Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops 15 ml

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops is useful in
  • Various eye problems
  • Cataract
  • General eye disorders
Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops Usage : Put 1-1 drop in each eye and keep it for 1-2 minutes. Then wash after sometime.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops are very much beneficial in all kinds of eye disorders.

Patanjali drishti eye drop - among the five sensory organs, eyes are the most beautiful sensory organs we have, that also have the capability of vision. The kapha eyes are usually large and clear with thick lashes. The pitta eyes are sharp, penetrating and sensitive and are prone to itchiness or redness, while with vata predominance are small nervous and dry.

The aggravation of kapha dosha causes dull eyes, while an increase in vata leads to dryness.

The aggravation of pitta dosha due to stress, smoke or pollution leads to red sore eyes.

Fatigue and insufficient or irregular sleep causes tense or blood shot eyes. Alochak pitta is responsible for maintaining eyesight and it weakens with age. Proper care for the eyes is one preventive measure that helps.

Product description

Drishti eye drop is a unique researche based product of patanjali ayurved limited. Which was brought to a success by an efficient team of research scholars and doctors under visionary guidance of p.P swami ram dev ji and p.P. Acharya balkrishna ji.

Drishti eye drop is a powerful antiseptic solution which gives a colling and soothing effects on eyes without any harmful effect on eye tissue. It helps controlling the cataract improves vision and its prolonged use helps keeping away all eyes problem. It balances the doshas and thus keeps the eyes healthy. The drop may cause irritation to the eyes while using but keeping the eyes closed for 2-3 minutes will help reducing the irritation. However the irritation does not cause any harm to the eyes. (please refer toxicity study).

Composition - each 10 ml contains
Shwet pyaz rasa (allium cepa) : 1.68 ml
Adark rasa (zingiber officinale): 1.66 ml
Nimbu rasa (citrus aurantifolia): 1.66 ml
Shahad (honey): 5.0 ml
Preservative benzalkonium chloride i.P.

Toxicity & safety study:

Toxicity & safety study was conducted at a premier institute of india (sri ram institute for industrial research, new delhi) and following observation were recorded.

In acute toxicity: the sample of ‘drishti eye drop’ was found to be ‘non – irritant’ to the eyes and its associated mucosa of the rabbits.

In chronic toxicity:
  • 28 days of repeated dose eye irritation study in rabbits did not induced any observable toxic effect.
  • no observable adverse effect (no ael) >0.3 ml was found when compared to its control counterpart.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops ingredients

It conatins Onion, Honey, Lemon & Ginger.

Contraindications :- It should not be used by the person having eyes operation.