Yograj Guggulu Benefits

Benefits of Yograj Guggulu

Arthritis Yogaraj guggulu is famous for its use in the dry type of arthritis with degeneration of the joints due to excess vata and deficiency of slesaka kapha preventing the nourishment of the synovial fluid. Symptoms such as pain, cracking, coldness, dryness, inflammation, deformation and numbness that arise in rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lumbago, gout, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury are all treated. The guggulu is the main part of the formula for clearing toxic accumulations in the joints and removing srotorodha. This helps the musculoskeletal system to be nourished as the pathways are cleared for essential nutrients to reach these deeper tissues.

Nerves Aggravation of the nerves due to excess use and strain can result in sciatica, spasms, neuralgia, tingling sensations, tremors and stiffness. Yogaraj guggulu helps to increase circulation and nourish the asthi and majja dhatus (bone and nerve tissue). It helps to open constricted and dry channels by nourishing and increasing microcirculation. Very useful for tinnitus caused by vata.

Gynaecology When the deeper tissues are stagnated by nervous contraction dysmenorrhoea can develop. Yogaraj guggulu directly eliminates these obstructions and relaxes the muscles to give a pain-free menstrual cycle.