Gokhru Benefits

Gokhru or Gokshura is a wonder herb useful in Urinary & Reproductive disorders.

Gokhru Benefits are

Gokhru (Fruit) for Urinary Disorders

Bladder or kidney infections, renal colic, kidney stones, urinary retention, cloudy urination, haematuria. It has a direct affinity for the urine channels as well as brain and muscle tissues. It soothes the urinary tract membranes and promotes urination. Gokshura is specific for prostate problems, urinary retention or obstructed urinary flow.

Gokhru (Aerial parts and fruit) for Reproductive Disorders

As a tonic herb with a sweet post-digestive effect it nourishes the semen increasing virility, fertility, sperm production, and lactation. It rejuvenates the reproductive system, especially the uterus and the gonads. Used in infertility and impotence where there is an obstruction due to  vata or kapha in the reproductive tissue. Its saponin and flavonoid content act as hormonal precursors. Protodioscin is converted to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and thus enhances sexual function.

Gokhru (Fruit) for Nerves

Useful in all vata aggravations of the nervous system. It draws all three doshas downwards and can treat headaches, hives, itchy skin and eye inflammations. Its harmala alkaloid content has MAO inhibitor activity, which can be utilised for psychological and nervous imbalances to enhance the balance of serotonin in the brain.

Gokhru (Fruit) for Skin

Gokshura or Gokhru is very useful for stopping itching in the skin caused by  vata or kapha obstructing the muscle, blood or plasma. A specific herb for lesions on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet.