Point Capsule Benefits

Point Capsule Benefits are

  • Beneficial in Blood Clotting.
  • Ayulabs Point Capsule enhance Fibrin clot formation.
  • Stops bleeding by construction wounded blood vessels.
  • When every drop of blood counts, Ayulabs Point Capsule prevents Menorrhagia, Haemorrhoids, Epistaxis, Haemoptysis, After surgery and Bleeding Gums.
  • Ayulabs Point Capsule strengthens capillaries, restores haemostasis.
  • Enhances the Natural process of clotting.
Ayulabs Point Capsule contains Godanti Bhasma and corallium rubrum ( Praval Bhasma ).

“Ayulabs Point Capsule is useful in menorrhagia, check microvascular, haemorrhage and is in all types of haemorrhage.”