Useful Information and Remedies for Acidity

One of the most common conditions that people face today, especially those working in the professional field is the acidity. Thanks to changes in radical lifestyle, bad eating habits and various similar issues, most people today complain of heartburn sufferers a very young age itself.

Although everyone in general, would like to know an immediate cure to the problem, nobody seems to realize that if they understand the root cause of the problem, which could prevent the produce together! Here are some helpful tips that can help in combating this problem quite painful!

What is the acidity in the first place?

Forget about getting a cure for the problem. Instead, sit back and analyze the problem and its causes. Most individuals tend to develop a general feeling that the acidity is caused by an external agent that is created in the body as a direct or indirect result of the food they eat.

By contrast, the acidity is actually produced as a result of a component that is already present in the human body. Consequently, the acid that is responsible for the problem is a natural agent that is present in the stomach and helps in digesting the food you eat. The stomach lining contains millions of cells that secrete this acid when food is consumed.

Now the problem arises when you eat something or not palatable or eating too much at one time. Both cases lead to large amounts of undigested food accumulate in the stomach which in turn leads to more acid is secreted by cells. The excess acid which causes the pain experienced in the stomach (sometimes the heart).

Another important factor of the acidity is stress that, unfortunately, is common in almost all individuals in today's fast paced world. Less energy flow throughout the body, in turn leads to disruption of normal routines, such as blood flow, oxygen delivery and, of course, the digestion. The last option leads to heartburn.

What are the major side effects of heartburn?

Heartburn is usually accompanied by severe pains in the stomach and abdomen areas. Another important side effect of this condition is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), causing pain in the heart asharp.

In the case of GERD, the excess of acid is formed in the stomach into the esophagus, as soon as the individual is in a horizontal position. The acid creates a burning sensation in the lining of the esophagus, which comes as a sharp pain in the heart region (also known as heartburn).

Natural Cures and Remedies for Acidity

If you find you have heartburn, rather undergo a checkup with a doctor to understand the underlying cause for developing it. However, here are some tips to handle sudden bouts of heartburn as they occur.

Water is one of the best known natural healers of almost all disorders that occur in the stomach area. Drink plenty of water every day (start with two glasses of water in the morning).

Excess water acts as a natural cleanser, as it deletes all the excess of acid (and other impurities) that may have developed in the stomach. Water also helps ease the pain that accompanies heartburn.

Coconut water is natural healer and helps to cleanse your body of excess acid and impurities. And with summer in the environment, there is no need to worry about catching a cold if you drink this natural nectar.

As and when you have a sudden attack of heartburn, drink a little cold milk or eating a spoonful of ice cream vanilla ice cream. You will get pain relief within minutes. Fruit juices also help you get immediate relief from acidity. However, be sure to eat something before hand!

Be sure to drink a glass of warm water before and after every meal, especially if you've eaten at some very spicy dishes. Lemon and sugar-sweetened beverages also perform the same function as the water when it tries to help the stomach digest the food consumed.

If you feel a little bad after a particularly heavy meal, pop in some ginger, coriander leaves, tulsi leaves and basil leaves for immediate relief. In addition to these options, be sure to add lots of beans, carrots, spring onion sprouts, and sticks to your daily diet as these plants improve digestion and keep the body free of impurities.