Mahamanjisthadi Kwath - Blood Purifier

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath for Skin - This bitter formula directly clears heat from the plasma and blood. When pitta overflows into the tissues it can irritate the skin and manjisthadi clears these inflammatory toxins from the site of bhrajaka kapha. It clears heat by cleaning the liver, purifying the blood, increasing diuresis and promoting bowel movements. These actions combine to reduce itching, redness and swelling. Especially useful in stubborn conditions where there are chronic lesions that have become deep-seated into the muscle tissue with purpurea, itching, lichenification, scarring and desquamation. Used in chronic eczema, psoriasis, acne, acne rosacea, systemic lupus erythematosus and vitiligo.

Baidyanath Mahamanjisthadi Kwath is a Blood purifier, Immunomodulator. Baidyanath Mahamanjisthadi Kwath is highly recommended for improving skin disorders including neurodermatosis, rheumatoid diseases, edema of the feet, numbness, lipid metabolism.

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Ingredients :

Baidyanath Mahamanjisthadi Kwath consists of Indian madder, Utgrass, Telicherry tree, Tinospora,Costus, Ginger, Clerodendrum, Yellow nightshade, Sweet flag, Neem, Turmeric, Barberry, Chebulic myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Beleric myrobalan, Picrorhiza, Frangipani vine, Embelia, Malabar kino, Red plumbago, Wild asparagus, Bacopa, Snake gourd, Long pepper, Malabar nut, False daisy, Ailanthus, Pata root,Cutch tree, Sandalwood, Solanum, Sacred garlic pear, Transparent woodrose, Malay tea, Indian laburnam, Indian coral tree, Indian beech, Coleus, Bitter apple, Indian stinging nettle, Indian sarsparilla, Oldenlandia, Atis root.

Mahamanjisthadi Kvath Dosage

1 Tbsp. / 15 ml. of Baidyanath Mahamanjisthadi Kwath mixed with 2 Tbsp. /3 0 ml. water twice daily.