Yoga in Scotland

This is a surprising success story of east and west union. Yoga classes, in the schools of Scotland began with Patanjali Yogpeeth, which has cast a surprising positive impact on health and study. The plan is a brainchild of Sharavan and Sunita Poddar, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), living in Scotland. The couple is dreaming of healthy and disease-free Scotland for the present and future generation of the nation. Courtesy, their sustained efforts and cooperation of the council of Glasgow city, the dream is turning into reality.

Ms Sunita Poddar and her husband Sharavan Poddar are the trustees of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, which has around 80 lakh members. NRI Sharavan told that the main objective behind yoga is `Samadhi`.
He claimed that it is a scientific fact that Yoga cures many diseases, even many considered incurable. He said that yoga is for the welfare of entire mankind and shall not be dealt with restricted mind set. He said that yoga is a medicine, which is a complete medical science in itself. He expressed optimism that deep breath, yoga asans, different postures and Ayurvedic medical science give immense energy. It could rejuvenate body and help reforming body, mind and soul.  Sharavan Poddar is an international yoga master. He has trained 2500 yoga teachers in UK and every month, takes 200 to 300 free yoga classes. Sunita Poddar is also an important yoga trainer and giving immense contribution in the field. She is also operating one Care homes group in  Glasgow with which over 1000 people are linked. Sunita Poddar said that these people have been cured with the help of yoga. They have also received power and energy after exercising yoga. Sunitaji said that health is the basic right of a human being. She said that yoga, pranayam could cure a person and make him self-reliant. She said that yoga shall be free from the limits of caste, creed and society and utilize as a bridge to make strong bonds among human beings irrespective of their religious affiliation. In 2008, Poddar family convened a meeting of politicians in which they gave information related to healthand also suggested to introduce yoga classes. This was the beginning of first pilot project in Scotland.

Sunita Poddar said that students, who exercise pranayam have fast physical and mental development as compared to others. Yoga also makes person alert towards mental and physical health. The researchers of Aberdin and Leads university, after intense research concluded that the children, who constantly practiced yoga exercises, performed much better in examination due to increased power of concentration as compared to others. A school teacher of Glasgow, Ms Ken, who completed yoga training told that yoga has helped in improving her relationship with children. The students not only performed better but their mutual relationship also improved. She said that every class begins with pranayam so that pure and pollution free air could enter the body and purify various organs as 54 percent energy to the body is received from fresh air. Thus, her each
class starts with pranayam followed by light and then serious exercises. Students of all class participate in the exercise. At the end of class, laughter therapy is held which energize and refresh students and they get prepared for next period. The yoga classes are free. The Patanjali yogpeeth trust is also making yoga course available for students of age one year to five years. It would be soon made available. Sunita Poddar is very happy with the progress and said that children are the future of the nation. She said that children and every human being shall remain healthy. She is satisfied that Scottish schools are accepting eastern philosophy.