Swami Ramdev Swadeshi Philosophy

Philosophy of Swadeshi by Swami Ramdev

Foreign trade and corruption are two biggest enemies of the nation. Many people, by ignorantly using foreign commodities are becoming a part of an evil.

We must avoid usage of foreign commodities, manufactured without any use of technology. Keep away from commodities, which are manufactured by using technology, like mobile phones, computer, cars and accord highest priority to Indian made products. Transfer of technology and foreign investment can be brought, where it becomes essential. But we can not allow indiscriminate looting and demolishing the country by foreign companies. Control on foreign investment and management must be in the hands of Indians. It's a great shame that foreigners and their companies rule us and extort us of our resources. No proud Indian would accept it. In the usage of domestically manufactured goods, top priority must be accorded to commodities, which have been manufactured in villages. Second priority must be to the commodities made in the country and use foreign commodities only when these are not available in the country. Our intent to use Swadeshi is scientific, practical and in the interest of the nation. Our movement of Swadeshi is not inspired by any ulterior motive. If somebody brings anything to the country, even from other planets, we will appreciate if it happens to be in the interest of the nation. But we would not allow to rule and extort the country in the name of globalization and liberalization.

In India, the economic, political and social influence of foreign companies is rising. Foreign companies are getting all the liberties in the name of globalization and liberalization, since the policies adopted in the year 1991. These companies are looting Indian money and resources. Every year from India, about 2.32 lakh crore rupees explicitly and implicitly, 7.5 lakh crore rupees are being sent outside the country. This is the reason that there is an acute shortage of the capital in the country. To make up for this deficit, Indian government is borrowing from domestic and international markets. Indian government is under a huge domestic debt of 40 lakh crore rupees. In order to pay its interest, about one third (3.5 lakh crore rupees) of Indian government's budget is spent. Due to this reason every Indian is under a debt of 33,000 rupees, which has been borrowed domestically and internationally. The end result of all this is the deficit of money in the development of the nation.

Foreign companies bring money and technology and increase the level of exports, employment and competition. This myth has been strategically spread by foreign companies and their foreign masters, business people and those who benefit from them. But the fact is that foreign companies do not bring money but they take it away. Foreign companies do not bring technology but they raise level of unemployment by destroying small and domestic industry. Products like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Lux do not sell out of the country but these companies one way or the other destroy domestic manufacturer of the same product.

Indian government has signed some international treaties with WTO World Bank and IMF. Under these agreements India is unable to throw out any foreign company. Due to the immensely weak political will, extortion by foreign companies has become a big problem. So, throwing out these companies from the country is only dependent on the will and determination of the Indians. Like Indians threw out East India Company, similarly they have to throw foreign companies out. So, non-cooperation and boycott of these companies is the only solution to stop economic loot of the country.

Revolutionary leaders like, Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bipin Chandra Pal, Mahatama Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Chndrashekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose, Ashfaq Ullah and other used a weapon called boycott to throw East India Company out of the country. By using the same weapon of boycott, we can throw these thousands of foreign companies out of the country, which are looting our resources. If the country's money is sent abroad then the country becomes poor. So, foreign countries are extorting Indian money and corrupt people are looting the country. By adopting Swadeshi and ending corruption and foreign trade, we have to save the country. Foreign trade and corruption are the two biggest enemies in the country.  Many people, by igno-rantly using foreign commodities are becoming a part of an evil, and thus causing loss to the nation. Let's all come together and vow to boycott all products, manufactured without using any technology.
Swami Ramdev