The whole pupose of yoga

Yoga is not just a way of purifying body and soul but also a channel to connect human and god. Using it we could attain purification on both physical and soul levels, could also bring upon a divine change and trying to find out a way to get enlightened. Through it only a human could become superhuman.

In this sequential order of consciousness the bottom hemisphere consists of three oblations of ved, 'Bhu:', 'Bhuv:' and 'Sv:', these are those stages wherein the elements of higher existence hemisphere tries to explain themselves. Even though they are stationed purely in the higher order on entering the lower hemisphere they get suppressed under disorder, impurity and ferment. The last goal of life is rid of these disorders, impurity and ferment and to explain them completely in the lower order under different circumstances.
Our life on earth is a divine poetry which is being translated in a terrestrial language or of divine music which we are decoding into words.

A man stationed in truth remains singular even in plural, he is the 'one' who could see himself clearly without being lost or separated in and from 'many' and that is 'Many' who even though indulged in multi-roles could see it as 'one' without losing its capabilities.

The light of consciousness inherent in mind is independent, infinite and capable, and that consciousness which distinguishes the element of wisdom in mind could use it in an infallible way in the form of creative powers (tapas) because being 'one' with the powers of wisdom is the only stable form of self enlightened awakened human and the only sharp moving form is creative powers. Both of these are integral powers of divine conscious power (power of mind of a true human form), but are seen as one. But in the lower hemisphere the light gets divided oddly amongst mind, soul and circumstances of body and diverted and objected by uneven independence, ego and the working capabilities are veiled in the odd ways. Hence we observe different states of consciousness, unconsciousness, false consciousness, knowledge, ignorance and seeming ignorance, active power, inactive power and neutralized power. Our work involves to assimilate our divided, odd personal working power and rationalisation into "Kaali's" one, undivided and universal powers and then to replace our egoistic acts with "Kaali's" universal acts and to stabilise it and hence to obtain wisdom and divine creative powers in place of ignorance and non-resultant human power.

Exaltation inherent in delight is extremely pure, non mixing and singular but also plural too. It gets divided, finite, unorganised and loses its way inside mind, soul and states of body and due to the blows of odd powers and uneven distribution of bliss, traumatic emotional and unemotional movements, sorrow, joy becomes suppressed under pleasure and pain. We have to bring an end to all these traumatic acts and to enjoy that divine exaltation which is in one and many forms, evenly distributed and which draws bliss from all objects and never recedes from any object due to discomfort.

In brief we have to replace trauma with stability (oneness), ignorance with divine knowledge, weakness, struggle and trials with self sustaining divine power, sorrow, pain and false joy with divine bliss. This is what Christ meant by bringing the divine kingdom on earth or in modern language to connect with god and to become his reflection.

Human race is the only form of life on earth which has been chosen for accomplishing both human and divine longings; all other living forms either does not required this accomplishment or they are ineligible until they transform into human race. Hence divine saturation is truly the only goal of human race. This goal has to be realised from person to person so that it could be significant for the whole human race. Human in itself is a power in a living body, its base is imbecile, its tool and centre is mind and the medium of its act is life, this is the present stage of an average or common men. In every human form the four higher elements (science, bliss, mind and truth) exist but are incognizant (unexpressed). The pure emoting powers inherent in 'science' are not just an oblation but it is the source of all oblations, it is that bank from which all mental, living and physical activities draw power out and converts it into powers of lower denominations. It is the connecting link between the diving state and human-animal and thus it is the original door to enter divine humanity.

Lower human race bows toward life and body lower than mind and average human resides permanently in a mind defined and attracted by body and bows to it, whereas higher human race lifts towards idealistic psyche or pure ideas, directed true knowledge and natural and easy truth of power, and the top most human race climbs towards divine eternal bliss and further upward toward the purest truth or god or else they decide to fill their lower hemisphere with this divine bliss and to aspire other humans to progress toward divine element.

Only that human is the super human who could tear through the veil covering his higher or divine and till now incognizant mind and stay there. He is the end result of progressive self expression of his soul through imbecile objects and reach god. This is termed as the principal of chronicle development. The true longing of religious faith and the completely practical goal of yoga is to climb towards the divine power, light and bliss and then to mould all terrestrial power in that cast. That goal is to attain enlightenment and to assimilate in god but without attaining god beyond this world, beyond far means this goal could not be achieved.