Shape of Fruits and Vegetables Resemble Human Limbs

The shape of Fruits and Vegetables Which resemble human limbs

Nature has a soul relationship with Man. Man proves himself a destructor of nature. Nature sets a coordination with Man even though he drifts away from her and go astray. Once if we see the shapes and sizes of the fruits Man can identify the umbilical card that he has with the mother nature. A man  cure diseases with those fruits which are similar to his limbs. We gave much information regarding this subject in the last issue also. Now let us focus on some more fruits !

Testicles & Ovary shaped Berries

Different kinds of berry fruits like Raspberry, Crane berry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry are rich in zinc and more beneficiary for conception. These increase sexual energy. Zinc produces Testosterone and semen in a male body.  Berry fruits bring ebullition in women and stimulate men. When semen and fetus are healthy, infant  would also be healthy. By the influence of Raspberry, Strawberry  blood flows fast towards reproductive organs. It ignites joints where sexual desire is softened. According to a study, all the zinc levels would be finished for three sexual intercourses in twenty four hours. But, simply a handful of Raspberry, Strawberry fruits would regain the lost energy. But don't trust those doctors who bluff to enhance your sexual power and ability.

Thyroid shaped chestnut

Chestnut contains Iodine and other Phytochemicals which control Thyroid problem.

Neck , Esophagus shaped Pineapple

Pineapple which resembles neck and esophagus is able to cure the problems related to them like Thyroid, Larynx, Pharynx, Tonsils. Take one glass of pineapple juice with hot water. Menital, an anti bacterial and phytochemical cures diphtheria and lung infection in all the parts of throat. Singers, Heroes and speakers and who speak for long hours may take a ripen Pineapple. It clears throat. But never use a raw Pineapple. A research study reveals that one who has 154 DNA , gets 100 sowlpals. Resultantly, this is useful in curing the deadly diseases in the youth.

Breast shaped word Apples

Word apples (kapitha) create wonders in stomach diseases.  It roots out all the factors of disease and pathogens. So all the cists and the cells of breast cancer would be burnt away. In word apple we may find different types of micronutrients. They heal all kinds of infections of breast. So there would be no chance of getting breast cancer or the formation of cists again and again. And they take care of the beauty and health of breasts. Word apple is purgative.  Pathogen virus would increase in constipation which may be lead to the breast cancer since they are poisonous. There is no other equivalent fruit to rectify constipation other than the Word apple. The juice of the leaves of a Word apple, quath cures swellings in uterus and breasts.  It reduces glucose in urinals. Fingers shaped millets Ragi's another name is  'Five finger millets'. Ragi is an excellent substance that works on fingers, joints, joint pains, Osteoporosis. It is highly beneficiary in Iron and calcium deficiencies. It is called in telugu as 'Ragulu' and in Marathi 'Nachni'.  It gives great strength and energy. Take a glass of Ragi juice, you would not feel tiresomeness even though you work all the day.

Joints shaped

unripen maize, Ragi, Millets, Sorghum cure joint pains. There are so many bioactive micro nutraceutical chemicals. Rheumatic disorders and knee joints. Sugarcane juice 200 ml. Maize, Ragi of sorghum juice made up of 25 g. to 50 g. grains. 50 ml. Millets juice is helpful in healing swellings, vomitings, motions, malaria, urticaria, diabetes, poisonous effect.

Child hair shaped Maize tufts of hair

Maize is a very good nutrient in the children. Soup made up of maize corns is  healthy and energetic because there are several nutrients are there in it like silken, iron, calcium. The soup cures ailments related uterus, pelvis, vagina and urinary track. A raw maize dissolves stones in kidneys.

Skull Shaped Coconut

Coconut is skull shaped. We bow our head when we pray to God. That means, 'we give up our ego' in the presence of Supreme Power. When we drive off ego, our energy is set free. And that power starts upward journey.  That power mingles with 'Sahasraara flux' (Thousanand petalled lotus) and bestows us divinity. Naturally coconut is very strong like our head. It contains all the limbs that we have in our head in it like eyes and nose parts. The tress of coconut just looks like our hair.

Head like coconut places a key role in keeping good health and in preventing illhealth. For every 100 grams we find 4.05 mg of 'enurin' i.e. Thayamin and rich vitamin B values in coconut. That's why it is useful in aintaining health in the tissues of brain and muscles. Working for longer hours with mind compulses a person to feel fatigue, nervous break down. More mental work leads to physical as well as mental diseases. Coconut is beneficiery in such cases. It contains 62 % of  medium chain fatty acids, Saturated hydrocorbans, 97% plant saturated fatty acids increase intelligence. Mother's milk is rich in lactoferrin. Like wise coconut milk also contains perfect lauric acid, which increases immune system. Thus the body would be protected from diseases and from the virus that causes diseases. Anti bacterial factors that are available in coconut protects from all kinds of bacteria. Take some kernel, mix it with butter. Apply that paste to get a sparkling face. In the butter of kernel there is a medicinal value in the form or phytosteroid chrohan which is a healer in the inveterate and insidious diseases. Medium chain fatty acids that are available in kernel, burns calories (fats) quickly and give energy to the body and make it slim and trim. It controls the centre where we feel hungry in our mind and make us feel less appetite. So naturally we take lesser food quantity. Thus it cures obesity also. And at the same time it gives many nutrient values to the body also.