Shankhpushpi Properties and Benefits


Family name : Convolvulaceae
Latin : Evolvulus alsinoides Linn
English : Shankh Pushpi
Sanskrit : Shankhahuli, Shankha  
Hindi : Shankhahuli, Shankhapushpi
Gujarati : Shankhabali, Sankhavali
Marati : Shankhahuli
Bengali : Shankhahuli

Perennial herb with a small woody and branched rootstock, 4-12 inches long,  densely hairy, branches rise upto some extent and then prevails on ground and on grass. Leaves are 1/2 inches to 1.5 inches long, Petiole is minute base acute. Wide and shiny top parts, smells like radish if it get rubbed, white flowers, white or light or thick rose colour, funnel shaped rounds. Brownish or blakish coloured seeds 4. Entire bush is black plum or grey coloured.

In he rainy season  SankhaPushpi would be found naturally on rocky and fallow lands in India. It is expansive and is seen in grass like seedlings. In many places this is a perennial plant. Stem lives many years. By the colour distinction in the flowers it can be divided in three categories.
1. White 2. Blue 3. Canscora decussate (Gentianaceac). This is called as SHANKHAHULI also. In many places doctors call this flowers SHANKHA PUSHPI.  In fact, for the medicinal purpose, one should use white flower only.

Chemical composition:
One Shanakpushpe alkeliad  and two Crystalline substances are found there in. 

Useful parts :
Seed, bark, Flower, fruit, root - panchang (five parts) .

Shankhpushpi For better memory
1. Take 3 to 6 grams Shankhapushpi's powder with milk early in the morning to enhance the memory power. Fatigue would vanish if you are studying for longer hours.

2. Give 2 to 4 grams of Shankhapushpi's powder  with 1 gram of Sweet Flag (bach) powder to rise intelligence in children and to make them sharp.

3. Take its powder 2-4 grams adding it to honey or sugar for 6 months. Wrinkles would disapper  from your face in the old age. Memory power and astuteness would be increased.

4. For Sharp memory take 3 to 6 grams Shankhapushpi's powder and honey with milk.

Shankhpushpi For Epilepsy:
1. Take 2 grams of Shankhapushpi's juice with honey to cure epilepsy.

2. Take powders of Shankhapushpi, Sweet flg and Brahmi in equal quantities. To cure epilepsy , hysteria and delirium take 3 grams of this mixture twice a day.

3. Dry in the shade Shankhapushpi 1 kg, add Sugar 2 kg and make powder. sieve it and fill in bottles. Take  5 to 10 grams with milk for better memory.

4. Shankhapushpi's juice 10-20 grams, powder of Saussurea lappa roots (kooth) 500 grams with honey to cure epilepsy.

5. Take swaras of Shankhapushpi with honey to cure the state of delirium.

Shankhpushpi For Headache :

Shankhapushpi 1 gram,  Black Henbane 250 milli grams with hot water to remove headache within 5 minutes.

Shankhpushpi For Vomitings:

Take panchang of Shankhapushpi,s juce 2 spoons, add one quid of black pepper 's powder and give it with honey over and over again to control vomitings.

Shankhpushpi For Bed Urination :

If child is urinating on bed at night times, give Shankhapushpi's powder 2 grams and black sesame 1 gram along with milk to check bed urinating problem.

Shankhpushpi For Diabetes :

1.   Take Shankhapushpi 6 grams morning and evening along with cow's butter or with water to control diabetes.

2. To overcome the weakness caused by diabetes, take 2-4 grams of powder or swaras of 10-20 mg.

Shankhpushpi For Sun stroke :

When the patient would get unconcious state and babbeling, you may give Shankhapushpi's powder 5-10 grams with milk and honey for the beneficiary of the patient.

Shankhpushpi For Bleeding

Take 10-20 grams swaras of Shankhapushpi, add it with honey to  control bleeding.

Shankhpushpi For High blood pressure :

Take fresh swaras of Shankhapushpi 10-20 mg. every morning and evening for some days and get rid of High blood pressure.

Shankhapushpi Properties

Astringent, Cold in potency, Slimy, bitter, enhances rememberance power, psychological diseases like epilepsy would be wiped out, radiant, Strong light and strong. Leprosy control and the destructor of poison.