Ayurvedic Medicines for Allergic Rhinitis

Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Allergic Rhinitis are

  1. Sitopaladi churna
  2. Yasthimadhu churna
  3. Praval pisthi
  4. Sutshekhar ras
  5. Drakshsava
  6. Amrutharishta
  7. Sudarsanasava
  8. Dashmool Qwath
  9. Indukantham qwath
  10. Laxmi vilas ras
  11. Chitrak Haritaki
  12. Eladi Bati
  13. Sinocare Churna

Some common home remedies for allergic rhinitis are

  • A slice of ginger, pepper and cardamom can be added while preparing tea. Dried ginger can be also added to coffee without milk and taken.
  • Have a diet rich in vitamin C and vitamin B
  • Mix honey with half the amount of lemon juice and take the mixture early in the morning for few weeks.
  • Pouring two to three drops of coconut oil into the nostrils at bedtime could provide relief.
  • On a pastry board grind 4-6 black pepper seeds. Add a teaspoon of honey and mix it thoroughly. Taking this paste several times a day relieves cough.
  • Almonds are a good remedy for cough. Soak about 10-15 kernels in water overnight. After removing the brown skin grind the softened kernels into a fine paste. Add 20 gms of butter and sugar to this paste. Eating this paste in the morning and evening gets rid of cough. This remedy especially comes handy in case your are suffering from a dry cough
  • Take about 10 grams of each of long pepper, dried ginger, holy basil leaves. Add 4-6 small cardamoms and grind to yield a fine powder. Consuming this powder with equal amount of honey relieves cough.
Diet in Allergic Rhinitis : Eat a balanced diet of fresh foods, red, green, black, yellow, orange color foods every day. In Asia, it is considered that if you eat 30 kinds of foods a day can keep you healthy.