Charak Ojus Tablets

Ojus Tablets Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine The complete Digestive Aid
Ojus Tablets Benefits :
  1. Fast relief of symptoms of belching, bloating and indigestion within 15 minutes of its consumption.
  2. No known contra-indication unlike antacids and anti-flatulents.
  3. Stimulates body's natural supply of digestive enzymes
  4. Free from sodium and chalky taste.
  5. Safe and it can be taken even for a long period of time to ensure long lasting effect.
  6. Not habit forming.
Ojus Tablets Indications :
  1. Symptoms of dyspepsia – Indigestion, flatulence, heartburn.
  2. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  3. Constipation