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Baba Ramdev Divya Sanjivani Vati

Sanjivani Vati 20 gm. produced by swami ramdev's divya pharmacy.

Divya Sanjivani Vati is extremely beneficial in following conditions:
  1. Provides relief from dry restless cough, sore throat and stomatitis.
  2. Sanjivani is extremely beneficial in cancerous conditions.
  3. For long acting relief in cases of chronic flatulence & indigestion.
  4. Or any types of tumorous growth on the body.
  5. It helps strengthen the immune system so that there will be no recurrence of the sickness.
  6. This is also used for irritable bowel syndrome.
  7. Sanjivani is used for fevers, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic disorders of digestive system including indigestion, lack of appetite, chronic constipation, mal-absorption syndrome etc.
  8. Sanjivani is extremely beneficial in chronic rhinitis.
  9. Is also used in the treatment of gastritis. It was found to be very effective in the treatment of heartburn due to increased hydrochloric acid secretion of the stomach. Amla helps patients suffering from epigastric pain.
  10. Also perspiration so that the various toxics from the body are released out and body becomes healthy.
  11. Sanjivani also clears out the urine.
  12. Is useful in hemorrhage, diarrhea and dysentery.
  13. This is also known as antibacterial and its astringent properties prevent infection and help in the healing of ulcers. It is used as a laxative to relieve constipation in piles. It is used in the treatment of leucorrhea and arthrosclerosis.
  14. Sanjivani is beneficial in Sinusitis.
  15. Is also helpful if gastric problems are resulted due to over eating and or in case one has consumed meals if he is not feeling hungry.
  16. Is also very beneficial in various respiratory problems.
  17. Helps in improving body weight. It helps in increasing the total protein level due to positive nitrogen balance. Thus it is known to give an anabolic effect in the body.
  18. Beneficial in asthma.
  19. When used in various types of fevers Sanjivani helps in the profuse sweating and thus brings down the body temperature.
  20. Sanjivani helps in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.
  21. And even keeps you safeguard against various diseases.
  22. Also is very beneficial in the various lesions on the body.
  23. Sanjivani is also very beneficial in Coryza.
  24. When consumed regularly it makes the body healthy and fit and further prevents the occurrence of any types of diseases or discomforts in the body.
Sanjivani in ayurvedic text is popularly known as "One that infuses life" derives from the medicinal properties. Sanjivani grows on the hills of tropical areas, particularly the Arawali mountain terrains from east to west in India. Traditionally Sanjivani has been used to provide relief from heat stroke and the burning sensation during urination, restoration of menstrual irregularities to normal and applied topically to pregnant women, aids easy delivery.

This is also used as a potent anti - helmintic properties. This is also used for toxic fevers, dry, restless cough, sore throat, stomatitis.

Divya Sanjivani Vati ingredients are: Bilva, Katuki, Amla, Haritaki, Ashwagandha, Madayantika (Henna), Shweta Chandana (Sandalwood), etc.
 It is best known as an ‘Aama’ digestive and for treating jaundice, however whether such treatments have any factual basis is unknown. e herbal tablet. More specifically, it is used in Ayurveda for Fevers, Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic disorders of digestive system including indigestion, lack of appetite, chronic constipation, mal-absorption syndrome etc. It is useful for Vata and Kapha disorders. Best natural solution for auto-immune disorders. This is a perfect medicine to combat cold, fever and flu. It helps strengthen the immune system so that there will be no recurrence of the sickness.

Dosage: One can consume around 1 – 2 tablet along with the ginger juice or one can even consume Sanjivani along with honey.

Mahasudarshan Kashaya

Mahasudarshan Kashaya Indications : Prevents Malaria, Intermittent fever, Influenza and useful in Bile disorders.

Mahasudarshan Kashaya Dosage : 2-3 teaspoonfuls with equal quantity of water twice a day after meals.

Packaging size : 200 ml.

Note: Kashayas are liquid extracts of the herbs.

Baidyanath Septric Tablets

Baidyanath Septric Tablets benefits & Therapeutic uses: Useful in fever, intermittent fever, enlargement of liver and spleen, specially in viral fever and prophylaxis of swine flu.

Ingredients: Septric Tablet contains Extract of Maha Sudarshan Churna, Kutki churna.

Dosage: 2 Tab three times a day.

Package: 100 Tab, 25 Tab.

Baidyanath Mahasudharshan Churna

Baidyanath Mahasudharshan Churna benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Antifebrile & diaphoretic. Indicated in fever due to liver & spleen. Specially indicated in Viral fever.

Mahasudarshan Churna contains Trifala, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Kateri, Kachura, Trikatu, Piplamul, Murva,Giloe, Javasa, Kutki, Pit-papra, Nagarmotha, Trayamana, Neem Chaal, Pohakarmool, Kura Chaal, Yashtimadhu, Ajowan, Indrajau, Bharangi, Suranjna beej, Phitkari, Dalchini, Padmakhar, Khus, Safed Chandan, Atis, Khareti, Shalparni, Prishniparni, Tagar, Chitrakmool, Devdaru, Chavya, Patola-patra, Kalmegh, Karanj-beej, Laung, Tavkshir, Kamal, Kakoli, Vacha, Vidanga, Javitri etc.

1 teaspoonful with lukewarm water twice a day.

100g, 50g & 25g

Baidyanath Tribhuwan Kirti Ras

Baidyanath Tribhuwan Kirti Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Antipyretic & diaphoretic. Used in high fever, inflammatory conditions in pneumonia, influenza and in painful neuralgic affections.

Hingool, Vatsanabh, Trikatu, Tankan & piplamul.

1 tab. with honey or ginger juice three to four times a day

80 tabs.& 40 tabs

Baidyanath Pratap Lankeshwar Ras

Baidyanath Pratap Lankeshwar Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Acts as a diphoretic diuretic & alterative. Excellent remedy for the puerperal fever & sprue. Indicated in sciatica, mental tension, dyspnoea, cough, nausea and loss of appetite.

Kajjali, Abhrak Bhasma, Marich, Lauha Bhasma, Shankha Bhasma, Bang Bhasma.

1 tab with Adrak twice a day.

20 tab & 10 tab

Baidyanath Mrutyunjay Ras

Baidyanath Mrutyunjay Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Indicated in general debility of children, effective in fever & sannipat Jwara. Indicated in indigestion, pneumonia, tonsilitis, neuralgia, acute gout.

Vatsanabh, Gandhak, Parad, Tankan, Hingool, Marich, Papil, Jambiri Nimbu Swa-ras.

1 tab. with honey twice a day.

Package: 40 tabs.

Baidyanath Mahamrutunjaya Ras

Baidyanath Mahamrutunjaya Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Indicated in acute & chronic sannipat-jwar, pleague. Also used as cardiac stimulant.

Hartal, Vatsanabh, Hingool, Katha, Satyanashi Swa-ras.

1 tab. with honey twice or thrice a day.


Baidyanath Kumar Kalyan Ras (with Gold & Pearl)

Baidyanath Kumar Kalyan Ras (with Gold & Pearl) benefits & Therapeutic uses: Alterative, haematinic & tonic. Indicated in cough, chronic fever, rickets of children, cough, pneumonia and various diseases of children.

Ingredients : Ras Sindoor, Moti Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma , Abhrak Bhasma, Lauha Bhasma & Swarna Makshik Bhasma.

Dosage: 1/2 to 1 Tab. with honey or sugar.

Package: 10 tabs

Baidyanath Kasturibhushan Ras

Baidyanath Kasturibhushan Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Indicated in typhoid pneumonia, influenza, high fever and accompanying complaints. Restore normal pulse & normalises body temperature.

Ras Sindoor, Abhrak Bhasma, Tankan, Sontha, Pipal, Kasturi, Danti, Bhang-seeds, Camphor (Kapur), Kali Mirch.

Adults : 1 tablet
Children : 1/4 of the above dose with honey.

8 tabs.

Baidyanath Kasturibhairav Ras Brihat

Baidyanath Kasturibhairav Ras Brihat benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Antiperiodic. Indicated in malaria, Sannipatjwar, Typhoid etc.

Kasturi, Kapur, Tamra Bhasma, Dhai, Moti Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Prawal Bhasma, Sontha, Patha, Vidanga, Motha, Sugandha bala, Hartal, Abhrak Bhasma & Amalaki, Amber. Kasturi.

1 tab. with honey or betel juice two times a day.

10 tabs & 5 tabs

Baidyanath Kafkuthar Ras

Baidyanath Kafkuthar Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Expectorant. Indicated in acute cough & fever.

Parad, Gandhak, Tamra Bhasma & Trikatu.

2 tabs. with honey twice a day .

80 tabs. and 40 tabs.

Baidyanath Jwarankush Ras

Baidyanath Jwarankush Ras benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Alterative & febrifuge. Indicated in all sorts of fever (remittent & intermittent), malaria etc.

Parad, Gandhak, Dhatura Seeds, Sontha, Tankan, Vatsanabh, Hingool.

Adults-1 tablet
Children-1/4 of the above dose with honey.

80 tabs

Baidyanath Jaimangal Ras (With Gold)

Baidyanath Jaimangal Ras (With Gold) benefits & Therapeutic uses:
Antiperiodic, alterative & tonic. Used in chronic fever & general debility.

Parad, Gandhak, Tankan Tamra Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Yavakshara, Marich, Swarna Makshika Bhasma, Swarna Bhama, Kant-lauha Bhasma & Raupya Bhasma.

1 Tab with madhu twice a day.

5 tab

Baidyanath Anand Bhairav Ras

Active ingredients
Hingool, Vatsnabh, Sonth, Kali mirch, Suhaga, Jaiphal, chhoti Pipal, Nimbu Ras.

Action and Therapeutic Uses
It is indicated in all types of fever i.e. influenza, typhoid, malaria, etc.

1 tab. with honey twice daily.

80 tab., 40 tab. and 20 tab.

Baidyanath Visham Jwarantak Lauha

Active ingredients
Kajjali, Swarna bhasma, vang bhasma, Moti bhasma, shankha bhasma, shukti bhasma, abhrak bhasma.

Baidyanath Visham Jwarantak Lauha Action and Therapeutic Uses
Acts as antiperiodic & diaphoretic. Indicated in all fevers, indigestion, enlargement of spleen, debility, diabetes, jaundice, anaemia, dyspepsia & cough.

62 to 125 mg. with honey or lukewarm water twice a day.

10 tabs. and 5 tabs.

Baidyanath Tapyadi Lauh

Active ingredients
Swarnamakshik bhasma, shilajeet, Raupya bhasma, Mandoor bhasma, chitrakmool, triphala, trikatu, vidanga, lauh bhasma, etc.

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Haematinic & cardiac tonic. Indicated in anaemia, fever, jaundice, prameh, oedema, etc.

1 tab. to 2 tab. with gomutra or muli patra or water twice a day.

20 tabs.

Baidyanath Sarvjwarhar Lauh

Active ingredients
Chitrakmool, Triphala, Trikatu, Vidanga, Nagar motha, Pipalamul, Lauh bhasma etc.

Baidyanath Sarvjwarhar Lauh Action and Therapeutic Uses
Acts as an antiperiodic & alterative. Indicated in remittent fever, malaria, complication associated with it.

1 to 2 tabs. with water or honey twice a day.

10 tabs. & 5 tabs.

Baidyanath Sphatika Bhasm

Active ingredients
Prepared from Sphatika (Crystal)

Sphatika Bhasm Action and Therapeutic Uses
Acts as an astringent. Effective in malerial fever, diseases of the eye, chronic fever, debility, etc. It is a very good blood purifier.

250 mg. to 500 mg. with water twice a day.

15 mg.

Baidyanath Godanti (Hartal) Bhasm

Active ingredients
Hartal Godanti (Purified), Extract of Chandan, Gulab kewda, kamal ke phool, etc.

Reference / Text
Siddha Yog Sangrah

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Used in all types of fever to relieve associated complications like high temperature, headache, excessive thirst etc. Indicated in Leucorrhoea & menorrhagia in women.

250 mg. to 1 gm. with honey twice or thrice a day.

5 gm. and 10 gm.