Tulsi Benefits

Tulsi is a well known plant and has many medicinal properties.

Tulsi Benefits are

  • Tulsi extract juice helps to prevent epileptic fits by opening channels.
  • Useful in Epilepsy attacks - If an attack makes one unconscious, grind 11 leaves of basil, add a pinch of salt to it and instill a few drops of this juice in the nostrils of the patient. Keep the blossoms of tulsi inside the fold of your hanky every time. At the time of attack smell the blossom deeply.
  • Tulsi leaves are a nerve tonic and also sharpen memory.
  • Tulsi improves memory by stimulating the activity of brain.
  • It helps in forgetfulness, state of mental confusion and excitement (delirium).
  • Tulsi when administered to mentally retarded children, they showed improvement in their behavior.
  • Tulsi leaves promote the removal of the catarrh matter and phlegm from the bronchial tube.
  • The leaves strengthen the stomach and induce copious perspiration. The seed of the plant are mucilaginous.
  • Tulsi itself generates the electrical energy to counteract many nervous and psycho-physiological ailments.
  • Eugenol and the essential oils of tulsi have observed to possess membrane stabilizing properties on synaptosomes, erythrocytes and mast cells which account for the therapeutic potentials of tulsi in the management of neurological (epilepsy), inflammatory and allergic disorders.
  • Rubbing Tulsi juice over your body everyday after taking bath makes your skin better.
  • Tulsi even helps in diseases of brain like viral encephalitis.
  • As a brain tonic use 2 gm tulsi leaves with 5 black pepper and 4 almonds with honey.
  • Researchers from India noted that solvents extracts of holy basil were effective in preventing tonic convulsions induced by trans-corneal electroshock.
  • Tulsi leaves reduces fever and works as an anti-fever medicine.