Suprada Capsule Benefits

Suprada Capsule Benefits are

  • Benefits the mother and helps better growth of child
  • Supplements natural calcium and iron for easy assimilation.
  • Ayulabs Suprada Capsule builds neonatal resistance against common infections.
  • Increase weight of mammary glands
  • Ayulabs Suprada Capsule promotes involution of uterus and abdominal muscles.
In Pre and Post Natal Care. Ayulabs Suprada Capsule stimulates Galactagogue Action and increase Lactation.

Ayulabs Suprada Capsule contains Asparagus Racemosus ( Shatavari ).

“Ayulabs Suprada Capsule is an Antioxytocic, galactaogogue, nutritive and tonic.” – Indian Materia Medica.