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Baba Ramdev Divya Amla Churna

(100 grams of Divya Amla Churna produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy)
  1. Botanical Name: Emblica Oficinalis
  2. Family: Euphorbiaceae family
  3. Common Name: Amla, Amlaki, Indian Gooseberry etc.
Amla Churna Benefits:-
  1. Amla brings about the cleansing of the mouth, and strengthens the teeth.
  2. It when used with honey acts as an anthelmintic.
  3. Increases Hemoglobin, Red blood cell count.
  4. Amla is also helpful in burning sensation, over thirst, dyspepsia and other complaints of digestive system.
  5. It is also known to prevent premature aging process.
  6. Amla is known to bring about strength in the body, helps in the expulsion of toxins from the body and improves defense mechanism of the body.
  7. Amla is very useful in various types of skin ailments.
  8. Amla improves food absorption.
  9. Amla acts as a very powerful anti inflammatory.
  10. Amla also helps maintain the functioning of the liver.
  11. Acts as a wonderful antioxidant and a natural source of Vitamin C. Amla helps scavenge free radicals.
  12. This is a very effective remedy for hyperacidity, ulcers and blood impurities.
  13. Useful for Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma.
  14. Amla is given as a tonic, diuretic and anti-bilious remedy.
  15. Regulates the blood sugar levels.
  16. Helps in curing bleeding from the nostrils.
  17. Amla prevents premature graying and falling of hair.
  18. Wash eyes daily, in the morning with Amla water, soaked in water and drink the water to improve the eyesight and remove constipation.
  19. It is a very essential vitamin for eye sight.
1 – 2 teaspoons thrice a day.

Swadeshi Amla Candy Chatpata

Swadeshi Amla Candy Chatpata is a tasty herbal sweet made of Amla (Emblica officinalis) and can be eaten by any person or child.

Swadeshi Amla Candy Chatpata Benefits
  • Amla a Rasayan (Tonic) in Ayurveda is a natural rich source of energy, vitamin 'C' and minerals.
  • Improves physical & mental health and develops personality and has very good effect on whole body.
  • Increases immunity and improves memory.
  • Amla Chatpata is a nutritious, tasty, spicy and delicious preparation for any time use.
  • It fights against bad ageing effects and increases haemoglobin.
Packaging size: 500 gm.

Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special

Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special benefits & Therapeutic uses: Nutritive and tonic, used in general debility of old age, cough, cold, bronchitis, phthisis, anemia, vit.C deficiency, Immunity etc. 

amalaki, lavang, pippali, tuvakshir, dalchini, ela, kankol, ghrit, mishri, dashmool, munakka, pushkarmool, giloy, karchur, nagarmotha, abhrak bhasma.

6 g. to 12 g. with milk twice or thrice a day.

2 kg 1kg 500 g. & 250 g.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar

Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar is a Highly effective Antioxidant & Free Radical Scavenger.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar Indications:
  • Maharishi Amrit Kalash helps in reducing side effects of Cancer chemotherapy like nausea/vomiting, anorexia, increases Karnofsky score.
  • An ideal food supplement for enhancing body immunity and general well being.
  • Antioxidant property of Amrit Kalash helps in prevention of atherosclerotic plaques & degenerative diseases.
  • Ayurvedic revitalize for all ages and can be used in all seasons.
Amrit Kalash Nectar Dosage : 10gm (one teaspoonful) paste twice a day preferable with milk on empty stomach.

Size Available: 600 gm.

Charak Manoll Capsules

Manoll Capsules is a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine and is the natural antioxidant and immunity booster.

Rejuvenates & stengthens body tissue. Well tolerated and less chance of constipation and gastric irritation. Ensures healthy Pregnancy and lactation. Reduces oxidative stress and increases immunity.

Lowers risk of Chronic diseases. Ensures faster recovery from illness. Reinforces resistance against recurrent infections in children. Its regular use maintains age protection.

Manoll Capsules Composition :
Each capsule contains :
  • Mandur bhasma - 50 mg
  • Daucus carota - 4 mg
  • Beta vulgaris - 2 mg
  • Spinacia oleracea - 2 mg
  • Emblica offcinalis - 350 mg
  • Tinospora cordifolia - 100 mg
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra - 100 mg
  • Withania somnifera - 100 mg
  • Tribulus terrestris - 100 mg
  • Zingiber officinale - 15 mg
  • Piper nigrum - 15 mg
  • Piper longum - 15 mg
Manoll Capsules Dosage :
2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja (Special)

Active ingredients
Makardhwaj Swarna Mukta, Kasturi.

Baidyanath Siddha Makardhwaja Action and Therapeutic Uses
Acts as an alterative, stimulant, nervine tonic and rejuvenator. Indicated for invigorating brain, heart, lungs, intestines, etc. Its regular use prevents the wrinkles of skin, greying of skin, greying of hair due to old age. Also used in rheumatic fever.

Upto 3 years - 30 mg. with Honey.
Upto 10 years - 65 mg. with honey.
Above 16 years - 125 mg. with honey.

10 tab.

Charak Fortyfitt Tablet Ayurvedic Medicine

In your 40s and beyond, fitness tends to take on a new shape. Exercise routines you once found merely challenging may become painful or even impossible by the time you're 40, 50, or 60. Hence use fortyfitt tablets to be younger in the age of 40.

Fortyfitt Tablet Benefits :
  • Fortyfitt Tablets boosts sexual interest and potency
  • Fortyfitt Tablets increases energy levels.
  • Fortyfitt Tablets increases muscle mass and strength
  • Fortyfitt Tablets reduces the risk of CAD and hypertension
  • Fortyfitt Tablets improves cognitive function
Fortyfitt Tablet Dosage : Adult : 1 Fortyfitt tablet twice daily.

Fortyfitt Tablets Indications : As a General Tonic for Forty plus