Soapnut (Reetha) Properties & Benefits

Soapnut Properties & Benefits

Family name - Spindaceae
Latin name - Sapindus trifoliatus Linn, Sapindus Mukorossi Gaertn
English - Soapnut tree
Sanskrit - Arishthaka, Raktabeeja, Phenila
Hindi - Reetha
Gujarati - Arira
Marati - Ritha
Panjabi - Retha
Telugu - Phenilamu, Kumkudukaya
Tamil - Ponangotai
Assamese - Hythaguti
Pharasi - Phantuk pharasi

Chemical composition of Soapnut : Saponin, Sugar and Pectin substances are found in fruit. The seed is 30 percent fat, which is used in making soap.

There are two species of Soapnut.
(1) Sapindess Mukrosi - found frequently in the Himalayan region and in the north and Assam etc.
(2)Sapindess Troifoliats - These trees are found in South India. The fruit shape is heart shaped and turn brown to reddish on ripening.

OUTER SHAPE of Soapnut :
Format : The tree grows 15 meters high and a girth of 3 to 5 m., leaves are 5-12 inches long with 15 to 30 white flowers, Romayuktha, polygamous and mostly bisexual in terminal thyrses or compound cymose panicles. These are subsessile; numerous in number. The fruits are solitary globose, round nuts 1/2 to 3/4 inches diameter, fleshy, in raw state romayukta, drying black - brown. Seeds similar to peas, black smooth marrow are filled. It flowers from November to December and fruits from February to April in the fall are ready.

Properties of Soapnut:
It is Tridosha nashka and abortinate, removes all obstacles. Reetha makes vomit, purgative, insecticide, Extra Salvation for migraine, epilepsy and chlorosis when it is smelt through nose, removes poisonous effect especially of opium. It is particularly used in Kapha related and vata related diseases.

Medicinal Use of Soapnut

Migraine : Grind Soapnut along with 1-2 pepper grains adding some drops of water and smell it by pouring 4-5 drops in the nose. Migraines is relieved by snorting this nasal powder.

Eye disease : In the case cataract make Reetha boil in water and take some drops and keep the water under the eyelids for benefit.

Diseases of teeth : Take seeds of reetha. Fry them on pan. Grind them and add to it alum in the same quantity.  Apply it on the teeth to massage. Every kind of dental disease goes away.

Eternal Air : After delivary by the wrath of air (prakopa) the brain of women may become numb. Teeth feel pressure by biting against one another. At this time rub reetha in some drops of water and anoint the foamy essence on the eyes. Good result is seen immediately. The woman will recover health soon.

Epilepsy:  Take Reetha. Paste it finely along with the seed by adding 2-3 drops of water.  Put the paste to smell below the nose of the patient who is unconscious. Soon he gains consciousness. And it is recommended by the own experience of H.H.Swami Ramdev Baba - Take Reetha 1 gram, 2-3 grams Trikatu choorna in 50 grams of water. Take the surfacial water in a seperate bottle in the morning . And take 4-5 drops through the nose early in the morning every day without taking any food. If it is done regularly all kapha (phlegm) related problems will be ousted. Nostrils are set free. Also helps in headache.

To black hair :
(1) 100 grams Kapoor Kacharie, 100 grams Nagarmotha and camphor and reetha outer part 40-40 grams and Shikakaai 250 grams, 200 grams Amla.Make powder of them and prepare paste 50 grams of the powder by mixing the water to it. Apply the paste on the hair and wash hair with warm water. This makes hairs soft and gets rid of lices.

(2) Take the powders of Reetha, Amla, Shikakaai -  Wash the hair with these powders for silky, bright and thicky hairs.

1) Take reetha fruit and paste it and smell. It is very beneficiery for the patient.
2) Take the soapnut along with black pepper, grind it. If this essence is taken through nose 5-6 drops ailment is curable.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids : Fry the outer portion of fruit minus its seeds on a pan till it turns black like coal. Then take the same size of catechu, mix it an sieve it. Take 125 ml. everyday in the morning and evening also with butter or cream for 7 days.

Diet : During the course of medicine, abhor salt and acidic Ingredients.

Diarrhea :
Take 4 ½ grams of Reetha outer part. Boil it in the water and give it to the patient.

Burning and Pain in Urination : Soak 25 grams of Reetha in a liter of water overnight.  Take the surfacial water in the morning for benefit.

Amenorrhea : Problem regarding menstrual cycle can be cured by this. Take outer part of Reetha. paste it and pour some drops of honey on it . Prepare it like a wick and put it in vegina. Menstuation starts soon.

Delivery : Soak some cotton in the foam of reetha and put in vegina for easy delivery.

Pains :Take 250 ml Reetha powder and  have it with water or juice for relief.

Semen growth : Paste the kernel of reetha. Add jaggery to it and take it with a cup of milk in the morning - evening to increase the semen.

Poison : Allow soapnut boil for a few minutes and take it inside. The poison comes out immediately.

Opium - poison : Let soapnut boils for quite some time. when it fumes, take a half cup of essence . It destructs Opium- poison.

Scorpion’s poison :
(1) If soapnut powder is smoked like a ‘hukka pipe’ the poison of scorpion proves ineffective.
(2) Paste reetha outer part and add it to jaggery in the same quantity. Make the 1-2 grams tablets. Take them  for five minutes with water. Take three tablets within 15 minutes. The poison of scorpion vanishes.
(3) Paste reetha and anoint eyes mixing some water drops and rub it on the place of  where the scorpion bites. Then the poinson would be destructed.

Poisonous bites : Soapnut should be rubbed in the venegar and apply on the scorpion bite.

Dosha : In hot bodies, it is not advised.