Baidyanath Ayurvedic Medicine Products

World's leading Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturer

1) Baidyanath Proprietary Medicines

2) Baidyanath Bati, Pills or Tablets. (Pills are widely used because they provide a convenient method for administering. They retain their effect & activities for a longer time)

3) Baidyanath Churna, Powders (The dry substances such as roots, leaves or barks of fresh plants are reduced to fine powders & mixed together to form churnas.)

4) Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhasmas (Bhasmas are preparations in which metals after purification are calcined to their oxide or sulphide form while pishtis are preparations in which they are treated with rose water and dried.)

5) Baidyanath Kupipakwa Rasayans (Kupipakwa Rasayanas are preparations obtained from purified mercury and sulphur in fire proof bottles with "Valuka Yantras" by a special process. These Rasayans are generally administered with honey, ghee, butter, etc.)

6) Baidyanath Guggulu ( In Ayurvedic system of medicine "Guggul" have special importance for the treatment of "Nervine-Rheumatic-Diseases". They are of five types. Both new as well as old guggulu are used in the manufacturing of medicines for different types of Rheumatic troubles.)

7) Baidyanath Lauh and Mandoor ( Lauh and Mandoor are the preparations of iron of which mandoor is considered as milder in its action. Lauh & Mandoor are effective medicines in iron deficiency states because of their haematinic properties. Lauh & Mandoor are tonic in action & provide the essential iron wihch is required for good health & growth of the body.)

8) Baidyanath Ras Rasayanas (These are preparations containing purified mercury & sulphur with other herbal ingredients. As the compound a Ras Rasayana is called Kajjali. Ras Rasayanas are generally made into pills to facilitate the proportion of dise)
9) Baidyanath Medicated Oils (Tel or Taila)
10) Baidyanath Avleh and Pak
11) Baidyanath Ghritas (Ghee Preparation)
12) Baidyanath Asava/Aristhas/Kwath (Medicated Wines)