Yoga Postures - Simhasana (Lion Pose)

Simhasana (Lion Pose)
Method: (Feet and ankles must be very flexible to perform this pose)

A) Sit on crossed ankles

B) Press the left heel on the right side of the perineum-males; right side of the reproductive organ-females.

C) Press the right heel on the opposite side of the perineum or organ.

D) Place palms on knees and spread fingers apart.

E) Lean the head forward with chin almost touching the collar bone.

F) Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose.

G) Open the mouth (i.e., as if yawning), extending the tongue as far out as possible .

The position of the feet induces a natural practice of mula bandha due to the pressure on the perineum or generative organ. The bent head stimulates the neck lock (jalandhara). Uddiyana bandha is induced from bending forward. This pose is best per-formed outside, facing the sunrise.

Simhasana Benefits: This pose is beneficial for singers and speakers; sore throats, Kapha sinus headaches. Organs Helped: Ears, nose, throat, and mouth disorders.

Doshas: All; especially Kapha.