What is adenoid and what are its causes, symptoms and treatment of Adenoid

What is adenoid?

The term actually refers to adenoid mass of lymphoid tissue located behind the nose and the top of the nasopharynx. It is in this position of the mouth meets the nose. In normal children a tender lump on the back wall of the nasopharynx is located just behind the uvula. Adenoids is a gland that is part of the immune system. The main function of this gland is catching infections such as bacteria and viruses, like all other tissues of the lymph and produce antibodies. The position of adenoids also ensures that the discharge of its function effectively. Since it is in the passage behind the nose that defend the body against germs inhaled. However, sometimes the adenoids are infected and this causes serious health problems among individuals.
Causes of Adenoids

When the gland becomes enlarged adenoids due to the infection that causes several problems. Enlarged adenoids may sometimes take the size of ping pong balls and therefore completely blocks the flow of air through the nasal cavity. This causes huge hassle. The patient feels uncomfortable and has to make a greater effort to breathe.

There may be several reasons for enlarged adenoids. Sometimes a child is born with an enlarged adenoids. Enlarged adenoids can also develop in the early years of child development. Which mainly enlarged due to persistent infection in the upper respiratory system. The tonsils are also a type of infection caused by enlarged adenoids.
Symptoms of Adenoid

The first symptom of this infection is to breathe through your mouth. As the enlargement of the adenoids are completely blocks the flow of air through the nose allowing the child to breathe only through your mouth. Mouth breathing becomes more evident at night during sleep. However, in some cases, mouth breathing is also during the day. Results of breathing through the mouth chapped lips and dry mouth. Severe infection of the adenoids and dry mouth often leads to bad breath. Apart from that change often voice due to enlarged adenoids.

Other symptoms of infection in the adenoids are ear infections, sleep apnea and snoring. In extreme cases, the adenoids also results in pressure on the heart. Sleep problems in children can result in inadequate growth of the child.

Adenoid treatment

In the initial antibiotic used to treat infection with adenoids. However, do not prove much more useful if the infection is severe and chronic. In severe cases, many doctors prescribe the enlarged adenoids surgery. The operation involves removal of the adenoids is called adenoidectomy. Is carried out to address the complications of obstructed breathing and mouth breathing. This surgery can also be done in children. A successful operation will allow a child to breathe comfortably and freely. His sleep disturbance was also greatly reduced, ensuring adequate growth in a child.


Children must be cared for by their parents so they do not often suffer from viral infections. If children are prone to infection after infection causes must be identified and precautions taken. If the child is infected by the disease treatment should be done immediately to the doctor not to reach the severe stage.