Pippali (Long Pepper) Properties and Benefits

Pippali also known as 'Krishna', 'Magadhi', 'chapali' grows in the warm regions of India. The Royal dictionary explain about its four species but only small pippali and big pippali are in practice. The Big Pippali is imported from Indonesia, Malaya and Singapore. The small pippali is abundantly available in India. Pippali flower blooms during rainy season. This creeper gets filled with fruits during autumn.  Its root is available in the market in the name of "Pippali moola".

Other Names of Pippali (Long Pepper)
Family name - Piperaceae
Latin name - Piper longum Linn
English - Long Pepper
Sanskrit - Pippali, Vaidehi, Magadhi
Hindi - Peepal
Gujarati - Peepal
Bengali - Bayan phal
Telugu - pippul
Marathi - Pipalee
Arabic - Dar Phil-Phil
Punjabi - Maghaam
Farsi - Phil-Phil Daraj
Tamil - Tipil

Chemical Constituents of Long Pepper
The Long pepper (pippali) contains essence of Ether, piperin flavored oil, pipalatin, cysenin and also Pipalastiril. Steroids and Glycosides like piperlongminin, piperin pipalertin are also available in the Pippali.

Branches or sub roots spreads in to the land and grows extensively.  Its value is high when its root is strong and hefty. The root is tendered than the pippali, very potent and a stimulant. This is a sophisticated parasitic, cluster creeper grows separately or along with other plants on the land. Its branches are tiny having hairy follicles. Its heart shaped leaves similar to beetle leaves appears glossy, tender with 2-4 inch width and 2-4 inch long having single rib.  At the edge it is very sharp. The leaf contains 5 clear lines.The 2 lines at the central part join at the edges. Side lines extend till the middle and ends.  Its flower’s are single gendered    and bloom at different branches.  The pods are very long in shape and appear similar to water pippali pods, having pale red color. After drying, it turns in to black color. Its root is very strong and when crushed the internal parts are white in color.

Medicinal Use of Pippali (Long Pepper)

[1] Take equal parts of Pippali, Drumstick, liquorice root, make powder. Take two grams of powder and fry in the butter, obtained from cow milk, then filter it. Sniffing it repels head ache.

[2] Mix pippali with water and apply as ointment for relief from headache.

Filtered powder of pippali root at 1-3 grams dose with sugar candy or double the dose with jaggery twice a day, digestive disorders are rectified and helps in good sleep.

Epilepsy / Delirium
Make powder of equal parts of Pippali and Vasaca. Take 2-3 gram dose regularly either with milk or hot water to repel epilepsy or delirium.

Night Blindness
Benefits from the condition, if it is applied to eye as collyrium.

[1] Make Pippali’s powder and apply it in to eyes. This controls vision problem and night blindness.

[2] Churn 1 part of Pippali, 2 parts of Chebula myrobalan  softly in the water make wicks and keep it in to the eyes and get relief in conjunctivitis and oozing eyes.

[3] To get beneficial cure from night blindness, churn pippali in to the cow urine, apply it to eyes as collyrium.

Powder of 1-2 grams of Pippali mixed with rock salt, Turmeric and mustard oil may be kept on the teeth to avert toothache.

The incense of pippali on the fire to be passed on in to the ear to get relief from ear pain.

Pippali, root of Pippali, Pepper, dry ginger are to be powdered and take 2 grams dose with honey to be licked or mix honey in the pippali decoction and consume to get relief from colds.

[1] 1 gram of Pippali powder, 2 parts of honey, to be licked for relief from, respiratory disorders, hiccups, sour voice, spleen problems.

[2] Mix 1 gram of Pippali churna with Triphala, consume thrice a day in empty stomach in the morning and evening and before food in the afternoon with honey to rid of Hiccups, respiratory phlegm, fever and cold problems.

[3] Good results can be obtained for respiratory disorders if the pippali roots powder mixed with honey licked thrice a day.

[4] For cough, respiratory problems, vomiting take mixture of Pipali, Amla, drumstick, Bamboo salt, sugar candy, Lac in equal parts thrice a day for 10 to 15 days.

[5] For Hiccups, respiratory and vomiting problems, take pippali powder along with 300 mg of Peacock feather ash along with honey thrice a day. This gives relief from Hiccups.

[6] Fry Pippali in sesame oil and mix sugar candy.  Take ½ to 1 grams, and mix with 10ml decoction made from Sanumjac and consume for relief from Phlegm related cough.

[7] Equal parts of Vibhitaki, Pippali, root of Pippali, dry gin-ger to be mixed and powdered. Lick this at 3 gms. dose thrice with honey for relief from chronic coughs.

[8] Fry Pippali powder in ghee, mix rock salt and honey and consume to get relief from phlegm associated with cough.

[1]  Consuming 2 grams of pippali fruit powder and Asparagus allows good lactation for the women in child bed.

[2] Give equal parts of pippali, dry ginger, Emblica powder mix 3 grams with jaggery along with milk and ghee to child bearing mothers for good lactation.

[1] Constipation and heart problems can be controlled quickly if equal parts of Pippali root and small Elachi powdered to 3 grams, consumed along with ghee in the morning and evening.

[2] Pippali powder, wild citron powder, lemon root powder to be mixed and 3 gms. of this along with Arjuna decoction is consumed, several heart related pains can be controlled.

[3] Pippali powder taken in 1 gram dose, along with honey in the mornings reduces cholesterol and weakness of heart.

[1] Mix sugar with pippali and Licorice powder in equal parts, take 3 gram dose adding wild citron juice in water and consume, to get relief from hic-cups.

[2] Consume 1 dose of equal parts of pippali powder and  sugar along with water also helps.

Spasms in the stomach can be reduced if the mixture of pippali root powder, milk and Adathoda vasaca is consumed with water.

Long pepper, Indian hemp (cannabis) and dry ginger mix in equal parts and taken 2 grams with honey twice before food helps.

Chronic dysentery could be controlled with 2 gms. of well churned pippali with goat milk or cow milk. But only if taken with empty stom-ach in the mornings.

1 spoon dose of churned pippali and emblica with hot water in the morning and evening is effective in stomach pain, entwined pain and severe loose motion problems.

Consumption of 1 dose of 2grams of Pippali mixed with 2grams of Saltpetre (potassium nitrate) with hot waster cures stomach pain.

Take 1 part of Pippali, 1 part of dry zinger and 1 part of pepper and churn it softly and take one spoon powder in hot water regularly for few hours for relief from disorders of stomach.

Incase of Vitiligo, dyspepsia and loss of virility take 1 part of honey, 2 parts of ghee, 4 parts of Pippali, 8 parts of sugar candy, 32 parts of milk, cardamom, Elachi, Xanthochymum leaf, Mesua fer 6-6 parts.  Churn all the ingredients and make a laddu like round ball and eat every day.  This can be taken with increased dose of ghee and sugar candy.

Mix equal parts of pippali, cumin seeds, kooth, and cow dung with Rice gruel churn gently to make paste and apply to get benefit.  This can be done only at the primary stages.  If this crosses the beginning stages than no other way is available except going for a surgery.

[1] Liver enlargement can be effectively controlled if 2 to 4 grams of Pippali with 1 spoon of honey taken regularly in the morning and evening.

[2] The Pippali decoction relieves phlegm and heaviness. Controls vatha, kapha related deceases because it is heat based. This also controls fever and spleen.  Boil 3 grams of Pippali in 1 gram of water, and finally add 1 spoon of honey consume in the morning and evening.

Mixture of jaggery and Pippali 250 grams, cow ghee 1 kg to be boiled in shim flame. Put it down when only ghee is assimilated. If one spoon of this ghee is applied daily thrice, indigestion gets controlled.

[1] 1 spoon of Pippali powder, equally fired cumin seed, little rock salt mixed in buttermilk is consumed during mornings with empty stomach gives relief to Piles patients.

[2] Mix equal parts of Pippali, rock salt, kooth, Occasia (Sirisa) seeds and make powder, and combine this with Cactus, milk or Goat milk and apply this as ointment. Piles and hemorrhoids get shrunken. The milk of Cactus shows serious effect on the hemorrhoids and hence proper care is to be taken while applying it.

[1] Equal parts of Pippali, dry zinger, Pepper, Mesua fer to be taken and churned to powder. Barren women will conceive, if this is mixed with ghee and eaten along with milk.

[2] Burning, uterus related inconveniences get subsides with this.  Application of this medicine is very beneficial for internal secretor glandular (hormonal) imbalances and excessive pain during menstrual periods. Consumption of this medicine is to be continued in the morning and evenings for two to three months.

To reduce delivery pains and for easy delivery, mix 3 grams of pippali and 3 grams of  casia aleta(lotus), and boil this in 400 grams of water. After it comes to 100 grams, filter it and mix honey or Assafoetida and give to pregnant. More pains occur and ensures speedy and easy delivery.  This cold decoction is to be given to the mother in the child bed for the placenta membrane to fall out easily.

Progeny desease:
Benefit can be seen if pippali powder mixed with ghee is given, to stop over bleeding after delivery.

[1] Siddha Taila made out of Pippali and dry zinger is to be applied to get relief from the Sciatica pain.

[2] Excellent results can be seen when the mixture of  3 grams of pippali powder, cow urine 100 grams, caster oil 100 grams is given to consume twice a day.

[3] Mix ½ a spoon of pippali pow-der, 2 spoons of caster oil and consume regularly in the morning and evening to get cure from Sciatica.

Churn pippali well and apply at the venomous bite spot, for relief and to get normalcy.

Pippali along with honey is given to treat labor fever, viral fever, joint pains, and fever with phlegm. A ½ spoon dose of pippali powder is to be consumed regularly in the morning and evening. This is an easy and best idea.

Pediatric deseases:
[1] During falling of teeth for children 1 gram of pippali with 5 grams of honey is to be applied on the gums.  The teeth fall with out troubling them.

[2] 125 mg of big pippali churned powder given along with honey to children, relieves them from fever, cough and enlargement of spleen.

[3] When children are crying more, make them lick equal parts of Pippali and Triphal with honey in the mornings and evenings.

Pain in any part of the body is sub-sided when pippali root powder ½ spoons is taken along with hot water or hot milk thrice a day.  Good sleep can be enjoyed. Mix ½ spoon of turmeric in milk along with pippali treats pain from injuries, inflammations and gives relief.

Cough related viral fever and heart desease get subsides when 2 grams of pippali powder licked thrice a day along with ghee and 5 grams of milk.  Hot cow milk is to be consumed after this.