Women ignores women

Women ignores women - Why?

The issue of role of women in the society is now discussed in the highest `panchayat` of the nation. i.e. Parliament as Women Reservation Bill beyond the walls of a house. Everywhere, equal rights to women and restoration of their respect are being discussed. This advocacy and discussion are necessarily a good initiative towards bringing change in women condition. But does women, which is almost half the population and demanding equal rights and respect have mutual respect? This question also needs to be seriously explored. There is no harm in women demanding equal rights compared to men but this question also need to be explored that does they respect each other. A woman ignores women. Why?

The psychic behind the mend set is also very deep. Reasons could be many like extreme love for children, depression, greed, arrogance or even revenge, there could be many reasons, which  provoke a woman to insult other.

woman is not only a beautiful creation of the super power. It is not only a feminine body but a nature in itself. Therefore, lyrists describing nature keep woman at the centre in his creation. A woman, who is given so much of respect in world always ignores other woman. Why? A woman is enemy of other woman. The root cause behind is to prove herself best, insulting others.

The issue of woman welfare are being scuttled by other woman itself.  To demand woman right is not a revolt against male. Better placed woman criticize woman, already victim of circumstances. Such poor woman suffer at two fronts - domestic and public

The psychic behind the mend set is also very deep. Reasons could be many like extreme love for children, depression, greed, arrogance or even revenge, there could be many reasons, which provoke a woman to insult other. They use indecent language. Lord Ram was also to be handed over throne but the ego of a woman turned the destiny and he was send for 14 years' exile. Many women in the society play disrespectful role, hence earn bad name for the entire woman community. A woman is expected to do justice in her role as mother, wife, sister and daughter. This justified action in every role, she is playing in the society could only earn kudos. If a woman continued to be enemy of other, how `yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tab devta` would be realized in the society. God has created universe but on earth, mother is the creator of human being. None has any doubt on this fact. But census 2011 report portrays dangerous scenario for women. According to the census in last decades, birth rate of girls below 6 years of age has declined by 13 percent as compared to boys. The ratio of this age group has been recorded as 1000:914. Data itself are testimony of feticides means girl fetus are killed before they could come to earth. Many awareness campaigns are being launched and the Government has imposed different laws but just think, whether only men with father dominating mind-set are responsiblefor this situation. Answer is a big no. Many women also prefer boys overgirls and agree for feticides. Moreover, if a girl gets born, she is not given adequate living standard. In many households, sons are allowed for higher education but not girls. No seriousness is being displayed for higher education to girls. For mother, both boys and girls should be equal as she sacrifices to give birth to any infant. Hence, it is not understood as why she did not give equal love to both-son of daughter. Why we kill girls before they could come on earth. This question applies to women. The beginning of disrespect to woman by woman began with female feticide. There is strong need to stop this practice. Before the situation could turn worse, the woman should start respecting woman. Apart from this crime there is also another crime where woman play with the respect of another woman. And this is dowry system. Regularly we receive news that some married woman is being poisoned or set ablazed by inlaws. And in this ghastly act, mother- in-law, sister-in-law or others play key role. Why these women forget that they are also women? Apart from girl foeticide dowry is also a crime, where women play equal role in harassment. Such incidents would con-tinue to happen till women would not have self-pride. It is being repeatedly seen that women discard any act of women welfare. To talk of the rights of women is not a revolt against males. The women, who are better placed too find fault in other women who is under-privileged. Such women face problem at two ends, at home and even in outside society. Women demand respect and pride from male dominant society but they should also have respect for themselves and others alike. It is easy to impose charges on others but difficult to introspect and reach some positive conclusion. It can be stated that the problem of women are linked to each other, The root cause behind problem to women is a women itself. Till we do not alter the mind-set of the society and family, there would be no change in the circumstances. The population of women is said to be half of the total population but the respect would be achieved when a woman start respecting other woman. Every woman should try to supplement other. We shall not waste our vital energy in wasteful exercises. It is an established fact that woman are an important part of the society thus, each woman shall start bringing change in herself. When we ourself would not bring change, how we can expect that the society would change? First-of-all, a woman would have to stop behaving as an enemy to other woman. We all understand that the present generation woman could create an atmosphere as future generation would go the way, we suggest now. The woman shall follow principle of `each one, teach one` and hence show right path to others. Woman shall vigilant towards their own rights and other woman and rest problem would be solved upto a larger extent. The woman would have to learn herself and other woman to establish its importance in the society.