Psoriasis Ayurvedic Medicine

Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Psoriasis are

  • Mahatikta ghrit - 2tsp with warm water twice a day
  • Arogyavardhini vati - 2 tablets thrice a day
  • Kutajghan vati  - 1 tablet thrice a day
  • Khadirarista  - 3tsp with water twice a day
  • 777 oil - for external application
  • Kaishore Guggulu - 2 tablets thrice a day (kaishore Guggul is useful in treating difficult conditions of psoriasis)

Other Ayurvedic Medicines for Psoriasis are

  • Gandhak Rasayan
  • Psorolin ointment and soap
  • Sarivadyasava
  • Mahamanjistharistha
  • Panchtiktaghrit Guggulu
  • Manasa mitra vatakam

Neem For Psoriasis

  • Neem has enormous potential of purifying blood.
  • Neem leaf extracts are used in antiseptics and can be effectively used in treating dryness of skin, psoriasis.
  • It is one among the best blood purifier and detoxifier known to Ayurveda.
  • Neem enhances immune system.
  • Neem oil is an antiseptic in itself.
  • It destroys fungus and bacteria and is best for almost all kinds of skin diseases including redness of skin and itching.
  • Products made by neem are - Neem Capsules, Nimba Churna, Neem Soaps, Nimb ghan Vati tablets.
Note: Ayurvedic treatment of psoriasis and eczema utilizes a three-pronged strategy taking into account the diet, lifestyle and medicines. Along with the application of medicines, the person also needs to control his diet and lifestyle to attain maximum results of psoriasis/eczema treatment.