What are the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Acrodysostosis

Among the most complicated and rare diseases affecting human civilizations, Acrodysostosis deserves special mention. Also known as Maroteaux-Malamute and Arkless-Graham syndrome. This exceptional condition is basically a congenital malformation in the human body, resulting in a series of physical and mental disorders. The consequences are the shortening of the hands and legs, mental weakness, etc. Other effects of this disorder are protruding jaw, short stature, short head, etc. Certain genital abnormalities and skin disorder can also occur from this. Both women and men can be victims of this disease.
The causes of Acrodysostosis

Acrodysostosis is thought to be a genetic disease, although the true causes have not been identified. There may be a number of genetic problems behind their appearance. Is known to happen more with older parents. In most cases, the disease is not hereditary routes. But in certain cases, can be transmitted to children from parents. Parents with this disorder have a 50% chance of transmitting the disease to children. However, the exact genes that cause this disease have not been identified.

Symptoms of acrodysostosis

People affected with this disease suffer from rapid maturation of the bones in some parts of your body. As a matter of fact, the bones, which are most affected are the jaws and nose. The bones of the hands and feet also fall into this category. Because of this bone development rare, the affected person may develop distinctive facial appearance Acrodysostosis and small hands and feet. The nose of an infected person can be crushed and toes and fingers may be distorted. The disease can also lead to future diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Apart from physical disabilities, people suffering from the disease has also become victims of mental retardation and thus face problems of learning in your life. In some cases, victims suffer from infection by year and recurring problems of hearing. To diagnose Acrodysostosis detection, ultrasound can be used for babies when the mother is a victim of the disease.
Acrodysostosis treatment methods

Unfortunately, there is no specific cure for this disease. In most cases the child suffering from this disease may experience mental disorders and learning disabilities. In these cases, support for overcoming learning capacity is available. Depending on the cognitive and physical aspects, treatment can be varied. Early intervention with specialized orthopedic care can be effective in some cases. In most cases there is no evaluation done during pregnancy to this genetic disorder. Physicians Only advocate screening for this genetic disorder, if the mother suffers from this disease.