Regular bath keeps one healthy

Regular bathing has been accepted by us in many forms. It could be taken at any river, pond or at home from collected water in a pot. It regularly cleans the body from outside and gets rid of laziness. It keeps the body fit and healthy and also regulated the metabolism. And so, regular bath assists in being healthy and fit.

Some men bath with cold water in the morning time and some depending upon the weather either use cold or warm water for bathing.

Yogis and monks absorbed in devotion to God bath thrice a day and offer prayers to God. Some, following the same tradition only bath around their waist in the evening. This bath is taken by wiping the region under belly button throughout the circumference of the waist, specially the rear side where the sacral chakra is based.

This chakra is considered to bring in tune this body in the self consciousness. When the power of kundilini starts flowing upwards from the root chakra and passes through the sacral chakra, the person thus following it could feel its unexplained self consciousness. On a macro level bathing with water is known as bathing but in mystic ways it is also considered as the transition of the nasal voice from one side to other side. Normally the air that we breathe produces a certain sound in the nasal passage,

The 'pran' passing through the nasal sound normally transforms thrice in a day, from left note to right note or vice versa on its own. At the time of this transformation it reaches a stage of balance in both the nasal sounds. The 'pran' thus running in this balanced form is known as the pranic pulse running through the spinal cord.

This pran running through the spinal cord usually brings along a cool feeling, and the bath taken during this cool feeling is the right form of bath that has to be done thrice a day. Bathing after meals is dangerous as it slows down the metabolism and similarly bathing with extreme hot water also adversely affects health. Also bathing in first 10 hours at night is taboo. But on the occasion of some fast, occasion, eclipses or rites related with birth or death it is acceptable. Bathing in the recession of third part of night or the fourth part before sunrise is considered as the best bath. It makes one health, stabilizes oneself in its consciousness.

People following yoga regularly bath before sunrise and then perform pranayam to calm themselves and to reach higher consciousness. With regular pranayam they cleanse their mind and access their ordain state.