Reasons and solutions for Heart Ailments

Heart of fist size in our body beats for 70 times in a minute and pumps blood into all our body parts. Its primary function is to supply purified blood to all parts of our body.

Heart keeps the mechanism of our body in working condition and hence it is necessary that it should be taken care of. Here we are explaining ways to keep one self safe from Heart ailments so that this mechanic body could keep working on.

Heart faces strain whenever there is an issue in the blood flow. Some muscles and tissues get inured if the blood flow faces any barriers which causes severe pain and gives birth to some other symptoms. Even heart itself gets blood through two capillary arteries. Due to the disorder in blood supply to heart many types of heart ailments are caused - heart attack, heart ache, weakening of heart, increase in blood density, Heart valve ailments etc. Wrong dietary habits, lack of exercises, smoking and consumption of narcotic substances ails our body. Mind needs extra blood supply at the time of lust, anger, fear, sorrow, enchantment and edacity. Heart also gets affected adversely on working more than capability. A person gets apprehensive on experiencing heart attack, whether the patient would get back his health or not?  What should be done for the right treatment and how to follow it? The treatment in the first hour after heart attack is of utmost importance and hence everyone should know what should be done in this condition!

Preventive Measures :
  • After rising drink water from a brass vessel, should not drink water between meals, should drink water as much required after half an hour. By drinking at least 3 liters of water helps in cleansing body via sweat and urine.
  • Balanced diet should be consumed. Smoking, non vegetarian and heavy food should be abolished.
  • Food should be consumed in as per the requirement of the body as excess food causes gastric. 
  • Approaching old age we should switch to Soybean, peanut or sunflower oil should be used.
  • Green vegetables, fenugreek, coriander, radish, sweet gourd, papaya, orange, cabbage, ginger, cucumber etc are the ideal for health. These could be consumed as raw or made into juice. The juice of wheat plant is extremely helpful.
  • Tea, coffee, smoking, alcohol and other narcotics are equivalent to poison.
  • Use salt as less as possible. Papad, chutney, pickle etc should be avoided. Green or gram pulse should be used with cover and if they are sprouted it adds value.
  • Fresh Indian gooseberry (Amalaki) Juice should be consumed as much as would be possible, it could be made into chutney too. Juice of two goose-berries should be taken with honey in the morning before eating anything. Powder of it could also be taken early morning.
  • Suryanamaskar, yogasan, meditation and pranayaam are beneficial. By investing a little time everyday one could stay healthy life long.
  • Body should be safeguarded against extreme cold and hot-ness. Should not work harder than capabilities so that breath-lessness is observed. Some physical exercises should be done moderately. Early morning walks up to 2-3 miles is helpful for good health.
  • Any sort of tension, stress, fami-ly litigations and double life should be avoided, these are one of the primary reasons for heart ailments.
Symptoms of heart attack :
Heart warns immediately with the following symptoms.
  • Sudden rushes of pain in chest. The pain begins at the joining of rib cage towards left and spreads rapidly.
  • It feels as if there is a lot of pressure on heart or as if someone is tying a rope around chest. At times it might feel as if some pointed object pierced in the heart or as if the internal tissues are being dissected. 
  • Extreme tiredness and uneasiness is experienced. Breathing seems hard and it feels as if it might stop.
  • Severe pain in lying, sitting or relaxing is observed and pain does not subdues.
  • Sometimes it does not pain in the heart but dizziness, sweating, vomiting and extreme tiredness is observed.
As per Patanjali systematic letter:
The following medicines could be given for heart ailments:

1.Divya Moti Pishti- 4 gm
2.Divya Sangesshav- 10 gm
3.Divya Akeek Pishti- 5 gm
4.Divya Amritasat- 5 gm
5.Divya Yogendra Ras- 1 gm

Make 60 servings after mixing all of the above. 1-1 serivng should be consumed an hour earlier every morning and evening before eating with honey or warm water.

1. Divya Hridayamrit Vati- 40 gm  (1-1 or 2-2 tablets every morning or evening with milk or luke warm water)
2. Divya Arjun Kwath- 300 gm (1spoon full powder should be taken and mixed into 1 cup milk and 3 cups of water and should be boiled until one cup remains, filter it and drink it and take 1 tablet of Divya Hridyamrit with it).

Avoiding :
Ghee, oil, deep fried food, flour, heavy and synthetic food should be avoided and stomach should be kept clean as much as is possible. Suggested yogasan and pranayaam should be practiced moderately.