Uraria Logopoides Properties and benefits

Uraria Logopoides

Family name : Piperaceae
Latin name : Uraria picta desv.
Sanskrit : prisnaparni, prithak parni
Hindi : Pithavan
Gujarati : Kuwadia , Pithavan
Bengali : Sankar jata, chakule
Marati : Pithavan 
Telugu : Kolaponna

OUTER SHAPE of Uraria Logopoides
Uraria Logopoides is a perennial plant. This can grow upto 2-4 feet high. Leaves are pin-nately compound, and of different shape. Finely and reticulately  veined and minutely pubescent beneath, base rounded. Lower side leaves are small. lanceolate, oblong. Here one can find 3-5 leaves. Upper side leaves are up to 4-6 and sometimes upto 2-9. 3-6 inches length. leaves are linear, blotched with white. Small size flowers, Red or violet coloured, and thicky tendered leaves. When fruit season comes, stems downy with hooked hairs look like a fox's tail.  Pods 3-6 jointed, smooth, Often white coloured, Seeds ovate, light brown coloured 1-12, reniform shaped.

Uraria Logopoides or Prisnaparni plants grow all over India, especially in dry, infer-tile lands, and in forest regions of Bengal and Himalaya. These plants can be seen even at the level of 6 thousand feet high. Two more varieties are also available of Prisnaparni. They are known as Uraria Lagopoides and Uraria Hamosa having same properties. Both of them are the parts of laghu pachamula in Dashamula, blossoming in  rainy and podding  in the winter season.

Medicinal usage of Uraria Logopoides :

Uraria Logopoides in Cold :

Add 10 gms Prisnaparni in 400 ml of water. Boil it till it becomes 1/4 of original quantity. Add some refined sugar. This gives immediate relief in common cold.

Uraria Logopoides in Blood piles :

Use Prisnaparni with Khiraiti quath in equal quantities for the patients suffering from the blood piles and the chronic state seen in drunkards. Dosage 10-20 gms is advisable.

Uraria Logopoides in Easy delivery :

Grind Prisnaparni's root, anoint the paste on navel, around the area of pelvis and on vagina for easing delivery. Wash the paste after delivery.

Uraria Logopoides in Blood motions :

Quath (Decoction) made out of 10-20 gms of Prisnaparni's root and 250 gms goat's milk is highly advantageous in the complaint of blood motions.

Uraria Logopoides in Fistula :

1) Grind 8-10 leaves of Prisnaparni and apply around fistula.
2) Take Juice (Swaras) from 10 leaves of it. Use regularly for the cure.
3) Grind Swetha Sara with Prisnaparni leaves Or take Swetha Sara and black pepper in same quantities for internal consumption.

Uraria Logopoides in Spleen growth : 

1) Leaves of Prisnaparni with juice prepared from its root is beneficiery in 10- 20 gms.
2) Grind Panchang of Prisnaparni and dry in shade. Prepare a quath of 10 gms of the paste and  400 ml of water and sieve it when it remains 100 ml, and use twice in morning and evening. It helps  in spleen growth, Liver and abdominal diseases.

Uraria Logopoides in Bony Fractures :

Use a mix of 5 grams of Prisnaparni root powder and 2 grams of  turmeric powder for 21 days.

Uraria Logopoides in Poison :

Prepare swarasa of 40 grams of Prisnaparni panchang and give it to the patient with sugar. Recovery confirms it’s take on poison.

Uraria Logopoides in Fever :

Tie root of Prisnaparni containing flowers and fruits with a red thread on the head of patient.


Uraria Logopoides is Tridoshahara. tonic. Dipana. Madhura. Analgesic and anti inflammatory. Free function of  bowels. controls vomitings. Balavardhaka. Sthambhaka. Vatahara. Decreases fever.