Trikatu Churna Benefits

Benefits of Trikatu Churna

Gastrointestinal tract : Trikatu is the remedy for stimulating a sluggish Digestive Fire. It is indicated whenever there is low digestive activity with sluggishness, bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence due to high kapha or vata. It also helps in conditions of poor nutritional assimilation due to parasites, a leaky gut or low enzyme secretions. May help in IBS, Candida albicans, diarrhoea from cold or food intolerances to damp, wet and heavy foods. It is a specific remedy to help burn ama and undigested toxins in the digestive tract and bloodstream. When there is nausea due to excess phlegm this can help.

Lungs : As trikatu rejuvenates the lungs it is used whenever there is a cough, wheezing or breathing difficulties with clear, sticky and white phlegm. Used in asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough and colds.  A superb remedy for hayfever and acute allergic rhinitis as an immediate way of drying up the copious nasal secretions; it has anti allergenic effects. Also used in sinus congestion and chronic nasal blockage. It has an affinity for all the orifices of the head and clears a muzzy head, clears blocked ears and treats sore throats.  

Metabolic : With low metabolism, hypothyroid and the concurrent increase in weight, low energy, and lowered immunity, trikatu can be part of a treatment strategy. Where there is high cholesterol it may be indicated to encourage digestion of the excess lipids via enkindling medas-dhatu agni. With any feeling of coldness Trikatu can help to warm the body.