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Pepcer Capsule Benefits

Pepcer Capsule Benefits are

  • Stimulates mucous secrection & collagen activity at the base of ulcer.
  • Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule is effective in Gastric & duodenal ulcer.
  • Forms a protective coating over ulcer creates & reduces haemorrahages.
  • Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule relieves anxiety & Normalises acid secrection.
  • No Constipation or Diarrhoea.
  • Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule has no Chalky or Gritty taste.
Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule is a Turning point in burning problems of Ulcer.

Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule contains Asparagus Racemosus ( Shatavari ).

The ulcer healing effect of shatavari in Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule is due to its direct healing effect…. Via strengthening the mucosal resistance or cytoprotection.

Alarsin Sooktyn Tablets

Sooktyn Tablets  provides quick & predictable results in hyperacidity syndrome, gastritis, duodenal & gastric Ulcers.

Sooktyn Benefits:

  • Detoxicates the digestive tract.
  • Free from drawbacks of current synthetic drugs, antacids, H2 blocking agents etc.
  • Exerts beneficial effect on the central regulatory mechanism.
  • Sooktyn is having liver corrective, digestive, mild sedative, anti-spasmodic and soothing properties, apart from antacid properties.
  • Exerts action throughout the length of the gut and allows thorough elimination of unabsorbed residues and assures normal peristalsis.

Sooktyn Indications:

  • Hyperacidity
  • In Pregnancy: Morning sickness, Nausea, Vomiting, Excessive salivation, Heart burn. 
  • Flatulence
  • Vomiting 
  • Dyspepsia
  • Nausea
  • In Liver diseases: to complement and potentiate selected line of treatment, sluggish liver.
  • Heart burn
  • In Dental Practice: Oral acidity, indigestion and acidity due to masticating difficulties, due to wearing of Dentures and Appliances.
  • Gastro-cardiac symptoms
  • Duodenal and Gastric ulcers
  • Gastric irritation and erosion.
  • Children: Gripe symptoms, Loss of apetite, Hard stool.
  • As adjuvant to: analgesics, anti-biotics, anti-inflammatory drugs etc., to minimize the side effects like gastric irritation and loss of appetite etc.

Sooktyn Dosages:

  • 2 tablets 3 to 4 times a day between meals.
  • In severe & acute symptoms: 3 to 6 tablets mixed with water, in a single dose. Dose can be repeated as and when required till symptoms subside.
  • In children: 1/2 to 1 tablet mixed with water or milk 3-4 times a day.
Packaging: A bottle of 100 tablets.

Vyas Muktajem Tablet

Muktajem Tablet
This is an unique Ayurvedic formulation for Acidity & Biliary Disorders.

Special Features :
  • Helps in controlling hyper acidity & biliary disorders.
  • Regulates binary secretion.
  • Helps in peptic ulcer healing.
  • Good calcium supplement. 
Indications : Peptic ulcer, stomatities & biliary disorders.

Dosage- Take 2 tablet thrice a day with water or as directed by the physician.

Baidyanath Dhatri Lauh

Active ingredients
Amalaki, Lauh Bhasma, Yashtimadhu

Baidyanath Dhatri Lauh Action and Therapeutic Uses
Antacid, Stomachic & Haemitinic, Indicated in hyperacidity, abdominal, colic, gartric ulcers, anaemia & dyspepsia. Specific remedy for obesity.

1 to 2 tabs. with honey twice a day.

Packings : 40 tabs. & 20 tabs.

Baidyanath Sangeyashav Pishti

Sangeyashav Pishti -  Active ingredients
Prepared from Sangeyashav (Purified), Aloe Vera.

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Used as a cardiac tonic. Also used in loss of appetite & general debility.

250 mg. to 500 mg. with honey twice a day.

5 gm.

Baidyanath Prawal Pishti

Active ingredients
Prepared from Prawal & Gulab Jal.

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Antacid. Indicated in cough, pulmonary haemorrhage & tuberclosis, calcium deficiency.

Adult - 250 mg. to 500 mg. with milk or honey twice a day.
Chlildren - 65 mg. to 125 mg. with milk or honey twice a day.

2.5 gm., 5 gm. & 10 gm.

Baidyanath Muktashukti Pishti

Active ingredients
Prepared from muktashukti & gulab jal.

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Acts as antacid, antispasmodic, Indicated in respiratory troubles. Pittajwara, Raktaroga jwara, Udarashula. Effective in netradah, amlapitta, Herat ailments, leucorrhea.

Adults : 250 mg. to 500 mg. with honey.
Children : 1/4 of the adult dose with honey.


5 gm. & 10 gm.

Baidyanath Moti Pishti

Active ingredients
Prepared from Mukta (Pearl or Moti) & Gulab jal.

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Indicated in Hyperacidity, asthma & in calcium deficiency.

125 mg. to 250 mg. with honey or milk twice a day.

500 mg. & 1 gm.

Baidyanath Akik Pishti

Active ingredients
Akik (Purified) with Gulabjal.

Reference / Text
Ayurved sar sangrah

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Indicated in Rakta Pitta, Cardiac tonic. Useful in Liver, Spleen disorders.

125 mg. to 375 mg. with honey twice a day.

10 gm. and 5 gm.

Baidyanath Kaharva Pishti

Active ingredients
Kaharava (Purified) processed as per text.

Reference / Text
Ayurved saar sangrah

Action and Therapeutic Uses
Relieves problems associated with pitta dosha. Invigorates heart, indicated in piles, Vomiting, blood dysentry. Used locally as a powerful antiseptic.

125 mg. to 250 mg. with honey or water.

2.5 gm.

Charak Alsarex Tablets

Alsarex Tablets

Benefits of Alsarex Tablets
  • Fast relief of ulcer pain
  • Reduces hypersecretion of acid and neutralizes excessive acid
  • Relieves nausea, vomiting and acid.
  • Accelerates ulcer healing
  • Safe for long-term use
  • No interactions with other drugs.
What to do
The consumption of orange juice, ripe bananas and raisins are recommended.
Leafy vegetables, tomato, bitter gourd, pumpkin and variety is recommended.
The consumption of mung butter, honey, butter, in a balanced amount recommended.
The practice of gentle exercise and morning walk.

Avoid oily and spicy fried foods.
Avoid too much physical and mental effort.
Avoid food recipes causing constipation.