Yoga Postures - Maha Mudra (Great Sealing Pose)

Maha Mudra (Great Sealing Pose)


A) The left heel is pressed against the anus; the sole is pressed against the right inner thigh (or vice versa).

B) Inhale, raising the hands over the head. The spine is erect.

C) Exhale and lean forward, hands grasping the knees, calves, or feet of the outstretched leg. Beginners may use a towel or belt for help.

D) The forehead should be close to the outstretched knee; touching it if possible.

E) Inhale, raising the hands over the head and sitting up straight.

F) Exhale, lowering the hands to the knees.

Benefits: Bindu (semen or ovum) is kept from moving downward; physical lassitude is removed, physical ailments are healed; digestion is increased. The body becomes charming, symptoms of aging are dispelled, senses become controlled. Wasting diseases, skin diseases, hemorrhoids, indigestion, tumors, and abscesses are healed.