Baba Ramdev Divya Shilajeet Rasayana Vati

Shilajeet Rasayana Vati 40 gm. produced by swami ramdev's divya pharmacy.

Divya Shilajeet Rasayana Vati benefits are:
  1. Shilajeet is helpful in various types of skin ailments.
  2. Shilajeet has anti oxidant properties.
  3. Shilajeet benefits in Oligospermia, and male infertility.
  4. Shilajeet is also beneficial in Impotency in males.
  5. Helps in the increasing the Rasa Dhatu therefore it builds up the immunity of the body.
  6. Shilajeet increases sperm count.
  7. Helps accelerate processes of protein and nuclei acid metabolism and stimulates energy providing reactions.
  8. Lowers down the blood cholesterol levels in the blood stream.
  9. Shilajeet is known to produces positive effect on Vatavahini Nadi (nervous system), kidneys and channels which carry Virya (semen).
  10. This is also found to be useful in night fall swapnadosha, prameha (obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes) and leucorrhoea.
  11. Helps in the decreasing down the pain and inflammation in arthritic condition.
  12. Shilajeet is also used for the treatment of varicose vein.
  13. Shilajeet is a very effective medicine for allergy, cold, cough, weakness. Etc.
  14. Shilajeet is a good source of various minerals and thus helps in the promotion of production of red blood cells.
  15. Shilajeet is beneficial in erectile dysfunction.
  16. Shilajeet is also found to be having astringent and anti – inflammatory properties.
  17. Benefits in jaundice.
  18. Shilajeet also regulates the neurotransmitters in the brain this helps in the relieving of joint pain.
  19. Shilajeet is beneficial in diabetes.
  20. Can also be used for the treatment of painful bleeding piles.
  21. Shilajeet is very effective in treating the burning urine, incontinence of urine due to the enlarged prostate or stone in bladder or kidney.
  22. Also when consumed regularly brings about the prevention of blood pressure.
  23. Shilajeet is also known to be aphrodisiac.
  24. Brings about regulation in the properties of kidney functioning.
  25. Benefits in various types of genital disorders.
  26. Helps in maintaining the balanced flow of testosterone and a healthy urine flow.
  27. Counteracts Diabetes and regulates the blood sugar level.
  28. It helps in increasing the resistance of the body against diseases.
  29. Vata-alleviating, therefore this is a promoter of strength and the quantity of semen.
This is one of the most powerful anti - aging substance and rejuvenator known to mankind. The ancient medical literature attributes many health benefits to Shilajeet known as "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness." Shilajeet increases the core energy responsible for your sexual and spiritual power. Therefore is commonly referred to as Indian Viagra. Purifies blood, Improve functioning of pancreas and strengthen digestion. Shilajeet promotes the movement of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium into muscle tissues and bones. Stimulates the immune system and improves restoration (recovery) after exercise. Helps counteract debility and general fatigue.

Shilajeet is known as the best Rasayan to known to be making the body healthy. It cures all chronic disease like diabetes, obesity & weakness due to it. It gives energy to the body. It is effective medicine for cold, cough, allergy, asthma, weakness of lungs T.B. weakness of liver, Physical weakness, Dhatus roga’s, diabetes etc.

Shilajeet Rasayana Vati ingredients are: Shilajatu, Ashwagandha, Bhumyamalaki or Bhumi Amala, Triphala (collective name for Haritaki, Bibhitaki & Amalaka), etc.

Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets can be taken twice a day in morning and evening. This must be taken with pomegranate juice, or lukewarm milk and water.