Yoga Postures - Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

This is a more difficult posture. Fortunately it is not considered as important as Siddhsana.

A) Place the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh (soles facing up).

B) If possible, cross hands behind the back and firmly hold the toes.

C) Press the chin against the chest and keep the back straight.

D) If toes cannot be held from behind the back, place hands in  jnyan mudra, chin, bhairava, or yoni mudra. Bhairavi (females)—place fingers of left hand on the top of fingers of the right hand, with both palms facing up, and hands placed in the lap. Bhairava (males)— finger placement is the exact opposite of bhairavi. Yoni mudra—the  last three fingers are interlaced, while the index and thumb fingers join at the tips. Thumbs point upward, while the index fingers point forward (forming a triangular space between the index and thumb fingers). See photo above.

E) Eyes focus on the tip of the nose (nasakagra driahti). Alternatively, one can lean forward, eventually resting the forehead on the ground.

F) The tongue is pressed against the root of the upper teeth.

G) Slowly raise prana (air) upward.