Psora Capsule & Ointment Benefits

Psora Capsule & Ointment Benefits are

  • Psora Capsule is beneficial in Psoriasis.
  • Ayulabs Psora Capsule facilitates tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Ideal Non - Steroidal, Anti - Allergic, Anti - Fungal, Anti - Protozoal, Anti - Bacterial.
  • Ayulabs Psora Capsule reduces Erythema, Plaque formation & Scaling.
  • Relieves Pruritus & Itching.
  • Significantly reduces Inflammed lesions.
Get free from skin disorders by using Psora Capsules & Ointment. Ayulabs Psora Capsule is the Result Oriented combination.

Ayulabs Psora Capsule contains Psoralia Corylofolia ( Bavchi Oil ).