Patanjali distributorship

Business Opportunities with Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd.

  • Self-independence of India from Swadeshi.
  • To promote Indian product.
  • Make a largest retail chain in all over India both rural and urban market
  • To Provide reasonable price for farmers
  • To fulfil the demand of customers across the India on reasonable price.
  • To Support Indian industries by creating demands of Swadeshi products.
  • To generate employment for youth, skilled/unskilled and professionals.
  • To establish Ayurveda and create biggest market chain for herbal products.
  • To Strengthen Indian economy by replacing foreign products with Swadeshi products.

  • Reach every home by 2012 with Swadeshi and quality products.
  • To open 175 Super distributors, 1500 Distributors with largest number of Retail outlets across India to ensure Swadeshi products for everyone.
  • To open 1 lacs Swadeshi seva kendra in rural India by SHG with the help of TSI (Territory sales in-charge) which would be a milestone in the history of rural Retail market.


  1. We will give priority to those applicant who is already involved in distribution with other FMCG companies from last 3 years and has good infrastructure and chain of retailers.
  2. To be capable of handling a turnover of Rs.50 lacs per month.
  3. Minimum Godown area required 3000 to 5000 sq. ft.
  4. Have 2 vehicles for carrying goods with 2MT capacity each.
  5. Have commitment to SWADESHI.
  6. Should have the ability to work in adverse condition with full motivation, power, positivity and devotion.
  7. We will give the priority to the associate members of PYP if he/she is eligible.
Profit margin:
– 5% up to the sales of Rs.50 lakhs per month.
- 5% up to the sales of Rs.50 lakhs and additional 1% on the amount of sales above Rs.50 lakhs upto Rs.1 crore per month
- 5% up to the sales of Rs.50 lakhs and additional 1% on the amount of sales above Rs.50 lakhs upto Rs.1 crore and another 0.5% on the amount of sales above 1 crore per month.


1. The application for Distributor should be on the Letter head of the Party and it should be signed by Prop/ all the Partners. The application should bear the date.

2. The Partnership deed should not bear the names of the Patanjali Ayurved Limited (PAL) OR Divya Pharmacy (DP) or its associate or subsidiary Companies.

3. The applicant for Distributorship should not be a Company.

4. The following documents are required to be enclosed for the Distributorship

(a) The Application

(b) If the firm is a proprietary Concern affidavit duly signed by the Proprietor

(c) Photo Copy of the partnership deed duly notarized if the applicant is a partnership firm

(d) Xerox Copies of the property deeds in the name of the Proprietor/ Partners.

(e) Latest balance sheet.

(f) Latest property valuation from a recognized property assessor.

(g) If no properties is available in the name of the Prop/ partners the Guarantee bond is required to be submitted as per the draft on RS 50/-Stamp paper The enclosed Guarantee bond format contains the instructions in bold letters which needs to be deleted in the Guarantee bond.

5. (Rs-4 lacs credit+ Rs-1 lacs security) total Rs-5 lacs security for District level distributorship and Rs. 30 to 50 lacs as working capital

(Rs-1 lacs credit+ Rs-1 lacs security) total Rs-2 lacs security for Tehsil level distributorship and Rs. 10 to 20 lacs as working capital.

6. He must have a Godown of the area 3000 to 5000 sq. ft in suitable location.