is a bitter tasting, yellowish brown fluid, produced by the liver. Even though It is a digestive fluid, it is a dreadful poison. It is sticky, salty and it contains fats and proteins. Bile is useful in the absorption of fats in the intestine into the bloodstream. It supports their activation. Bile contains salts, or bilirubin, other bile enzymes, lecithin and cholesterol.  And it is secreted by the liver continuously. This secretion is somewhat high soon after finishing our meal. Digestion process go smoothly with the help of some amount of bile that accumulated in the gall bladder, and some amount go out but most of it is absorbed by the body. This fluid digests the substances in the large intestines. It does not allow  them to decay there. Large intestines produce gas if bile is not mixed properly with the food.

Stones in gall bladder are mostly seen in women rather than men. Gallstones are solid particles that take form from bile in the gallbladder. Mostly, in women aging between 40-45 and suffering with obesity taking much carbohydrates and fats gall stones are seen. Gall stones can be of any size, from tiny as a grain of sand to large as a Acrot and egg. And their number also varies. They can be one to fifty or hundred together. Newly formed stones are wet. These stones are seen in many colours like black, green, white and ash etc.

Causes / Reasons for the Gall stone formation

  • If bile is stored for long time, it thickens 5-19 times. If it continuously thickening like this, then bacteria rise in it. Then that bile forms and scatters itself in different sizes. And these are called gall stones.
  • Stones are seen in the persons who does not do any exercise and usually sits most of the time without doing any work. And if bile is stored for a long time it causes inflammation, secretion of unwanted fluids. These fluids form layer by layer and thus takes the formation of gall stones and it is mostly seen in obese persons.
  • If some disorders are there in liver, bile would not be formed properly. If bile salts are in lesser proportion, than is needed,  if the cholesterol measures more, if cholesterol precipitates are accumulated in the bottom part of the gall bladder, it settles a layer covering mucus membrane. Thus the formation of gall stones starts layer by layer.
  • During  pregnancy and in the case of diabetes cholesterol levels are increased. This may lead to the formation of gallstones.
  • Unbalanced diet, unnatural regimen may lead the cause of stone formation. Food menu which contains more oxalic acids is also caused for gall stones. Gall stones may be formed due to calcium. More oxalic acids are seen in chocolates, Tea, biscuits, fast foods and bread. Lesser usage of leafy vegetables,  Having big quantities of food, constipation, taking lesser quantity of water, giving much preference to non vegetarian etc. are the reasons of gall stones.
  • Excess sleep, Intoxication, white discharge, mental pressure, feeble pulse rate leads to liver disorders. Bile is sticky, concentric and highly poisonous in a liver patient. This bile enters into the gall blader and cause for inflammation there. This imperfect bile and kapha (phlegm) get dried soon. They become gall stones and continuously increase their number there.
  • Bile salts and cholesterol should be in a ratio of 25:1. If it decreases to 13:1 because of the disorders, then the cholesterol waste accumulates, which causes gall stones.
  • If the bile’s flow is obstructed, then bile gets thickened in gall blader. If it is infected there phlegm is formed and that causes the formation of gallstones.
Patient suffers an unbearable pain when the stones obstruct the way of bile flow way. Pain starts right in the below of the right side of the liver. And it extends upto the bottom part of the shoulder. Body releases cool sweat. Patient would suffer for long spells. After a great suffering the pain calms down all by itself.
  • Inflammation in stomach and its surrounding limbs.
  • Sometimes pnemonia attacks. Body temperature reaches upto 102 degrees. Symptoms of jaundice may be seen in such condition.

Fruits and Vegetables match our body parts in shape

Mother Earth has blessed us with different fruits and vegetables matching our body parts for health conservation, prevention from ailments and health promotion. After a lot of research and studies we have tried to scientifically classify it into categories.

Composition of walnut is similar to our brain: Walnut too has ascents, descents, crevices and veins just as we find in our brain. It is also divided into two parts as our brain cerebrum is divided into two (right & left) parts. Scientists have found out that, walnuts has essential Alpha-linolenic Omega-3 fatty acid, Flavonoids and Vitamin-E, necessary for strengthening mind and thus helps in keeping Dementia and depression. It is the best dietary supplement for those involved in intrinsic mental activities.

Pistachio, Amla and Almonds are similar to eyes: The green coating inside a pistachio is good for eyes. The great sage Chyavan got back his youth and eyesight by using amla. Even the almonds are good for eyes. Beta-Carotine present in carrots, papaya, mango, beets and radish leaves are benefactor for eyes.

Raisins are similar to Gall Bladder: Gall bladder stores the gall juices formed in the liver and collected through the hypotic duct. The gall juice helps in digesting fat in the duodenum of the small intestine through the bile duct. It is similar to raisin in shape and raisins are helpful in any sort of gall bladder related ailments, but due to excessive consumption of fatty and sweet products causes gall stones.

Composition of Pomegranate is similar to teeth: Pomegranate is of ultimate importance for the teeth. Any tooth ailment gives way to heart ailments and hence in order to get rid of heart and tooth related diseases one should consume pomegranate. After consuming sour fruits or their juices one must gargle as acidic food affects the enamel of the tooth.

Mango, beets and apple are like heart: The micronutrients present in apple and mango strengthens the coronary arteries and the heart muscles and thus prevents it from ailments. Diabetics should prefer beets over mangoes. Cashew, beans are similar to kidney in shape and thus they help in kidney related ailments, but should be avoided in kidney failure and nephrotic syndrome. Orange is helpful in kidney and stomach related ailments.

Gourd and zucchini are like stomach: The vegetable or juice of gourd or zucchini is beneficial in acidity, burning sensation or gastric trouble. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B, complex beta carotine anthosinine, amyl acetate beta carotene, alpha toco-pherol and many other micro nutrients present in some bananas, carrots, radish, long brinjal, sweet potatoes empowers the reproductive organs and increases the sex power which takes care of impotency. Sperm count, sperm mobility and the intercourse capacity is increased. These foods can take care of erectile dysfunction and bananas have benlac lectin which could even kill the aids virus. It also prevents from sexually transmitted diseases.

Long cucumber is similar to intestines: Cucumber juice is beneficial in the swelling and many ailments of intestines.

Vagina shaped wheat: Sprouted wheat is a blessing for women as it is the best food and medicine for all gynecological ailments. Alpha toco-pherol, super oxide dismutase, enzymes, vitamin B complex and many other micronutrients present in wheat sprouts help keep passion, youth, beauty and health for long. Thus, adding on to life and health. Many women have tested successfully with the sprouted wheat and naturopathy who lost their fetus due to chromosomal mismatch. Sprouted wheat is anti-sterile, anti-infertility, anti impotency and beauty enhancer.

Uterus shaped Pear: Pear or its juice is beneficial in all uterus related ailments.

Prostate shaped Pumpkin seed: Pumpkin seeds have rich amount of androgen hormones and zinc which empowers the prostate glands. Consumption of 10 gms of pumpkin seeds on a daily basis takes care of all prostate and sex related issues. Zinc helps in impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Body shaped ginseng: Ginseng the famous Chinese herb has many relative types found in red, white, Korean or Siberia. Red ginseng helps the immune system and its use takes away stress and tiredness. Ginseng is considered as the treasure of athletic and sexual power though it could not be proved as yet. Excessive use leads to tachycardia, insomnia, high blood pressure and addiction.

Nose shaped onion: Sulphur compounds S.Alyle Sistine, Dialyletrisulphide, Alisin, Alix etc present in onion and garlic could kill the rhinovirus of cold. They could kill the germs in the lungs and nose and thus cures the common ailments of respiratory organs.