Yoga leads to Salvation

Yoga increases wisdom, youth, vigour and life time. We progress in terms of character, morality and spirituality. Exercise could not keep a mind healthy but it is possible with yoga. Yoga conserves our life energies and calms the mind and as result we become creative and cool.

Presently everyone knows that in our ancients relics 'Ashtang yoga' has been described as the way to purify our body, mind and life. Adopting some of the resources from them many people are benefiting themselves and the society.
But there are fewer people only who have attained salvation through meditation, beliefs and samadhi living their lives as peacefully successful personalities.

Along with adopting yoga we need to adopt right dietary habits too. For the purification of mind and to attain total health it is necessary to adopt 'yogahar', the right diets. As pure and vegetarian food invigorates good habits, hence diet should be full of life and non-aggressive. Exercises have their own importance but yoga has a separate space and importance. A person could lead a happy and healthy life by adopting yoga.