Himalaya Amalaki Capsules

Amalaki Capsules Indications
  1. Cough, cold, sore throat & other respiratory tract infections.
  2. Premature aging.
  3. Repeated episodes of respiratory infections, as an immunomodulator.
  4. Dyspepsia & Hyperacidity.
  5. Skin disorders.
Dosage : 1 capsule, twice a day before meals.

Packing : 60 Capsules.

M.R.P. Rs.: 90/-

Benefits of Amalaki Herb

Other names of Amalaki Herb - Indian gooseberry, Emblica officinalis.

Digestion : Specifically indicated for digestive sensitivity; constipation, ulcers, acidity, gastritis, colitis, hepatitis, haemorrhoids. Especially useful in inflammatory and bleeding conditions of the intestines. A small dose constipates while a larger dose is a laxative. It is a very effective liver cleanser; its sour flavour ‘squeezes’ the liver, and its antioxidant properties protect it.

Heart : Its affinity for the blood helps to nourish and protect the heart. It protects by reducing elevated cholesterol and healing arterial damage. It is a super antioxidant and a tonic for general debility and weakness; use for palpitations and for recovery post-illness. It helps to nourish rakta dhatu and enkindles raktadhatvagni to function efficiently, hence alleviating deficiency conditions such as anaemia that can affect heart function. Amalaki specifically pacifies an aggravated sadhaka pitta and this influences the clarity and calmness of the mind.

Metabolic disorders : Diabetes is treated by its microcirculatory-stimulating and ojas-enhancing properties, anaemia due to excess bile vitiating the blood, and hair loss from excess pitta burning the roots of the hair. The oil is especially good at alleviating hair loss and early greyness. It is a renowned rejuvenative and adaptogen famed for slowing age (vayahsthapana), increasing virility, promoting immunity and inducing balanced health (satmikarana). Consider using amalaki as an immune restorative and hepatoprotective during radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.