Wheat bran is very good for our health

Wheat bran is miscellaneous medicine to prevent constipation.  The use of wheat bran gives following advantages also.

  1. It prevents our excrement from getting dried.
  2. It causes a good stimulation in our intestine which is very natural. You can experience it by the behavior of animals when they are discharging their excrements.
  3. It keeps our excrements soft which allows their easy discharge. Easy discharge of excrements means no stress on our arteries. Stress on our arteries can cause diseases like piles, gastrointestinal diseases and weakening of our digestive system.
  4. Bran has a rough appearance. But when it comes in contact with saliva it becomes soft, it absorbs a large quantity of saliva which is very useful in digesting our food.
  5. Bran is very useful from every point of view. By removing bram from our meal we are doing a great injustice to our health. The chapaties made of flour without bran are harmful as it is very difficult to digest it.
  6. Bran makes our stomach clear. It helps in discharging all the excrements out our bowels and keep the stomach clean and clear which is very good for our health.    
  7. Give importance to bran in your meal. Add as much amount of it in your meal as possible. Add it in your flour for making Chapaties. Add it in vegetables, milk, curd, salad, honey and enjoy your meal. Make Laddu by adding husk in jaggery. 
  8. Its regular use keeps away the deadly diseases like cancer. It also helps in healing the sores in the arteries of our digestive system. It also protects us from tuberculosis and heart diseases. Bran also protects us from cholesterol. Using bran for bathing is very effective in skin diseases.
  9. Eat bran rich diet regularly if you want to keep yourself healthy.
  10. Those who use sufficient amount of bran in their diet, are always protected from the diseases like appendicitis, intestinal diseases, piles, and anal cancer.
  11. Bran is a greatly useful in reducing weight. If we use sufficient amount of bran in our diet, then we don’t need to reduce our meal for losing weight. It automatically helps us to lose our weight.
  12. Bran is very effective in fighting blood sugar.
  13. Bran rich biscuits, chapattis made of potato and bran and Halwa made of bran are very tasty and healthy.
  14. Add bran in carrot Halwa. Bran makes Missi roti (chapati made of a mixture of various types of flours). Bundi raita (A recipe made of curd) added with bran is very delicious.   
  15. Add bran in Idali, dosa and Kachori for delicious taste and good health. Add bran in Sarso ka Saag (a vegetable made of mustard oil).
  16. But always be careful that the bran you add in your meal, it has to be clean, fresh and germ-free.
  17. Regular use of bran in our meal sharpens our mind, make us intelligent because bran keeps our bowels clear. That means there is no constipation. Constipation is the root of almost all diseases.
  18. Bran has a basic nature. Its this nature is very helpful in fighting diseases.
  19. Among all kinds of fibers in our meal, wheat bran is considered to be the best.
  20. Bran is rich in proteins, vitamin A, fats, carbohydrates, calories, fiber, sodium, potassium, copper, sulphur, chlorine, zinc