Neogard Drops Benefits

Neogard Drops Benefits are

  • Ayulabs Neogard Drops relaxes smooth muscles, reduces colic.
  • Controles sudden abdominal discomfort.
  • Ayulabs Neogard Drops normalises gastric motility.
  • Corrects constipation, diarrhea.
  • Ayulabs Neogard Drops helps expulsion of gas.
When Safety is prime concern for delicate patients, Abdominal Colics due to indigestion, crying Spells, Flatulence, dyspepsia and regurgitation due to lactose intolerance can be prevented using Ayulabs Neogard Drops.

Ayulabs Neogard Drops contains Peucedanum Graveolens (Satpushp).

Ayulabs Neogard Drops is Carminative, Stomachic, aromatic, stimulate, diuretic, resolvent, emmenagogue and galactagogue, much used in flatulence, hiccup, colic and abdominal pain in children and in adult. – Indian Materia Medica.