Yoga Postures - Virasana (Hero’s Pose)

Virasana (Hero’s Pose)


A) Sit on the left heel. Bend the right knee, placing the right foot by the left knee.

B) Place the right elbow on the right knee and the palm against the right cheek.

C) Place the left palm on the left knee.

D) Close eyes and concentrate on the breath.

Benefits: This posture develops the heroic power of Hanuman (monkey god; Mahavir). It increases will power and strengthens the body. The pose is also excellent for immune disorders like AIDS, MS, Epstein Barr, etc.

Organs Helped: The pose stabilizes the energy flow to the reproductive organs and controls sexual energy; it also stimulates the reproductive organs and their associated brain centers (this is achieved by activating the nadis found in the legs and connected to the reproductive glands).

Doshas: VP-