Rituals of Indian Culture

Ascetic Dayanand Saraswati ji through his published composition 'Satyarth Prakash' has described rituals as something which betters the physical body, mind or good senses and self or soul. For the physical and mental purity of human life 16 rituals are mentioned in our ancient books, which are briefly explained here.

1 ] Garbhadhan
This ritual is performed for the procreation and regeneration of the family and for capable child.
2 ] Punsvan
This ritual is performed for the development of sacred views in the child in the third or fourth month of pregnancy.
3 ] Seemantonanayan
This ritual is performed in the seventh month of pregnancy for the birth of a healthy and mentally developed baby.
4 ] Jaatkarm
This ritual is performed at the time of birth to welcome the baby into the family.
5 ] Naamkaran
The ritual performed on the day of naming the baby.
6 ] Nishkramann
The rituals performed on the daywhen the kids is taken out in the Sun light for the first time, also known as 'Surya Pujan'
7 ] Annprashan
The rituals performed on the day when the baby is being fed food or cereals for the first time.
8 ] Chudakarm
The ritual performed for the good health and long life of child, the child's head is shaved for the first time.
9 ] Karnnvedh
The ritual of piercing ears of the baby in the 5th or the 7th year so as to wear ear rings.
10 ]Upnanyan
The ritual performed at the time of sending the child to the teacher for education is an importantone.
11 ]Vedarambh
This ritual is performed along with 'Upnayan Sanskar' when the child wears the thread 'Janeu' and starts learning about Vedas.
12 ]Samavartan 
This ritual is performed before the kids gets married after returning from the guru's place after completing his education.
13 ]Vivah
The rituals performed while taking pledges around fire for getting married as a couple.
14 ]Vaanprasth
The rituals performed when the man leaves for forests leaving all materialistic things back after completing all his responsibilities.
15 ]Sanyaas
The rituals performed when the man enters 'Sanyaas' leaving 'Vaanprasth'.
16 ]Antyesti
The last rites performed in a life cycle where the dead body is offered to the pyre.

Indian culture has got important rituals for important stages in life…
These are important part of our life style and progress the refined society.